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Garmin Vivoactive HR, A Product With ‘No’ Trade-In Value.

by Anura Guruge

From Amazon — a few minutes ago and it was the same last night! Click to ENLARGE.

Just a representative item from eBay. There are more. So folks are bidding up to $81 and there is still nearly 2 days to go. This is closer to the mark. Click to ENLARGE.

Given that I will upgrade to the new Garmin Vivoactive 3 the first thing I did was check what I could get for a trade-in from Amazon since I have had reasonable joy trading in cameras and lenses with Amazon. You don’t get the ‘best’ price BUT there is no hassle and it is instant gratification.

That they are claiming that the trade-in value for a Garmin Vivoactive HR, in BEST condition, is $3.80 is hilarious. It is obviously a mistake and I will contact Amazon (a Prime Member and shareholder) and get them to rectify it.

In the case of the Vivoactive 3 I might TRY to sell it on Craigslist. If you are interested let me know. I am known for my largess when it comes to products I no longer need. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

1994 Jaguar XJS Coupe In (Fire Engine) Red For Sale In New Durham, New Hampshire.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access “Craigslist” listing …

I have not seen (as yet) but I am told that it is in great shape. Low milage at 45K and 5 years younger than my XJS.

If you are in the market for a Jag this is definitely worth checking. OK?


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by Anura Guruge

I Put My Fuji X-E2s Up For Sale On Craigslist (For $700) — GREAT DEAL!

by Anura Guruge

Yes, it is true. I am getting rid of my Fuji X-E2s.

Spelled out my plans in this post yesterday.

I am, as planned, going with Nikon.

There are NOT enough good lenses for Fuji X-mount.


Click to access the Craigslist ad for my Fuji X-E2s.

Some pictures taken with this X-E2s in the last few days.

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by Anura Guruge

Best Jaguar XJ8 For Sale In Craigslist New England In Mid-March 2016.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE and goggle here. You can find it on NH Craigslist (ID=5459544867).

Nope, nope, nope. I am NOT in the market for another Jaguar (of any sort). More than happy with the two I have. But I do like, every once in awhile, to check what is available — just in case I need another one. Happened to see this.

78,000 miles. Hhhmmm. That is 10,000 more than on my 2002 XJ8. And I paid less. SMILE. But I do not have Navigation. Not for me, BUT if you are in the market for a XJ8 this might be worth looking at — for around $9,400 (not a penny more). SMILE.

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by Anura Guruge

Stunning 2006 Cadillac XLR (63K) In New Hampshire Craigslist For $27,500. Must BUY.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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Saad Hindal, The Impressive Iraqi Artist (In Concord, NH): I Did Two Craigslist Postings For Him Today.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.P1040379

Anura Guruge

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Click to access CraigsList ad. This is a brilliant painting. Get it for Christmas.


Click to access CL ad.

Saad and I through one of his painted frames. Click to ENLARGE.

Saad and I through one of his painted frames. Click to ENLARGE.

Saad wanted to take this picture of me in his workshop. Click to ENLARGE.

Saad wanted to take this picture of me in his workshop. Click to ENLARGE.

Supposedly, Per Boston Craigslist, The New Bikinis For 2013. Doubt Whether We Will See These Around Lake Winnipesaukee.



 .by Anura Guruge

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As I had mentioned earlier during the sad events in Boston last month, given the very secluded, near recluse, life I lead, I check the Boston Craigslists’ “Rants & Raves” to get a feel of what is happening out there in the Big World. Given that I have been checking this list, near daily, for years, I am fairly good at working out which posts might be vaguely interesting and what posts are not even worth looking at. Obviously, living in NH Lakes Region I have to check anything that mentions ‘bikini’ seems it might be germane. Well this picture appeared today, with two other more illustrative pictures. Something else that I like about this list is that all of them that partake have worse spelling and grammar than I do — though I doubt whether too many of them can honestly claim, as I can, that English is their second language.


