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I Can’t Afford The A7 RII Or Even The RX10 II, So Instead I Bought Sony (SNE) Stock.

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by Anura Guruge

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** Sony’s
2 new cameras: A7 RII & RX10 II.

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Sony (SNE) stock price chart from “MarketWatch.com”. You could buy SNE on Friday, June 12, 2015 in the $30.40 range.

Both from Sony’s official Website at www.sony.net.

To say that I am drooling over the two new Sony cameras, the Alpha A7 RII and RX10 II, doesn’t even come close to the Siren Call exerted by them. I have, whenever I have a spare second, reading anything and everything I can about them, particularly the RX10 II. The RX10 II could be exactly what I want (if not need) though I will confess that the my latest research has also made me consider the Leica V-Lux which has twice the zoom. Plus a Leica! A magical name for those that really know their optics though you should all know by now my aversion for buying things overtly German.

The RX10 II would make me AGAIN reexamine all the profound camera-related decisions I made last Summer — when I decided after a 3 decade hiatus that it would be really nice to be a camera enthusiast again (though I sometimes regret it because I LOVED the freedom of enjoying and exploring a place, say the Grand Canyon, with Deanna taking all the pictures). Last August I started my new camera journey by buying a refurbished Nikon Coolpix L820, from BuyDig, for $139. I returned it within 24 hours, for a full refund, after taking these pictures at the 2014 Pittsfield, N.H. Balloon Festival. That is when I decided that I really needed to get a full-function, DSLR. So I got the refurbished Canon Rebel T3i from Canon. I think I paid $375 for it. The Canon has served me well BUT in the end it is a tad too ‘low-end’ for what I really would like and I will need to spend more money on lenses IF I am ever going to be happy with it. Plus Devanee thinks it is now HER camera. But, I am realistic enough to admit that interchangeable lens cameras are a PAIN. The April trip to Arizona, horseback riding in Canyon de Chelly and the recent hike up Mount Major, painfully demonstrated that I really do not enjoy lugging around a large camera with two lenses.

I basically want a good quality camera with 5 things: HIGH ISO (given that I do take a LOT of pictures at concerts (without a flash), exceptional image quality, superlative (accurate and fast) autofocus (because my eyes are no longer that good), a decent zoom (200mm) and the option to use Aperture-Priority and Shutter Speed-Priority photography. That is it. Video really isn’t that important though I will occasionally use it. Hence the appeal of the RX10 II — though I realize that it is first and foremost a 4K video camera that shoots still. The IRONY!

But while doing all my reading and research I stumbled upon something I did NOT know. Sony is the world’s largest (and preeminent) CMOS chip maker. These new cameras will make Sony’s CMOS Exmor chips even more attractive to other vendors. Of late, having got burnt (the second time around) with GoPro stock I have had some success with Ambarella (AMBA) & Cirrus Logic (CRUS) stock. SMILE. So much so that I am a believer in chip stocks — especially any chips that go into today’s phones, cameras and DRONES. So what the heck, I can’t afford the RX10 II, so I bought a few SNE shares. Knowing my luck SNE will probably now tank! That is the risk I take everyday. I wish there was a mechanism where I could be an anti-investor of myself, i.e., be able to take the opposite position to every investment move I make. So my anti-investor would short SNE to the same extent that I went long. My anti-investor could be a billionaire so is my skill and luck with stock! Hence why I can’t afford a RX10 II. OK, I don’t want anybody, starting with Deanna, trying to EXPLAIN to me that IF I hadn’t bought a MGB and two Jags — I might be able to afford a used RX 10 (Mk1). I need the Jags to get around in, now that we don’t have the KIA, and the MGB is Devanee’s