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The Ex-Pope Is Lying About Not Co-Authoring ‘Anti-Celibacy’ Book — Plain & Simple.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. The book cover with the Ex-Pope’s name on it (albeit incorrectly).

My post from yesterday.
Click image to access.

Any publisher, let alone one as seasoned as ‘Ignatius’, would NOT incur the cost of printing a book and creating a cover UNLESS they had a watertight contract signed up all the authors. I know. I have published books with 4 publishers.

A publisher will not spend a dime until they have a contact. That makes sense.

So, the Ex-Pope is LYING. Plain and simple.

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by Anura Guruge

Why Is Donald Trump Cool With The $24 Million Refrigerators For ‘Air Force One’?

by Anura Guruge

Click to access a very detailed explanation at “snopes.com”.

Click to access “Newsweek” coverage. Google for more.

Yes, I have read some of the justifications for this eyebrow-raising, inordinately high price for “chillers” — aka refrigerators. Despite all the claims re. customization, it still seems rather high. We are not talking anything high-tech or suffused with bleeding edge electronics. Just plain, industrial strength, industrial size fridges. A commercial-grade freezer for a supermarket is around $3,000. So that is one heck of a price hike.

I think there is something fishy.

Real ironic that just a year ago Donald Trump was calling for the cancellation of the new generation of Air Force Ones — citing excessive costs. See below, IF you cannot remember.

As with everything to do with the Trump, bar his hair, it just does not make much sense.

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by Anura Guruge

Do NOT Get A Home Inflate Helium Latex Balloon Kit Without ‘Hi-Float’ Balloon Treatment.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. Kits do NOT include ‘Hi-Float’. Repeat. Do NOT include ‘Hi-Float’. Buy it separately. Otherwise a total waste of money and PRECIOUS Helium.


A ‘High-Float’ product page from Amazon. About the BEST price and it is Prime. Click to access.

Teischan had a Pre-Birthday party and sleepover Friday/Saturday — her birthday being this coming week. She wanted lots of balloons and so Deanna bought one of those Home Inflate kits, at Walmart, when she went shopping for the party supplies. We had bought one quite a few years ago and it had been quite a hit. At around $40 Deanna figured that it was a bargain given the 50 balloons included — at 80 cents a balloon.

These balloons, as it CLEARLY states on the box, lasted around 8 hours.

They pathetically deflated after that. And it says that on the box. Very clearly and both Teischan and Deanna had seen it.

This confused and UPSET me. I had discovered to my horror, 4 years ago, that the World was running out of Helium!


My 2012 post on this blog. Click to read.


An article from 2015 I just found. Click image to access.

So it bad enough that we are using precious Helium for party tricks BUT WORSE that we lose that Helium within 1/3 of a day!

I knew something was not right. Latex balloons you buy at supermarkets etc. last 3 to 4 days, if not longer (and yes, Mylar balloons lasts even longer).

So, as ever, I Googled.

That is when I discovered ‘Hi-Float‘. Now it ALL makes sense. The latex balloons have to be sealed.

Got it? Just trying to make sure that we all get more for our money and the best out of the Helium we have. (Yes, I know it is the 2nd most abundant element in the Universe BUT we haven’t yet figured out how to extract Helium from outer space).

by Anura Guruge

Teen Driver’s Ed In New Hampshire — Making It More Affordable.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Jack’s Driving School‘, out of Deerfield, is the ONLY option offered
in Alton 
— i.e., Prospect Mountain High School.


Click to ENLARGE and view here. Note that Prospect at $625 is the highest price quoted. Websites with glaring — and hard-to-miss- typos like this scares me. IF they are that careless how well will they take care of my kids?



I would think they could DONATE slightly more than this given the $625 per student charge. Click to ENLARGE.

Just as I suspected Alton is paying TOP DOLLAR. A FULL $100 cheaper in Manchester.
I did NOT look any further.

$100 to a teenager or even for most adults in NH is a BIG difference.


