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China Is Becoming Quite Blatant That It Has BIG Plans For Sri Lanka!

by Anura Guruge

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YouTube video. (Safe)

A Sri Lankan friend, living in Canada, send me this YouTube.

For those of you who may not be familiar, ‘Sinhala‘, the language of the majority Sinhalese, is the predominant language of Sri Lanka.

China already through various deals & LEASES owns a fair chunk of coastal Sri Lanka — including one strategic port.

Various administrations, over the last two decades, have out of desperation or for personal gain, given China more & more access & sway over the country. China is happy to lend Sri Lanka lost of money (with backhanders in tow) as long as the loans are backed up by access to land & water.

It is no secret that China doesn’t have enough fertile land to support it population. They are buying & leasing land all over the world.

Sri Lanka has the advantage of being rather close & with great ports.

Some discerning Sri Lankans are understandably concerned. Sri Lanka has only been independent since 1948. Will it still be truly independent in 2048?

Garmin New Feature Request: Making ‘Activity Tracking’ An ON/OFF Toggle ‘Control’.

by Anura Guruge

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Activity Tracking‘ is how you control STEP counting. IF it is ‘OFF’ the watch will not count steps. So, this is how you avoid FAKE STEPS when your arm is moving up and down (as can happen when you are seated on a bumpy bus or operating machinery) but you are stationary. Just recently, on Facebook, there was a person complaining about this. He operates an excavator and was seeing a LOT of fake steps.

Turning ‘Activity Tracking’ is not difficult. You can do it on the watch itself within the MENU or on your phone (under DEVICES –> Activity Tracking). But, both option require some ‘work’.

Then it occurred to me that it would be much easier if ‘Activity Tracking’ ON/OFF was a CONTROL. You could keep it as your default control. Then three button pushes (on a 5-button Garmin) and you are done. It will just like turning ON/OFF the Flashlight.

It should be easy enough to implement. Plus, as with all controls you can get rid of it IF you don’t want it,

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by Anura Guruge

Pope Francis’ Climate Control Exhortations — HUGE Blow To ‘End Time’ Believers!

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by Anura Guruge

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Think about it.

IF you subscribe to ‘End Time‘, the ‘Last Judgment‘, the ‘Second Coming‘ etc. — and pray that it happens SOON (given that some have been now waiting for over 2,000 years) — Pope Francis’ nonstop exhortations about Climate Change Control is NOT GOOD NEWS.


Because if ‘End Time’ is near what the HECK does it matter about what we are supposedly doing to the Earth and its climate?

‘End Time’, as it clearly states, is GAME END.

So why worry about climate change.

So Pope Francis is telling us that there will BE NO ‘End Time’.

All I ask you. THINK. THINK. Thinking is good.