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The Toric Lens Implanted In My Right Eye Is Getting Rotated 15 Degrees On Monday!

by Anura Guruge

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Basically FOLLOW-UP cataract surgery — on my RIGHT eye; my bad eye. We always knew that this was the eye that was going to be challenging.

I had cataract surgery on it, by the AMAZING Dr. Theodor Sauer of OCB, i.e., Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, on December 7, 2020. Wow. As I detailed here, for the first time in 52-years I could see out of that eye without glasses or contacts.

But, it was NOT perfect. The LEFT eye, which I had done 12-days earlier, is near perfect.

We did NOT expect the same results from the right eye.

I saw Dr. Sauer this last Monday, January 4, 2021. He thinks he can IMPROVE on the right eye.

So, I am having SURGERY again this coming Monday, January 11, 2021.

He is going to open my eye & get to the implanted lens. Then he is going to rotate it 15 degrees. I forgot to ask him in what direction. Doesn’t matter to I. He knows. I trust him — implicitly.

Wow. I am excited.

Well I will keep you posted.

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by Anura Guruge

My Cataract Surgeries, By Dr. Theodor Sauer Of OCB (Boston), Pretty Close To Miraculous — My Best Vision In 52-Years!

by Anura Guruge

I had both eyes done 12-days apart.

Dr. Theodor Sauer

I am uncharacteristically lost for words to adequately describe
his brilliance, CARING & dedication.

Click to ENLARGE & read here. From the ‘OCB’ Website.

For health reasons you cannot donate used contact lenses. I looked.

I can see AGAIN!

I can actually see & read things without contact lenses or glasses. I have not been able to do that in over 52-years! 52-years. That is a longtime.

This is the BEST VISION I have had since I was 14-years old. I am in awe.

Dr. Theodor Sauer is a genius. A magician. I am in awe of his skills & his traits as a caring, compassionate human being. Wow. He is a GOOD MAN. Salt of the Earth.

He worked Thanksgiving morning so folks like I could have surgery the day before (given that OCB insists on a post-op check-up the day after surgery). He has called me at 9am on Saturday & at 6:30pm in the evening. He cares. He is dedicated. He is brilliant.

I lucked out. I did not pick him. OCB, i.e., Ophthalmic Consultants of Boston, never gave me a chance. He was assigned to I & I could NOT be gladder. I lucked out. I won the lottery.

No pain, not even any discomfort! Did NOT have to take any pills after surgery. Both eyes GREAT.

He also has two amazing support staff: Jessica J. & Carla A. They were both outstanding. So helpful, so patient. I lucked out.

I found OCB on the Web. I wanted my eyes ‘done’ in Boston. SMILE.

I called them, for the first time, on September 10, 2020. They told me I had to go 3-weeks without contact lenses in either eye. Based on that they got me an appointment with Dr. Sauer on October 1, 2020.

88-days from 1st phone call to having my 2nd eye done!

Not even 3-months. Some places in New Hampshire couldn’t get me in for my preliminary appointment for 3-months.

Am I happy? Am I glad? Am I excited? It is nice to be able to see.

Second time in 20-months that I have totally & utterly lucked out with surgeons. March 2019 was when I needed my emergency quadricep tendon tear surgery. That time I was assigned Dr. Charles Blitzer. He also did magic & I honestly thought I would never, ever encounter a doctor as good as Dr. Blitzer. Then I was assigned Dr. Sauer. Has to be Karma. I was due some, but I seem to have been rewarded in buckets.

So, when it comes to OCB all I have is praise, kudos, admiration, respect & THANKS. I can’t recommend or endorse them any higher. I lucked out.

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by Anura Guruge

Dr. Eugene Baylus Of ‘Capital Vision Center’, Concord, NH — Is A Very Proficient & Pleasant Optometrist.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and read here. URL for the ‘Capital Vision Center’ appears in last image and is: http://visionsource-cvc.com/

Anura Guruge

Vision testing machines not including the really NEAT NIDEK Phoropter (a.k.a. ‘refractor’) they also use. See below. This image as is the picture of the external sign by Anura Guruge (from his Panasonic Lumix LX100).


Click to ENLARGE.