Click to ENLARGE and study here. Granite State Driving School. http://www.granitestatedrivingschool.com/

Until this past Sunday I really was NOT aware that the High Cost of teenage Driver’s Ed (also called Driver Training in this scenario) was precluding teenagers in New Hampshire from getting a driver’s license prior to them turning 18. I just had not run into that situation.

Last Sunday I was talking to a 16 year old and asked him why he did not have a license as yet given that Devanee had been reminding me for a YEAR that she will be getting her license as close to her 16th birthday as possible. Though she only turned 15 in October we are already looking for a car for her (because she is not going to learn to drive in her 1968 MGB).

So I was shocked and saddened when he told me that he (nor his parents) had the money to pay for his Driver’s Ed. and that this was a mandatory prerequisite if you were under 18.

1/ I had not realized that driver’s ed., in New Hampshire, is MANDATORY if you are under 18. No waivers. You can’t just do the $50 online course.

2/ I had not realized that driver’s ed., at $625, is expensive and that the total costs comes close to $700.

3/ I had not realized that there were kids who were being deprived of the chance to drive because they couldn’t afford driver’s ed.

It really shook me up. I know how important it is for people to get a driver’s license. I couldn’t wait till I could get mine.

That price was an impediment really upset me because of the Catch 22. These kids could make money, EASIER, if they had a license and could drive to work.

Well, in the case of this boy, though I had just met him, I fixed the problem. I am going to give him the money for driver’s ed. He can pay me back, interest free, IF and WHEN he can. I will not hold him to it. It is basically a present from I to him.

But that is just one boy. There must be others.

I have been thinking. I am going to TRY and pay for at least two kids a year — not counting my kids. That is the goal. So I will try and pay for another kid in 2016.

But that again isn’t enough.

We need a bigger program. A fund or a scholarship program. We need to try and help kids get their licenses. As it happened I was talking to the ‘Promotions Manager’ at Fidelity, in the Nashua (NH) office, and happened to mention this. I need to follow up.

So just bringing this to your attention. This is not good.

Sony RX10 II — Way Overpriced At The Final Reckoning!

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Push comes to shove, the Sony RX10 II
is NOT cost justifiable.


Click to access the very useful ‘snapsort.com’ comparison of the Sony DSC-RX10 II vs Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000.

In the end I did NOT need the above head-to-head comparison by ‘snapsort.com‘ to tell me that the RX1o II was NOT worth the money — BUT it was the final straw.

When the Sony RX10 II was announced in June 2015 I drooled over it for three months. I genuinely thought, till well into August, that the RX10 II would be my next camera — when I treated myself to a new camera in September, for my birthday, as I have been doing yearly of late. I researched the RX10 II for months. I really wanted to convince myself that this was THE right camera for me. Then right at the last minute I decided that I did not want to go down from an APS-C sensor to a 1″ sensor. That is when I went with the Sony a77 mk II. I loved the Sony a77 mk II — once I got used to it. On Sunday, September 20, 2015, at the NH Highland Games, in Loon, it was taking some awesome pictures. I could see that just on the LCD display. It was all that I wanted from a camera. I felt vindicated. I had made the right choice. It just happened that it was THE 989 images that I took that day at Loon that I lost — off the card. But, fortunately I had downloaded the images before they went ‘poof’.

I could NOT live with the a77 mk II after that ‘lost image‘ episode. So I returned the entire kit and started again looking at cameras.

Given the TON of research I had done over the Summer it made sense to go back to what had been my short-list cameras — bar the Pentax K-3. The Pentax no longer had any appeal. I want to be mirrorless — or at least get away from a MOVING mirror. So I want back to the Samsung NX1 and Sony RX10 II. Samsung NX1, on second look, proved not to have the right glass at the right price. Plus there are still questions about its AF even with the firmware at 1.4.

