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The ‘Hop’, Art Center At ‘Dartmouth College’, Is Getting Quite Provocative & Creative With Its Post-COVID Marketing.

by Anura Guruge

I got this e-mail, with the above image, on Thursday. Hhhmm. I have been, for over 20-years, a regular & enthusiastic patron of the ‘Hop’. I had, however, never seen a show that would have come close to this. They succeeded. They got me to read the e-mail. Smile.

NO. They are not promoting THAT dance show! No, it is NOT even mentioned. So, I have NO clue as to what it is.

The e-mail was just to give me a heads up that LIVE shows are about to begin.

That is cool. I am glad. I am glad for I as well as for all the good folks at the Hop. Great crew.

Just the picture amused I. You know what they say & it is so, so true. ” … sells”!

My 15-Year Old Daughter Got Her 2nd (& Final) COVID-19 Vaccination Today, In New Hampshire — June 5, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

This was about as FAST as it could be done for a 15-year old. I got her registered within hours of her becoming eligible. She got her 1st shot, on May 15, 2021, within 2-days of the registration.

‘They’, i.e., the automated system, then scheduled her 2nd appointment for today — exactly 21-days from the first. It has to be at least 21-days. Well, it is now done.

In theory, in 10-days, June 15, 2021, she will have full immunity — or as much as she will ever have. Of the household she was the one that was most worried about getting COVID, took the most precautions & kept the rest of us ‘honest’ in terms of following all the protocols. She did an admirable job.

So, just another 10-days to go. She will be relieved. She will be happy. However, she claims that she will continue to wear a mask FOREVER!

My ‘Navajo’ Become The Largest Tribe In The U.S. Overtaking The ‘Cherokee’.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. From ‘ABC News’. Check ‘Google News’ for more.

‘Navajo Code Talker’ statue at ‘Navajo Nation’ HQ in ‘Window Rock’, NM.
I took this picture in August 2018.

I, alas & alak, am NOT Navajo! But, I do identify with them very keenly & profoundly. I have spent a lot of time with them & on their reservations in Arizona since 1980. That I look like one helps & adds to why I relate with them at such a deep level. Native Navajos have said, more than once, that if they saw me in the reservation they would just think I was one of them & give it no further thought.

This increase in numbers, ironically, is related to COVID that continues to wreak havoc among the Navajo. A lot of folks that were Navajo, but had never registered as such, have done so recently to get the aid that is being given to these hard-hit folks. Sad.

COVID is still taking its toll. I just read that COVID-related Navajo deaths just surpassed 1,300. We really can’t afford to lose so many of these wonderful people.

Rejoice! We Have Licked COVID. ‘Christmas Revels’ In Cambridge, MA, Will Happen In 2021!

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. I got this in an e-mail from ‘Revels’ this morning.

This made me so, so, so HAPPY. Wow. Best news of 2021. Confirmation that life is going back to NORMAL. Rejoice!

Of all of the COVID-induced tribulations of 2020, the one that impacted I the MOST was not being able to go to ‘Christmas Revels’ in Cambridge. I was crushed. My Christmas/New Year are NOT complete without Revels — Revels in Cambridge. I moped about this for months!

I had been hoping, in private, that Revels will be back in December 2021. Appears that it will.

Wow. I am so, so, so HAPPY. Did I already say that. This is great. This is fabulous.

My 15-Year Old Daughter Got Her COVID-19 Vaccination Today, At 3:03pm — In New Hampshire, May 15, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

She had been real anxious to get the vaccination. She dreaded the thought of getting COVID. So, I was on the alert. I even called up N.H. ‘211’ on Wednesday the day after the CDC approved it for her age range.

I saw on TV that registrations for 15 & under will start on Thursday morning. I registered Thursday morning. Got a 2:35pm slot at “Walgreens” in Wolfeboro, N.H. There were only a couple of people around. It wasn’t as quick & slick as I had hoped. They made us fill in a “Walgreens” specific form so that they can capture our data. That didn’t thrill me. They also wanted her insurance! That annoys I. I though the government was paying for all shots. What happens to those without insurance?

Well, she got the shot — Pfizer 1st dose — at 3:03pm. How can I be precise. Because our 15-minutes were up at 3:18pm.

She was fine. A few hours later she said she had some pain in her arm. But, it wasn’t bad.

So, that is our story. But, she still needs a second dose.

‘Darwin Award 2021’ — All The Trump MAGA Supporters Refusing To Get Vaccinated Against COVID.

by Anura Guruge

I happen to speak to 4 on Monday within the space of 3-hours. That is what got me thinking.

WOW. You can’t trump them when it comes to the ‘Darwin Award‘.

What gets me, most, is that they don’t get the contradiction & irony. Trump, with ‘Warp-Speed’, was who got the vaccines developed. So, they are saying they DO NOT TRUST Trump! Ahhh? Come again? Moreover, Trump got himself vaccinated even though he had already had COVID, & furthermore got powerful, experimental antibody treatment. So, he was better protected from getting COVID, again, than most.

I am curious to see how this pans out. How many people, in the end, will refuse the vaccine.

Till then, lets celebrate them by giving them the much coveted ‘Darwin Award 2021’.