Boston Craigslists’ “Rants & Raves” – Heads Up For Other News Junkies. It Can Be An Amazing Resource. A Few Gems Among A Lot Of Flotsam.


by Anura Guruge


As some of you may have worked out I am an inveterate, and now incurable, news junkie. I wake in the morning to either CNN or CNBC and then spend an hour lying in bed, nursing a hot cup of coffee, switching between CNN, CNBC and MSNBC. This week, for obvious reasons, I also watched Boston Channel 7, head and shoulders better than the other two Boston stations.

When I am at my computer, which is quite a few hours a day, I always have a Google News tab open.

But, in reality, when I am working (which can be anything from 8 to 14 hours a day), I get most of my topical news from Craigslists’ Boston “Rant & Raves”! It, as I tell folks, is my barometer to what is really happening out there — beyond New Hampshire. Boston “Rants & Raves” is NOT for a squeamish. There is some pretty vile stuff on there. But, again it shows you what some people are thinking and are feeling.

This week I have been amazed by some of what I read and saw there. On Wednesday, as soon as the likes of CNN and Channel 7 started saying that ‘they’ had video footage of the two perps, somebody (and they all use provocative screen names) posted a picture saying that it was legit. It was very clear. Clearer than anything we were shown on TV the next day or even Friday. It showed the guy in the black cap standing in the crowd. When I then saw the official pictures I was amazed. I am sure it was the same guy.

Tonight, about an hour ago, there was a purported picture of the dead brother, with what I assume are two large bullet wounds pixelated out. It is pretty gruesome and shows some extensive burn marks to the neck and chest. I assume it is is legit. Most of these pictures don’t stay there for long. They get ‘flagged’ or yanked.

What I am trying to get at it is that whoever is posting this stuff has access or contacts. So my trust in CL Boston ‘R&R’ remains intact — though I do have to wade through a lot of unpleasant stuff. I don’t, of course, read all of it. I just scan the titles and only click on those that sound interesting. So this is a heads up for other news junkies. Everything said I probably don’t spend more than 20 minutes, in total, over the whole course of the day checking ‘R&R’. So ROI can be good. I have also learned a lot about what some folks on that ‘list’ think about Indians, Asians and Orientals. Don’t recall Sri Lankans ever getting mentioned, but we probably get lumped in with Indians. As is to be expected it provided many interesting insights during last year’s election season. BUT, be careful. It is not for the sensitive. So please be warned.

David Nix Of Belmont, NH: Finally A Competent, Credible & Reliable Computer Person In The Lakes Region.

David Nix20001Dec2013x125

Anura Guruge

To say that I am fussy about my PCs, especially my main ‘work’ PC, would be beyond an understatement. Lets face it, one way or another, in essentially three shifts, the last ending well past midnight, I spend at least 10 hours a day on my main PC, often more. When I have problems with my PC I am not a happy camper. It ruins my day. Yes, I have two backup computers, but they are not as brawny as my main PC.

PC hardware is not my thing. All the wires, connectors and setup is way too tight and delicate for my liking. So I always have somebody, somebody good, do my hardware. Once Windows is up I can do the rest, but I won’t touch the hardware (other than cleaning it out with compressed air once a month). Suffice to say I am always in the look out for competent, reliable hardware folks that are reliable and trustworthy. In my experience this has been a scarce commodity in the Lakes Region. A couple of folks I have used in the past have moved on. Over the last 3 years or so I have had real troubles finding anyone.

I have given up on those that now advertise on Craigslist. I don’t know why they bother. You contact them and they are basically not interested. They say they will call or that they will come, but you never hear from them. Maybe they are just waiting to get calls from ol’ ladies that they can rip off.

I had ended up using somebody I had met at BestBuy, who lives in Hillsborough, to do my hardware. But, it is a 90 drive for him and he works crazy hours.

A couple of weeks ago, when I was crazy busy with the sede vacante, I started getting funny noises coming from one or more of my fans in the PC case — and the case alone has 4 fans, not counting the ones on the i7 chip, the video card and the power supply. I really needed somebody to come and look at the fans.

Tim Croes, of ‘The Baysider’, had just interviewed me and he was coming around on election day. I e-mailed him and asked if he, as a local, knew any good PC folks.