I then went back to the RX10 II willing to compromise down to a 1″. But then I realized that IF you discount 4K video — and video in general only has tertiary appeal to me — then the RX10 II is WAY overpriced given that its optical zoom only goes up to 200mm. Yes, it is fixed aperture, at f2.8, across all its range but a camera with 200mm range should not cost $1,200+. In the end, weighing the ‘competition’, I came to the conclusion that the RX10 II should be in the low $900 range. So, I am NOT going to get a Sony RX10 II — and remember that I BOUGHT SNE shares because I was so enamored by the RX10 II. That is how the cookie sometimes crumbles. So here we have the paradox of a Sony shareholder eschewing a flagship Sony product because it is too expensive! 

Do Throwaway Dixie Cups Have To Be That Fancy? ‘PerfectTouch’ Is Pretty Cool, But I Feel Guilty.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.perfectdixie

Anura Guruge

The girls got their hair cut in Gilford yesterday at the same place that I have been going for the last 10 years or more. It is very nice. We have been going to the same lady, ‘Angela’, since 2005 — as established yesterday. She used to cut my hair too, but of late there is hardly nothing to cut — so I don’t bother. But the girls, and by that we also mean ‘Deanna’, love their hair cuts with Angela.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more -- and to check on its brand.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more — and to check on its brand.

They provide all sorts of refreshments — including wine, though I have yet to partake because even by my loose-standards there seems something oddly perverse about drinking wine at a hair salon, though I know, for a fact, that I must have drunk wine in stranger places given my propensity for dipsomania (or at least for red wine).

Yesterday, for the first time I encountered these really cool, fancy cups.

Wow. Talk about the tactile touch. It gave me shivers and I am not that sensitive!

Loved the cups. But it made me feel very guilty. These are throwaway cups. Anything that is disposal from the get-go bothers me.

I checked the prices of these delectable cups. They are nowhere near as costly as I had expected. In bulk you can get them at 8 cents a cup. That is not bad. Not great, but it could have been worse.

What I loved about our trip to the Grand Canyon last April was the emphasis on ecology and going-green. I would love to see the Grand Canyon precepts applied all across the world. Yes, throwaway cups are very handy. That said I invariably carry an oversized insulated cup with me.

This is a problem. These cups are very cool, but are they worth the ‘resources’ needed to make them given that we are going to throw them away.

No thinking about it … I will have to prevail upon the Gilford salon to start providing proper mugs. I will gladly wash mine after I use it.

This Post In ‘Digital Trends’ Says It All About Bloody Obamacare; Cost Taxpayers $634 Million, i.e., $ 0.6 BILLION. FRAUD.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Digital Trends' post.

Click to access ‘Digital Trends’ post.


Alton, NH, $18.6 Million School ‘Renovation’ Bond Fails To Pass. Just 48.4% ‘Yes’. So What Is The ‘Plan B’ Now?


Anura Guruge

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The vote for the $18.6 M bond failed to get even 50% of the vote.

No = 731, Yes = 685.

Total votes cast = 1,416.

Yes % = 48.38%.

So not even 50%.

So what now, mad cow? What is ‘Plan B’. Prior to the deliberative session I advocated the need for a ‘Plan B’. But, people thought they knew better. Well … what now, mad cow?

Everybody agrees, vehemently, that something has to be done to fix the issues at the school. I have yet to meet anybody who disagrees with the need for some renovation. The issue has been the price tag.

That is why I was an open supporter of Steve Miller’s $7 Million bond proposal.

Those that zeroed it down. What now, mad cow?

I have already heard that the new ‘Plan B’ is to try again for the $18 M bond next year. Tell me that that is a joke.

Already we are close to the definition for insanity. Repeatedly doing the same thing HOPING for a different outcome.

Well we know who put the school and kids in this sorry situation. Those that just could not see in them a way to compromise. I hope some have the decency to resign from the various boards and let some new folks come up with some new proposals that can get the votes. Our kids deserve better.

Steve Miller said it so well. They were going on

The dice as it did last year did not come up the way they wanted.

Time for a realistic proposal that can get the votes.

