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Pope Francis’ New $50 Max. Anti-Bribery Rule Is Beyond Laughable As It Applies To Cardinals.

Click here to access the original ‘Catholic News Agency’ article.

Yes, of course, we all know it is wrong, BUT that is how the Vatican has operated, unchanged, unchecked since time immemorial (or, if you want to start getting pedantic, for at least the last 1,700-years). Yes, yes, yes. There have been various anti-corruption & ‘bannish simony‘ efforts, rules & laws for the years, BUT they have all, always, been conveniently ignored.

The curia could not, would not, exist but for corruption & bribes. That is just the way things happen, the way things are done.

Cardinals, in particular, rely on these stuffed, white envelopes, full of high-denomination dollar bills, to exist. Without these bribes they would have to abide by the constricts of poverty. That would never do.

It gets funnier & funnier. The U.S. resident cardinals are the BIGGEST culprits when it comes to bribing curial staff — whether they be curial cardinals, archbishops, bishops, monsignors or lesser.

This is a joke. The pope is trying to be FUNNY.

How can be stop it? Pray tell me. OK. They will stop accepting fat, white envelopes in PUBLIC, at the Vatican. So, what? This is hilarious. Laugh. It is good for you. I did. I still laugh when I think of this.

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by Anura Guruge

In Light Of Massive Corruption Found At FIFA, Can We Be Sure That Cricket’s ICC Is Lily-white?

iccprograsmas1212.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access BBC original.

I am sure that if you ever gave it any thought you would have some concerns about whether ALL ICC officials, across the board, have always been lily-white.

I think we have to believe that everything has not always, if ever, been always above board. It is just the cast of characters involved — with the ICC having members from nations noted for the buckshee. Lets face it, we have seen scandal and corruption in cricket among players, captains, umpires and team officials. So what makes us sanguine that there is no corruption at the ICC.

Just a thought. Though the USA is an ICC Associate Member you know and I know that the U.S. will never be bothered enough to investigate the ICC like they did FIFA. ICC, compared to FIFA, is small potatoes — ICC’s stage and scope much smaller than that of FIFA. Britain could (and maybe should) take the lead but they have their hands full in other in-house investigations such as the large scale child scandal.

So for now this will just have to be food for thought. But each time I hear of the FIFA scandal I will think of the ICC.

Sri Lanka CHOGM 2013: Some Sri Lankans Appear To Oppose It Too, For Cost (& Corruption) Reasons I Think.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

.by Anura Guruge

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On average I get 3 to 4 e-mails a day from Sri Lankans, that I do not know, with various political, propaganda and op-ed messages. Some are in Sinhalese, which is a shame — because it is pearls before swine.
[I can no longer read Sinhalese though my first 10 grades of schooling was all in Sinhalese and I did ace an ‘A’, at A-level (from the University of London exam board), for Sinhalese in 1970 when I had to get at least an ‘O’-level in a second language in order to apply for any Universities in the U.K.]

Today I got an e-mail with a picture of malnourished kids, who I assume are meant to be Sri Lankan (though I am skeptical of that) alongside a fleet of what looks like bloody German Mercedes Benzes. Picture reproduced below. It had a link to a Facebook page ‘Ape Rata. OK. I am sure ‘Ape’ means ‘OUR’. My Sinhalese isn’t that rusty. And I think ‘Rata’ means ‘country’. So it, I think, means ‘Our Country’. I visited (and yes, given that computers were my life for over 40 years) I do have ways and means of getting to things I want — THOUGH I do not have a Facebook account (to Deanna’s increasing ‘annoyance’ or amusement).

Interesting Facebook. It is all in Sinhalese BUT the pictures are worth a MILLION RUPEES. They cracked me up. The guy with the moustache, in white (our national dress) with a red stole (like the pope, because his wife is Catholic) is the current President — the one that put an end to the three decades old civil war. I do not know him. I think he is the FIRST President that is a total stranger to me. I knew, personally, all of the early ones and even a fairly recent one. This one, I have no personal experience. I have heard good, bad and the ugly.

Well, the cartoons and pictures, all from facebook/aparata tell their own story. I think we can all work out what they are saying. I assume that they must have imposed a 7% tax to cover CHOGM costs. Yes, I had heard about the corruption — but the way I look at it is corruption is all around us and third-world countries like Sri Lanka learned from the best, the West. So, as I like to say, in my pidgin English: ‘It is like the pottle calling the kettle brown’.



Click any of the images to access facebook/aperata


If this is TRUE it is criminal. Why Sri Lankans like bloody German cars is beyond me. Yes, the Germans didn’t bomb us, the Japanese did. What can I say. I can’t apologize because I am not Sri Lankan anymore.


Not much more to add here. Make up your own minds. I really have no skin in the game here.