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TDS Broadband (Fiber) Internet: Long Outage Last Night In The Lakes Region, NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Bang! Right at midnight I lost my TDS Internet connection.

TDS does this to me quite often; twice a month. It is always between midnight and 12:20. I am still working. Yesterday, I was just about to access this blog. Nothing.

Now, anytime after midnight, even if there is even the faintest flicker, I automatically glance down at my Windows 7 icon tray — bottom right. Sure enough, the DREADED Internet down Yellow Triangle. That is the Yellow Triangle of death for me.

Usually they are back within 20 minutes. Not so last night. I am sure they will claim it was related to the earthquake — which was 4 hours 45 minutes earlier.

Basically they are doing maintenance and I appreciate the need for that. I am cool with that.

I have, however, repeatedly asked for but two things, both of which I think are reasonable:

1/ Any chance you can DELAY the maintenance till later in the morning 3am to 4am. I am sure MOST folks really are a sleep by then.

2/ Any chance you can send us an e-mail saying scheduled maintenance tonight.

Nada. Very strange company. I would say the strangest I deal with. The people CANNOT be nicer. It is as if they are trained and trained again to be polite, courteous and helpful. [I have only ever had one TDS rep. who was testy and rude and basically told me I was an idiot.] But, the faceless corporate, i.e., the amalgamation of all those really nice people, does not seem to care about me. I dread getting anything from TDS. It is never good news.

It is funny. I interact with Fidelity, GoDaddy and Bank of America, as much as I do with TDS. With those companies there seems to be a correlation between the folks you talk to and the faceless corporate. Fidelity is a prime example. I have been dealing with them for decades. Invariably the person you are on the phone with represents Fidelity; i.e., there is no disconnect between the rep and the company the rep. works for. Take for example my local TDS techie. Cannot be nicer or more helpful. I sing his praises. But, in this perverse way, he is NOT TDS. TDS is the company that charges taxes on a phone line I don’t have or refuses to listen to me about scheduled maintenance. He can’t fix it and neither can anybody in TDS. It is that faceless corporate.

C’set la vie.