If you are a regular reader you will know that I always maintained that Dr. James Eakin, who alas passed away in August 2014 (way too prematurely), was, indubitably, THE BEST eye doctor in Central New Hampshire. With Jim’s passing we were in a lurch. We all went to Jim for our eye care (though I had to go somewhere for my bionic contacts). We tried a ‘local’ optometrist, up here ‘in the Lakes’, and was NOT happy. I had also got very disillusioned with the ‘fancy’ Manchester eye care place that saw me for my contacts — the only impressive thing about them being the outright audacity of their bills.

Deanna asked around, using her reach on Facebook, and heard about “Capital Vision Center“. We have now been there twice. Once in February for Deanna and yesterday, April 5th, so that Teischan (10) could get contacts. Both times we saw Dr. Baylus and he has impressed me, immensely. Given my dodgy eyes (despite my “Eagle Eyes” nickname) I am no stranger to eye doctors and I am rather particular. I have seen specialist in legendary Harley Street (in London) and Boylston Street (in Boston). Well, I am going to go see Dr. Baylus next. We have had a few conversations, about eyes, and I like his style.


I think this is the Digital Phoropter he uses. I could be wrong. It is pretty similar to this. Click to ENLARGE.

PLUS, they have ALL the latest technology — machines that I have only seen in Boston (though the place I was going to in Boylston St. had some of these machines 15 years ago). They use Digital Phoropters. That is so neat. The old analog phoropters, though visually and mechanically appealing, always seemed way too complicated for what they were trying to do. I would often have this conversation with eye doctors. Standing there adjusting all those knobs and sticking external lenses into holders just seemed so inefficient. Love the concept of the digital phoropter (and I am sure they are not cheap). I also think that they probably can be made to do more than they are currently used for — e.g., I am sure that they, with a bit more technology, could automatically, come up with the optimum prescription for your eyes.

Anyhow. This place is impressive and Dr. Baylus, from what I have seen so far, knows his stuff. I am not sure that I am willing, as yet, to pass on Jim’s mantle over to him but he is the only one in the running for now.


A beautiful example of an old analog phoropter, from Wikipedia, if you had no idea what I was talking about. Click to ENLARGE and goggle. I am going to check ebay to see how much an old one is. Would make a real neat wall hanging.

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by Anura Guruge

Keratoconus Doctors, Actually Keratoconus Lens Specilaists In NH. My Recommendations.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘NH Eye Associates’ Web site.

Related post: Dr. James R. Eakin in Laconia – BEST Family Optometrist (Optician) in Central New Hampshire, Possibly the Whole State — August 8, 2012.

Given that I wrote about me having Keratoconus in the above post, I was asked today as to who the best eye doctor in NH was for Keratoconus treatment.

Good question. A lot depends on the severity of your Keratoconus. If you are at the point that you MAY have to consider a corneal graft — I really have no clue. Fortunately, from the start, I had been assured that I would never require a graft. I am thankful, BUT I feel for those that will need one. That is why I am donating my whole body, not just my corneas, to science. As it happens there is an interest in dissecting my right eye to see the exact state of Keratoconus in that eye; with some debate as to whether it is indeed Keratoconus or astigmatism gone wild.

Anyway … all I know about are doctors who treat Keratoconus with hard, gas permeable lenses. I think we call them Keratoconus lens specialist.

I have never gone to him, but Richard Branner, O.D., of Hanover, NH, tel: 603-643-2140, gets mentioned a lot.

I can also tell you where NOT to go. There are NO Keratoconus lens specialist in Nashua or Concord. Period. Trust me on this. Yes, there are clowns that will claim they know all about fitting Keratoconus lenses — when in reality they know jack. One idiot in Nashua nearly blinded me in the right eye! Oh yes, I reported him to the Board, but that does no good, whatsoever. They look after their own.

I currently go to Dr. David Eaton at NH Eye Associates in Manchester. I did a fair amount of Web and phone research on him before I went to see him. I like him. He is young. He is bright. He is enthusiastic and he wears glasses.

He has so far lived by the first precept of the all important Hippocratic Oath; he has not done me no harm (unlike the idiot in Nashua).

Dr. Eaton has the equipment and the will. So far he hasn’t had to do much with me. I am using a fitting from 5-6 years ago because as I said in the above post my eyes were stabilized a long time ago, with good ‘corrective’ lenses. This is a problem with Keratoconus. The shape of your cornea can keep on changing — especially if you are wearing hard lenses that don’t fit that great.

