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Why Does India (& Sri Lanka) Suck At The Olympics?

by Anura Guruge



Click to ENLARGE and read here. From “news.com.au”.


From the “Wall Street Journal” — and YES, they name cricket as ONE of the FIVE reasons. Click image to access original WSJ article.


Past Summer Olympics from “olympics.org”.

As I talked about yesterday, in my post about Rio 2016 medals/population, it just does not make sense why India with the world’s 2nd largest population ONLY got 2 medals.

China got 70.

Sri Lanka is guilty as well, with ZERO medals (again), though with 21 million people, it is the 57th most populous country in the World.

But it is the stark difference between China and India — the only two countries in the world with a BILLION PLUS population — that gives you pause.

Yes, I (like the WSJ article) instinctively knew that cricket was an issue.

In India, Sri Lanka & Pakistan cricket is the national poison — and cricket, as yet, is NOT an Olympic event.

India is NO LONGER a poor country! So they can’t use that excuse.

This is crazy. India has such a huge and diverse gene pool. They also play tennis and golf with gusto.

Just does NOT make sense.

India (and Sri Lanka for that matter), so PROUD of their cricketing prowess, should be ashamed that they can’t compete, even halfway decently, in other sports.

Enough said. Indians already have got the message. Not sure about the Sri Lankans. As I always point out, when I am mistaken to be an Indian, that Sri Lankans, alas and alak, are NOT as good looking or as smart as Indians. SMILE. [I can say that, of course.] 

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by Anura Guruge

Olympic Medals At Rio 2016 Per Population Of Country.

by Anura Guruge


The medals table for Rio 2016 in terms of TOTAL MEDALS per country — for 10 medals and up. Click to ENLARGE.


TOTAL MEDALS relative to the POPULATION of the country. Very different. #1, #2 & #3 in terms of ‘totals’ come towards the bottom of the table.


GOLD MEDALS relative to the POPULATION of the country. Very different. #1, #2 & #3 in terms of ‘GOLDS’ — the ranking you are most used to seeing. But when population is factored in they come towards the bottom of the table.

I used to have a very British father-in-law who was passionate and knowledgeable about sports — in particular football, cricket, rugby, Formula 1 and the Olympics. I used to spend a lot of time talking and watching sports with him. We would even call each other up on the phone to talk cricket and he used to take me to football games (he a Bristol City Season Ticket holder) and I would take him to cricket matches, especially Tests and World Cups at Lord’s. He, whenever, the Olympics (whether Summer or Winter) or the Commonwealth Games came up, would maintain, unwaveringly, that “it was a percentage game”. He was totally convinced that countries with large populations stood a better chance at winning medals than countries with smaller populations since the larger countries, obviously, had a bigger catchment pool. To be fair to him this argument does have some merit.

I think of his contention every time the Olympics come around.

The medal numbers in Rio are, of course, skewed because so many of the Russian athletes were banned because of the doping scandal. If their whole contingent had been able to participate — doping, notwithstanding, Russia would have had more medals.

But I, remembering “Walt’s sage saying”, always try to work out whether it is indeed but a percentage game.

And as my two tables above confirm — IT IS NOT!

Yes, Jamaica is an exception — thanks to Usain Bolt.

But you have the likes of New Zealand, Denmark, Croatia etc.

This medals/population is a very sobering table to consider.

The achievements of U.S. & China — and even my own Great Britain — don’t look as impressive from this perspective.

And it begs the question. What is WRONG with India? A population nearly as big as China, and nearly 4x greater than that of the U.S. and they can only win 2 medals — one silver in women’s badminton & one bronze women’s 58kg freestyle wrestling. Does not make sense. Ditto for Pakistan. No medals! I won’t even mention Sri Lanka. 21 million people and no medals.

Study these tables. They do tell an important story.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Country Mile’ Regaling The Lucky Folks In Wolfeboro, N.H., Cate Park On July 20, 2013, Sure Did Go The ‘Extra Mile’.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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3/ ‘Blues Brothers the Next Generation‘ in Wolfeboro  July 7, 2013.

Click to ENLARGE.

Lets not beat around the bush. They, viz. the ‘Country Mile‘, were good. Probably very good, or very close to that. We were impressed.

Last week, with the Beatles Tribute Band both Deanna and I thought that they were just ‘OK’. Yesterday, June 20, 2013, there was no equivocation. We both thought, very quickly at that, that these folks were good.

They were uncomplicated, very straightforward and ‘workmen’ like — though they had a very hard working female fiddler. They didn’t spend too much time or energy with chatter, banter or trying to parlay with the crowd. They just got on with playing good music for 100 minutes — which is probably what they were contracted to do; 7 to 9 pm with a 20 minute intermission.

They had a compelling, non-stop twangy, very country, rhythm and a pulsating beat. The drummer was good. They had a 5-string bass. That might have made a difference. The lead guitarist sure did his job, very ably.

They didn’t have any original songs. They are a cover band – and don’t make any bones about it. I can see why they are so heavily booked. I would gladly go see them again.

We all lucked out with the weather again. Three Saturdays in a row. It looked a bit iffy even at 6 pm. Deanna checked the radar. There were thunderstorms all around us. I was still willing to take a chance. It is not like we are driving to Dartmouth. If it got rained out we get back in the Kia and come home. But, it was glorious again.

There were, at any given time, at least 3 folks doing what looked like pretty decent line dancing. They loved it and they did put on a good show.

Not as many people as in the prior two weeks. It could have been the weather. It could have been the genre of music. But those that were there sure appeared to have a good time and we were indeed given a good show.

Thank YOU, Wolfeboro — again. Looking forward to next Saturday.