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Ice Age III: Continental Drift in 3D Puts Disney’s ‘Brave 3D’ In the Dark Ages.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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After the unmitigated disaster that was ‘Brave‘ in 3D that we saw in Hooksett on June 27 we were all leery of going to see another 3D movie — though prior to Brave we have always enjoyed and relished the experience.

Ice Age is a family favorite. I think it is awfully clever. I really wanted to see that acorn coming at me in 3D — we all knowing that that was bound to happen; a move made for 3D.

This time we went to Hoyt’s in Concord, NH. It was more convenient and as far as I could tell they were not showing any 3D movies in Hooksett that day. Maybe Hooksett is experiencing technical troubles or people are just not willing to cough up the extra dough for 3D, especially if they got badly burned by Brave.

Ice Age III continues the magical legacy established by the first two episodes, though this one is probably the most violent of the three and is devoid of any real tear jerk moments. The color and 3D are good. I would recommend Ice Age 3 in 3D.

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