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The Ex-Pope Is Lying About Not Co-Authoring ‘Anti-Celibacy’ Book — Plain & Simple.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. The book cover with the Ex-Pope’s name on it (albeit incorrectly).

My post from yesterday.
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Any publisher, let alone one as seasoned as ‘Ignatius’, would NOT incur the cost of printing a book and creating a cover UNLESS they had a watertight contract signed up all the authors. I know. I have published books with 4 publishers.

A publisher will not spend a dime until they have a contact. That makes sense.

So, the Ex-Pope is LYING. Plain and simple.

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by Anura Guruge

So Which Is The Better Book Cover: One By Famed “Fiverr’ Or Mine?

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Who did which?

My son the software entrepreneur gave me heck on my birthday that my book covers suck and that I shouldn’t be so cheap and should pay $15 to Fiverr and have my covers designed by them.

Since I know he is way smarter than he I listened to him.

So, last week I signed up at ‘Fiverr’ and contracted to have a cover designed. It didn’t cost me $15. Only $12. That is all they asked. I didn’t want anything fancy. Just a book cover.

So, they sent me their professionally designed cover yesterday. I was gobsmacked.

I decided to try my hand at another cover.

So, which one do you think is mine and which one is from Fiverr.

Oh, yes, I published another book today. Nearly forgot.

P.S., Fiverr gave me a REFUND (albeit as a ‘store credit’) though I told them that I was OK with them keeping my $12 for their efforts.


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by Anura Guruge


‘The Brigadoons’ NEW 2015 “Kitchen Ceilidh” CD Set Is Now On Sale — Rejoice!

The Brigadoons

2014 Highland Games, Loon, N.H.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. 

CD 1

CD 2

Common in Both CDs.
Click to ENLARGE and READ.

What the CDs look like

This is brilliant. I have the two CDs here with me as I write and I am listening to CD2 right now. They arrived in the mail today (Saturday) from Canada. Denis Carr had kindly sent them to me for ‘review’.

In my opinion, and I could be wrong, there can be no greater compliment than you can pay a group — about one of their CDs — than to say that you can truly see them in your mind’s eye performing the music as you listen to the CD. And that is very much the case here. I can SEE Denis Carr singing these songs. It is JUST LIKE being at a “Briagdoons” concert — say at the ‘Highland Games‘ at Loon. I guess, over the last 16 years I must have seen “The Briagdoons” perform, all at Loon, maybe 20 to 25 times — maybe a few more. Yes, there were years when I went for the whole weekend and would see “The Brigadoons” MULTIPLE times a day. To me, the ‘Highland Games’ at Loon is first and foremost “The Brigadoons” and then everybody else! I am NOT kidding. The kids know it and the wife is picking up on it. When we go the ‘Games’ there is one and one thing that I have to see and I am not content till I have seen ‘it’ — and that is “The Brigadoons”. It gets highlighted on our master schedule. Everything else has to fit around that. Yes, if you haven’t sussed it out by now, I am a huge fan and the family think they are GREAT too.

So, if I tell you that I can see them and feel them — and it is just like being at a “Brigadoon” concert — when I am listening to these CDs, please believe me. Other than being a huge fan I have no reason to deceive you on this. That is not my style. If the CDs didn’t come up to snuff I would have made a snide but telling comment. Not so. Love them. THANK YOU, GUYS! Much appreciated.

OK. Yes, full disclosure. Denis Carr asked me early on in the year as to whether there were any songs I would like on the CDs — because he kind of knows that I think they are the cat’s whiskers. I asked for the “Rose of Allendale” and “Burning of St. Raphael’s” (though I will MISS Jackie Smith on that). They both made it. Am I chuffed? Denis singing “Rose of Allendale” always gives me goose bumps. And listening to it on the CD gave me goose bumps. They did a grand job. I am so HAPPY.

Please do yourself a huge favor and get these 2 CDs. You will thank me for telling you to do that. It has this on the CDs. E-mail Denis Carr to order the CDs. His e-mail, as it appears on the CD covers, and this e-mail does work (since that is what I use to contact Denis) is: dcarr11@cogeco.ca.


They also now have an ACTIVE Facebook. See below.

So, you should be all set. This has been quite the musical weekend for me. Friday night, “Hot Club of Cowtown“. Then today, Saturday, I was at Alton Bay for 2 hours listening to the “Barbershop Jamboree“. Then I get home and I get to listen to these two CDs.


Amazon Kindle’s New eBook Cover Designer (Beta) Tool Is Pretty Nifty. Thanks Kindle.



 ..by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Yes, most publishing platforms now provide some sort of cover design tool. Though I generally create my own covers using Word (yes, word) or PowerPoint I am always glad to know that I have a fallback option if I get fed up messing around trying to meet the margin requirements.

In Kindle’s latest newsletter I happened to see that they now offer a cover designer — albeit in beta.

Today, now that I have a ‘second’ between books, having published my 18th (as a sole author) over the weekend, I decided to give it a try. Yes, I got a couple of error messages but it was easy enough to circumvent past them.

It looks pretty decent. Yes, I could create any one of these covers, in my sleep, in Word or PowerPoint. But, I am glad that I now have another choice.

Yes, of course, I am working on yet another book. For the last 20 years or so writing books is something I do on a daily basis. Yes, these covers above will give you a clue. I will even tell you more. With luck, if I live long enough, there will be a series of books. I collect trivia and data points like there is no tomorrow. Even if I don’t remember it all, I invariably remember how to go back and retrieve what I was thinking about. Seems like a shame not to share this given that I can easily cover popes, astronomy, computers, calendars and numbers — just to start with. Yes, numbers. There is a lot of stuff you can learn about numbers.

But, I have made a promise to myself. I am going to slow down. I have published 7 books so far this year. That is a bit insane, even for me. IF I continue at that same pace, one that I have been working at since September 2011, I could complete at least 3 more books this year. BUT, I am not going to. I am going to cut back on the hours I spend writing books. Maybe just 4-5 hours a day – 2 of them on my ‘midnight’ 3rd shift.