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I ACCIDENTALLY Wore TWO Rigid Contact Lenses In My Right Eye For 7-Days! Yikes!

by Anura Guruge

My right eye. Click to ENLARGE and get scared.

The 3rd lens! The other two in my eyes when picture taken.

This was SCARY and it has rattled I.

I lost my right contact lens on October 27. It was in my eye and then it went missing. Yes, I knew it could still be in my eye. I checked — multiple times, in the mirror and with my fingers pressing against my eye.

I am NO STRANGER to contact lenses. I have been wearing rigid contact lenses for 51-years! I have been wearing contact lenses for longer than my optician has been alive.

51-years is a long time. I do know how to wear and take care of contact lenses.

In those 51-years this was BUT the 2nd contact I had LOST! Of I drop them plenty. But, I always manage to find them.

So, losing this really upset I.

I had plenty of spares. Put a spare in. VERY comfortable.

7-days, NOT a single problem. No discomfort. No irritation. Could see FINE.

So, this must be the ultimate proof that I really am an insensitive jerk that feels nothing — not even two RIGID contact lenses in my right eye (and the human cornea is rich in nerve endings).

This morning I woke up and it felt like I had an eyelash in my eye.

But, I also noticed that I could read the TV banners fine with my right eye. That puzzled me.

Went to wash my eye to get the eyelash out. Could see a reflection.

Checked my contact lens case. There were two lenses in them. So, I had taken two out last night.

Yes, there was ANOTHER in there.

This scares me. A full week. I didn’t feel it.


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by Anura Guruge

Dr. James (Jim) Eakin, Laconia, Hands Down THE BEST Optometrist In Central New Hampshire, Maybe All Of New England!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

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I said this same thing a year ago but I feel I have to say it again because I had my eyes checked out by Dr. Eakin yesterday.

Just amazes me and I, as some of you who are regulars to this blog will know, am NOT easily amazed.

I was there for close to 2 hours. He dilates your eyes and you have to sit and wait for about 30 minutes for the drops he puts in to kick in.

He spend so much time, DILIGENTLY, checking out your eyes using all those scopes they have. That is why I go to him and have been for over a decade though, at his behest, I go to somebody else for my specialized contact lens needs. I pay about three times more for one of my contact lens checkups, NOT counting the cost of the lenses, than I am charged by Dr. Eakin and the I am, at best, at the contact lens place for 40 minutes.

As I detailed in that post a year ago, I am no stranger to eye doctors, around the world, because of the contact lens-treatable keratoconus in my right eye. Yes, I have had eye doctor visits, in the 1980s, when they were trying to stabilize that eye, that have lasted all day. Yes, 8 hours. But no eye doctor ever checks out my eyes like does Dr. Eakin.

With Dr. Eakin, who is now getting up there and has no plans of retiring, it is LABOR OF LOVE. He does not practice for the money! He, over the years and even now, does a ton of pro bono work on kids. He has all these awards for that work.

Yes, I count Dr. Eakin, who was a fellow Rotarian when I used to be one, as a friend. But, that is not why I sing his praises with so much conviction. It is because I, having gone through so much heck about my keratoconus really, really believe in good eye care. And for that there is, in my opinion, nobody around who is better than Dr. Eakin. It just a matter of the time he is willing to invest in each patient.

So, plain and simple, if you live in central NH and want to make sure that your eyes are healthy go see Dr. Eakin. When you walk out, after 2 hours, you will KNOW that your eyes have been given the full treatment.

Don’t tell him that I said any of this since he, one of the most modest men I have ever met (and very soft spoken), will be so embarrassed.