For Alton Selectmen:
Lawerence Tilly  468
Robert Loring Carr   600
Robert W. Daniels   690
Stephen P. Miller   480

School Board:
Krista A. Argiropolis  672
Carlos Martinez  660
Christine Michaud-Tilly  643
(Write-in) Mary Doherty Murphy   97

Alton, NH, $18.6 Million School ‘Renovation’ Bond In March: They MUST Have The Votes In The Bag!


Anura Guruge

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I attended today’s deliberative session at Prospect Mountain High School kind of against my own better judgement because I know how these things drag out, pan out and I really am very short on time. But, I am glad I went. According to my friend, Bob Longabaugh, the keeper of Alton’s voting statistics, only 172 of the 4,022 registered voters (4.28%) attended this session.

Well, it appears that the backers of the full $18.6 Million bond have the requisite 60%(+) votes in the bag already and that today’s session was just a formality to let people have a say in public. Bravo.

I am NOT surprised. Last year I was told that they had the votes to pass the warrant, even with the faulty wording, and even force the necessary hearing by a judge. I heard this from multiple informed sources, without equivocation. So, I was kind of baffled when it didn’t pass. But, I worked it out. They held their fire [i.e., vote] realizing that the faulty wording required the uncertainty of a judge’s intervention.

So, this year, with the warrant in place, without encumbrances, they will pull the voters out of the hat to get it to pass.

OK. That is good. As school board member Steve Miller, who was as ever eloquent and impressive, noted, we will just have to pay the higher taxes. C’est la vie. Fait accompli.

That they have the votes already and the deal is done is good for the kids. They will now get the $17 Million school upgrade that they have been clamoring for so long. You have to congratulate them on their tenacity, persistence, doggedness and ultimately their SUCCESS. I tip my hat to them.

The reason I am now 120% sure that they already have the necessary votes pledged, in the bag and locked-up is that they made sure that there was NO OTHER choice. No ‘Plan B’, no contingency plan. If this, for some reason, doesn’t get the votes …

Steve Millers $7 Million proposal to zeroed down to $1 — something Steve expected from the start.

An alternate amendment to change the $18.8 M to $4.x Million also failed.

So, there is no contingency plan, of any sort.

That is never my way. I am Mr. Contingency. I don’t even sneeze without having a contingency plan! I am not joking. Yes, I can think fast. Before I sneeze I have a contingency plan to recover from what could go wrong. When I was in high tech, those that knew me well used to joke that I had contingency plans for my contingency plans. In the 600 or so seminars I have done around the world you would never have seen me struggle like they did earlier in the meeting with their PowerPoint presentation. Even when we used 35mm slides and projectors, not only would I have two projectors, but 3 bulbs in my trousers. That debacle with the PowerPoint alone should have been an object lesson, am omen, as to why you always need contingency plans. But, that is me. [Plus, I have never done a PowerPoint that didn’t have a single graphic! A renovation presentation with no pictures! Screen placement and zooming such that it could only be read by 40% of the audience. It was the 1970s when we typed presentations onto foils. Never mind the mike that didn’t work.]

Contingency plans give you flexibility.

I have rarely seen unanimity as I saw today at the session. Everybody was in violent agreement that SOMETHING had to be done to fix the manifold problems at ACS. All the discussion was about how much should be spent.

It reminded me of the joke of a man propositioning this lady of dubious character at a bar and the conversation going: ‘we have already established that you would do it; all we are doing now is trying to agree on a price’.

The price has been agreed $18.6 Million.

No other alternatives. No other options. No other choices.

So there can be NO POSSIBILITY of this failing. If so our poor kids are screwed, totally. That is not acceptable and nobody wanted that.

— but luckily for us, the dice are already loaded,

This is a sure thing? Right?

The Baysider might as well already write the story that the $18.6 Million bond passed with 65% of the vote. They might as well start work now.

Alton, NH, Upcoming Deliberative Sessions — They Should Start With This, Straight After The Pledge.


Anura Guruge

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I could, as ever, be wrong, but it might NOT be a bad idea to play this little clip before each of the deliberative sessions, just to set the right pitch for the proceedings.


Click to access ‘YouTube’ clip. Many more to chose from. I will even lend you Devanee’s DVD.