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Al Gore ‘The Future’ Book Signing In Concord, NH, February 6, 2013: We Went. I Felt Sad.


Anura Guruge

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We attended as planned. I picked up 3 tickets, without making a purchase, at BAM (Fort Eddy St. Concord), around 11:35. We got to the Grappone Center about 11:40. I was worried that it would be packed. It wasn’t. At that time there was probably 50 folks there. We got good 2nd row seats, right in the middle. There were even some front row seats available. Around 12:20 I got up and tried to count. We estimated that there was about 170. If filled up more in the next few minutes. So probably about 220. It was a decent crowd for a work day.

Al Gore did a decent presentation. He didn’t use a presentation or charts. But, you can see that he has done this a few times before. He used a smartphone for his notes. He was good.

He started with a great joke. I did not know that he had a business partner called David Blood. It is true. Look it up. When Gore gave the election to Bush in 2000, he and blood, kind of ironically, set up a Wealth Management company called Generation Investment Management LLP. But, according to Al, he wanted to call it: ‘Blood and Gore‘. That was good.

Overall, however, I was much saddened by the whole event.

It wasn’t Al Gore’s thoughts of the future. There is nothing that really frightens me there, not even the supposed global warming (which I will be thinking about when we have 2′ of snow in NE tomorrow) or robots creating robots.

The unabashed commercialization of this event was depressing.

That an ex-V.P., who is now worth worth more than $300 million (after he sold his TV network to Arabic Al Jazeera for $100 million), lets himself be trotted out and made to perform like a peanut vendors chained monkey is unbecoming and sobering. There was little dignity and no righteousness. Irony dripped, hypocrisy ruled — especially as one of his key themes was that of wealth inequality. It is plain to see that Al Gore has sold his soul to the almighty dollar.

Al, you could have risen about the sad,
sordid marketing tactics of BAM.
You are NOT a recovering drug addict trying to make a fortune
with his sham book.

It distressed me to see a badly dressed, mid-20s BAM employee, who was loving his 15 minutes of vicarious fame, bossing around Al Gore.

Al Gore did not help himself. He manages, quite amazingly, to look good and terrible at the same time. His innate good looks haven’t deserted him. But, he is also bloated, with 15 pounds of lard wobbling around his face. He had to climb up 2 steps to reach the stage. He bounded up, but that winded him. And that suit. I am sure it was the same one he wore right through the 2010 presidential campaign.

We saw Mike Dukakis in Laconia in October. It was such a different experience. Mike Dukakis projected dignity, credibility and conviction. Al Gore looked like a used car salesman peddling counterfeit Viagra.

I do not have anything against Al Gore. My father and he used to be good friends as I have mentioned here. I did not support him in 2000. I was a rabid Republican in the day, and spent the whole of December 2000 glued to the TV waiting for Bush to win — having put my (then very lucrative) consulting business on hold.

He does not inspire me as does President Obama. Yesterday proved that he is a conflicted, hypocritical, shallow man, always more interested in making more money rather than the issues he claims to be passionate about. Yes, as do Warren Buffet, Bill Clinton and President Obama, he made the trite remark that he would be happy to pay more taxes. Al, who is stopping YOU. Donate some of your money to the Government and STOP printing your book as a hardcover. Having that book in hardcover is so cynical, hypocritical and just plain wrong. The book deals with wealth inequality and global warming. Producing a hardcover book requires more resources and energy than the equivalent paperback. Hardcover books are NOT GREEN. The only motive for hardcover books is more mullah. Increasing wealth disparity and putting the book out of the reach of the poor.

Al, you made yourself look pathetic yesterday. I felt sorry for you. I hope your $300,000,000 makes you real happy, because you did not look it. You looked like a trained animal at the circus — run by BAM.

Al Gore in Concord, February 6, 2013. Click to ENLARGE.