He e-mailed me back with David’s name and phone number. I called. He was very pleasant. He said he could come over in 2 days. That was fair. We got talking. I asked him if he was related to Stephen Nix, the Real Estate/Property attorney in Gilford. He was. Steve was his brother. I had used Steve, maybe 11 years ago, when I had a mooring buoy issue when I lived waterfront in Gilford. Steve took care of it for me very efficiently and affordably. I was impressed. This was a good omen.

David came last Wednesday. He cleaned, reseated and checked out all my fans. My rear 140cm fan was not working. I needed a new one. I ordered one. David came again today and put it in.

I like David. He is good. He is in his early 50s. So he is not a ‘kid’ per se. He knows what he is doing. He is careful. He is thorough. He is also very reasonable.

He is a musician, has been a ski instructor at Gunstock for decades and is from a local family. All around good person.

I am impressed. I recommend him.

If you need any computer work contact David. You will be glad you did.

One of the 7 fans in my PC, this the CPU fan on Intel i7 chip.

Supposed Barnstead, NH, Rastafarian Acquitted Of Drug Charges On ‘Freedom Of Religion’ Among Other Things!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Boston ‘CBS’ coverage …

To read article in the Sept. 20, 2012 ‘Baysider’ newspaper — our friendly local weekly.

This story, that I encountered yesterday afternoon raised a number of issues in my mind:

1/ I first saw it in Boston CraigsList ‘Rants & Raves’ as a ‘derogatory’ post making fun of the strange, country bumpkins in the ‘Live Free Or Die‘ State to the North. [to be fair to the poster this story does make us look a bit weird.]

2/ I knew of this story as the ‘surveillance’ from air case since that was the angle most reported in the past about this case.

3/ Again confirms what I have come to realize over the last few years; Mark Sisti, the criminal attorney from Concord, is beyond genius. He rocks. Wow. Another improbable victory for him. He should be a TV lawyer. Amazing, just amazing. You know he looks like a hippie … but gosh, he is brilliant. I know a fairly prominent, very opinionated NH injury lawyer who grudgingly admitted that Sisti was ‘something else’. He sure is.

4/ How did this ‘poor looking’ Rasta get the money to hire Sisti — and I have heard that he, quite rightly given his skills, is not cheap? Was he selling produce to pay for his priceless defense?

5/ We now have a new law in NH, that made its debut at this trial, ‘Jury Nullification‘. John Lynch, who rarely if ever puts a foot wrong, has signed it into law. Yes, Sisti really is something else.

6/ To me this is another ‘Twilight Zone’ episode of American law in action. This guy should have been hoisted by his own petard and thrown in jail. Drugs are a big problem around here. To let this guy walk free on technicalities seems wrong, a perversion of justice — another case of money buying freedom.

7/ I am not an expert of Rastafarianism, though having lived in England in the 70s when we had quite a few Rastas in London, the much missed Bob Marley and my incessant following of ‘West Indies’ cricket, I know a bit about them. This guy does not look like a Rasta to me — and lets face it, how many people in NH are familiar with Rastas. Check that picture from CBS. There are NO Rasta colors to be seen. He and all we see are all white. Not right. No, the Rasta colors need to be on display — so he can’t claim that he wears Rasta underwear. To me he is no Rasta.

8/ Using ‘Freedom of Religion’ to wriggle out of tight legal spots is something I have heard about, mainly anecdotally, even since I came here (for the 2nd time around) in 1986. I’ve heard stories about how it works like a charm with the IRS. I still contend that this guy is exploiting the system thanks to a brilliant lawyer.

9/ This guy is the SAME AGE as me; 59! That cracks me up. I don’t look great, never have. But come on, compared to this guy I look like I was chiseled out of marble. Wow. If this is what drugs can do for you, then they should do a NEW commercial akin to that unforgettable ‘This is YOUR brain on drugs’:

Please click and have ANOTHER blast of this great commercial … as a YouTube video.

I am NO paragon of virtue BUT I never did drugs (or smoked), though when I was 15-16 I hung out, daily, with a few very, very heavy drug users. But, I was never tempted — for reasons that I can still relate to today. I LIKE REALITY. Never had an urge to distort reality! Yes, I am strange. To me that seems pointless. You live in the real world, so why try to escape it. Just deal with it.