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by Anura Guruge

Non-Whites, Like I, Would Not Be As Skeptical & Cynical IF Vaccination Registration Did NOT Start By Asking For Ethnicity & Race.

by Anura Guruge

Here is the link to the above article … click here.

Well, I have been through the COVID vaccination registration process three times — one online (with VAMS) & twice on the phone after calling 2-1-1. Each time, one the first questions I get asked is ‘ethnicity’ followed by ‘race’. In one of the 2-1-1 calls the person at the other end even JOKED saying: “I assume it is not going to be Caucasian or Hispanic“! Not good.

It would help IF they made the RESERVATION without asking about race.

Why do they need to know that to make a reservation — UNLESS, of course, you want to start suspecting the WORST. And that is what has happened.

IF they need that data for demographics they can collect it when we are there to get the SHOT. Think about it.

Admit that this makes sense.

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by Anura Guruge

The New Hampshire Mass J&J Vaccination Drive At The ‘NH Motor Speedway’ — I Waited 3-Hours In Line.

by Anura Guruge

I kind of expected that it would be a ‘zoo’, i.e., ‘not well organized‘, & I wasn’t far wrong.

I had a 12:20pm appointment. I drove in & got in line sharp at 12:00. (I was in Loudon at 11:45. I could have got in line earlier IF I knew that there was ‘no system’ & that it was a free-for-all.)

They directed me to one of three lanes; I happened to get ‘Lane 1’.

Then I waited & waited & waited.

Luckily they had the foresight to provide porta potties every 400-yards or so.

They did NOT put you in lane CHRONOLOGICALLY by appointment time. So, it was ‘just get in line’. After an hour there was some interaction. Most of the folks around I had 12:00 appointments. A couple 12:20 — like I. So, no prioritization. We were all lumped together.

In the end I discovered that there were not 3 BUT 6 LANES!

All of the delay — 3-hours worth — was merging those 6 lanes into one.

In my case, that happened at 3pm. 3-hours, coincidentally, since I got in line. Once it was down to 1-lane we moved quickly.

I was at the ‘pen’ within 10-minutes.

A ‘RN’ asked me the now routine COVID & vaccination stuff. They did NOT take my temperature.

An old, BUT still practising pediatrician, gave me my shot. Painless. But, then again, he told me that he thinks that over his lifetime I has done over 9-million vaccinations.

I took a stash of chocolates that I handed out. That was a hit.

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by Anura Guruge

I Got The Single-Dose, J&J COVID Vaccination TODAY, at 3:13pm — In New Hampshire; I Am All Set (SMILE).

by Anura Guruge

Well, well, well. I got my COVID vaccination at 3:13pm, today, at the ‘NH Motor Speedway’ Mass Vaccination Clinic.

They were only administering the newly approved, single-dose J&J vaccine. Yes, I know that it is NOT ‘the best’ — but that is OK. Being non-white it is unlikely that I would have qualified for anything else. Beggars (i.e., non-whites like I) can’t be choosers.

Funny. I did NOT see a SINGLE non-white at the whole MASS event — during my 4-hours there.

From what I saw I was the ONLY non-white — & the only one that was handing out (my appreciated) chocolates. SMILE.

It was a ZOO.

I was in the car for a total of 4-hours, including the mandatory 15-minute observation period. (Some folks were flagged for 30-minutes. Not sure why.)

My appointment was at 12:20pm.

I got my shot, from an OLD but still practicing pediatrician, at 3:13pm. So, just under 3-hours AFTER my appointment!

No pain. Did NOT feel a thing. The doctor did say, that as a pediatrician, he has done over 9 million ‘shots’ during his tenure. He was good.

No side effects. No headaches. No nausea. And no pain in the arm — at least of now. SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

Alton’s Famous & Unique ‘Airport On Ice’ Busier Than Ever On Sunday, February 21, 2021.

by Anura Guruge

Taken with my Google Pixel 4 Phone.

Click pictures to ENLARGE.

Attribution WILL be enforced.

Per my post a week ago our Alton ‘Airport On Ice‘ was back operational this year having, unusually, NOT been operational in 2020. That, however, was NOT because of COVID, but because the ice was not thick enough. Well that was last year. This year, given the rather harsh February we have had, the ice is plenty thick & strong.

Per the tradition the Airport kicked-into ‘gear’ on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day — which this year happened to be on THE DAY itself. So, that made it kind of special & as I said in my post there were lots of folks around, on the ice. BUT, there wasn’t many planes.

Not so today. It was as busy as I have ever seen it — maybe even busier (& I have two decades of experience with this airport). We even had traffic jams with planes having to queue up waiting. They even had take-off & landing window. They would let 3 to 5 planes land one after the other, while the planes wanting to take-off had to wait. It was like a big commercial airport at rush-hour, e.g., 5pm at O’Hare in Chicago. You can see 4 planes taxing in on the very top picture. All very cool.

The Airport will now be open till at least the end of February UNLESS we get a heatwave that makes the ice unsafe. So, we have at least another 2-weeks. I will keep you posted.

There are quite a few posts, from past years, on this ‘Airport on Ice‘.

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by Anura Guruge