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Russian Meteor Fireball Explosion: The Conspiracy Theory. I Think It Was Manmade, Intentional Or Otherwise.


Anura Guruge

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Though many don’t realize this I spent quite a bit of time working on astronomy, these days even at the expense of Popes and cardinals.


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As I have intimated of late, I have been spending most of time studying and writing about Near Earth Objects (NEOs): asteroids, comets and man made objects [e.g., satellites, spacecraft and debris].

As soon as I saw the news about the Russian meteor a thought crossed my mind. This could have been man made!

Yes, it could have been space debris, probably Russian, given that they were notorious for their littering of space (some due to all of their many spacecrafts that blew up). But, could it have been intentional. A drone? The U.S. checking out Russia’s much speculated space defense.

Bottom line: I am not convinced that this was a chunk of an asteroid or comet. It could have been. Just something tells me that this just didn’t seem right.

Apple (APPL) The Only Plausible Conspiracy Theory. Steve Wanted Cook To Fail. He Has. QED.


Anura Guruge

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>>Jan. 25, 2013.

SteveghostI am not obsessing about APPL unlike some. I am still quids in, and after the roller coaster rides I have had in the market, I am very sanguine about stocks going up and down. This is mere bagatelle. Plus, given that I have finally come to the realization that I will never be rich, I kind of ride with the punches, and I get punched a lot. Plus, the market on the whole, is doing great. Thank YOU, Mr. President.

Tim Cook per his usual, happy, upbeat look.

Given that I listen to CNBC/MSNBC while having my protracted morning cup of coffee, in bed, and then CNBC while I am doing my daily ablutions, I have heard a fair amount of commentary about APPL and the reprobate Cook who appears to be cooking the books. Mad Jim Cramer agrees with me. There was SO MUCH AAPL could have done, on the call, on Wednesday, to prevent the blood bath. They didn’t. They have abrogated their fiduciary responsibility. Mark my word, mark this day. There will be class action suits about this. No, I don’t have the money and no longer the contacts to make that happen. But, I am sure there are others that realize that this was a dot.com era heist.

But, then it came to me in a ‘Road to Damascus’ flash. Yes, of course. Corny Cook is supposed to fail. Steve Jobs’ wanted him to fail.

Steve never recovered from the John Sculley debacle. It scarred him for life, and he was easily scarred, though he hid them well.

He wanted his legacy to shine. Wanted people to say: ‘This would never have happened with Steve‘.

And people are saying that.

Steve, the genius he was, carefully picked Cook knowing that he was, at heart, a duffer and would fail, spectacularly.

He has. Steve, yet again, was RIGHT. Thanks Steve.

Romney’s Failed Election Day ‘Orca’ App: The Conspiracy Theory!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to read the full article in ‘Politico’. Do Google for more, much more.

In the above cited post I presented my credentials as to my expertise in most things computer related.

I won’t divulge much, but let me just let you ponder on one key thing. These days WHO do you think is always BEHIND any mobile App.?

If you don’t know, let me help you out. With most of today’s apps. there are invariably one or more ‘Indians’ writing the code. Indians now dominate the software development field. Period.

Well we know how the Indians [i.e., Asians] voted.

Compromising an App is a piece of cake. It is so easy it is laughable. Much of it has to do with ‘Web service‘ and I have even written a book about it. All you have to do is to put in a call to a Web service and then manipulate that Web service on election day. Bingo. Cannot be detected.

I laughed so much. Oh, dear. This is not your father’s software.

The Kate Middleton Topless Pictures: The Exclusive Conspiracy Theory. They Are Body Doubles!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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In my capacity as a very active Papal Historian I cannot escape intrigue, machinations, duplicity and conspiracy; the British Royals paragons of virtue compared to the antics of some of the popes.

From day ONE of this ‘what-is-the-big-deal, they-are-only boobs and not-very-big-ones-at-that‘ saga I have suspected that something was fishy, hence my original post.

I got it all sorted out in my mind now.

That is NOT the Royals. They are BODY DOUBLES planted by ‘the Palace’ to entrap the pesky Paparazzi — that were responsible, directly or otherwise, in the untimely demise of Kate’s still beloved mother-in-law. None of the Paparazzi went to jail for Princess Diana’s death. So this was going to be pay-back time.

This was immaculately planned and executed even better.

That was NOT Kate and Prince William at the French Villa. They were body doubles. So the pictures splashed across Europe are not the Royal breasts of a future Queen. Q.E.D.

So the legal maneuvering and all of the fuss is to flush out the rogue media, punish them for their audacity and put a stop to the Paparazzi chasing our Royals.

Simple as that. Sorry to break this ‘bad’ news to you. But, that as you must be able to see, is the real story. Body doubles to make boobs out of the French Paparazzi.