So, IF you are looking for a Keratoconus doctor start with Eaton. Grill him. I think he is OK. Start with him. They are NOT cheap. If you want a real thorough eye examination before you get new lenses … PLEASE go to Dr. Eakin in Laconia. It will be a pleasant experience. He will spend hours making sure your eyes are OK.

Dr. James R. Eakin in Laconia – BEST Family Optometrist (Optician) in Central New Hampshire, Possibly the Whole State

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

I have been wearing gas permeable (hard) contact lenses since 1969 (when I was 15). So over those 4 decades I have seen plenty of ‘eye doctors’ in the U.K. (in and around London) and in the U.S. (Maryland, Boston and NH).

Around 1983 they found that the cornea of my right eye was distorted. I thought I was going blind. As it transpired, after I saw a slew of experts, all I needed were specially fitted, rather small ‘Keratoconus‘ contact lenses. I used to call them my bionic lenses because one pair, in 1989, from a famed, crème de la crème hard lens expert on Boylston Street, Boston cost me $3,300!

So, over the years, especially with my need for special ‘Keratoconus’ contact lenses I have seen various optometrist, some of them with the reputation of being the best in their field. When I lived in the U.K. I used to see ‘Keratoconus’ legend in Harley Street — Harley Street synonymous with top quality doctors. Once I settled in New Hampshire in 1986, at the recommendation of an optometrist in Chelmsford, MA I started going to see another legend in Boston. I saw him for nearly 20 years. He was a co-inventor of ‘cantilevered’ contact lenses — lenses that only touch the eyes at the edges and not in the middle. This doctor was amazing. I thank him in my mind every day. He stabilized my eyes, and ensured that even today, approaching 59, with contacts I have 20/20 or close to 20/20 vision! Yes, he is the one who charged me $3,300 for my first set of lenses; but visits to him were 4 to 6 hour appointments with him checking and rechecking the fitting over the course of those lengthy visits.

I met Dr. Eakin when I joined Laconia Rotary in 2001. He was an honored member of long standing. I got to know him, as Rotarians are encouraged to do; he was an avid skier and in those days I too used to ski (a fair amount). My son needed his eyes checked. I took to Dr. Eakin. I was amazed by his diligence, expertise, manner and care. Seeing all the plaques in his office I also realized that he does a huge amount of pro bono work, some of it for the Lions, with kids! I was beyond impressed.

The prescription and fitting of my contact lenses rarely change since my eyes were stabilized, with good, well fitting contacts, in the late 1980s. So, I asked my Boylston ‘god’ whether I could see Dr. Eakin for my yearly eye health exams rather than trekking all the way to Boston for what invariably would be an all day expedition. He readily agreed and even sent all my records to Dr. Eakin with a very nice letter. So, I started seeing Dr. Eakin. He is so thorough. Trust me. I know my eye doctors and Dr. Eakin is as good as they get.

We all go to him now. He is amazing with the kids. This post was motivated because we took our 11 year old to him yesterday for a contact lens for her right eye. She keeps on losing her glasses and we can’t find them anymore. So easier to have her wear a lens. Her right is fine. So she only needs a lens in her left eye. Again, I was struck as to how amazing Dr. Eakin is.

Yes, he does not do my hard lenses. After a joker in Nashua injured my cornea, I now see an up and coming young eye doctor in Manchester. He is very nice. I still haven’t fully made up my mind about him. I think he will mature into a wonderful doctor. But, he is not Dr. Eakin. Hi eye examinations are nowhere near as thorough as those done by Dr. Eakin. Given that he is a part of a very fancy, upscale practice with fish tanks and flat screen TVs he bills my insurance company three times, yes, three times as much as Dr. Eakin! That is something else about Dr. Eakin. I have actually talked to his ‘office’ about that. I don’t think Dr. Eakin has changed his prices in 20 years (in marked contrast the dentist we go to in Winnisquam who ups his price every every six months and has the audacity to joke about thinking that it is funny). To him it is not a business. It is a service.

His office staff is wonderful too; especially Pat.

So trust me on this. If you are looking for an EXCEPTIONAL eye doctor in NH, go to see Dr. Eakin. You will NOT regret it.