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New Zealand Captain Brendon McCullum Should Be Charged In NZ With Criminal Mischief.

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by Anura Guruge

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nzmccullumguilty1There is bravado, there is irresponsibility, there is bad and then there is CRIMINAL MISCHIEF.

New Zealand Captain Brendon McCullum is guilty of Criminal Mischief. Plain and simple. His third ball dismissal was beyond the pale. It was ludicrous.

This was no exhibition game or a meaningless, 2-days lost to the rain County Championship game. This was the World (bloody) Cup.

Three balls. Missed all three and bowled off the last.

Yes, he acted like he indeed had three balls. He things and acts like he is God. He is not and we all know it.

This was beyond irresponsible.

He should be charged the second he sets foot back in New Zealand.

He should NEVER be allowed to play for New Zealand again. Players have been banned for less. Yes, even I have been dropped from cricket teams for less. This was not bad luck or poor judgement. This was criminal.

Then there is, alas, the ever niggling red flag. Was there more to his 3 balls than just plain criminal stupidity — though that is also a crime.

We have, over the last two weeks seen some VERY INEXPLICABLE behavior by some VERY senior players. Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene and in the 2nd Semi-Final Dhoni. Dhoni not only wasted balls but AMBLED across for the run in which he got RUN OUT. Check out the video. He didn’t dive. He didn’t even rush. If anything he slowed down.

What is going on?

Only In New Hampshire: Newspaper Editor, In Print, Boasts About Speeding At 90 mph!

by Anura Guruge

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>>Nov. 19, 2012.

This is from the November 29, 2012 issue of ‘The Baysider’.

Click image to access 'The Baysider' original as a PDF. Josh's column is on the very last page (of the 2-part newspaper).

Click image to access ‘The Baysider’ original as a PDF. Josh’s column is on the very last page (of the 2-part newspaper).

I, as ever, could be wrong, but I think this can only really happen in our ‘Live Free or Die‘ New Hampshire, a newspaper editor openly flaunting that he broke the law. Again, I could be wrong, but I think at least in NH, anything above 85 mph is called ‘criminal speeding’. I am not sure what the speeding laws are in Connecticut.

I am not going to comment on Josh’s speeding. My only concern, as is his audacity to brag about it in print. That seems churlish, though those that know Wolfeboro, NH, know that you can quite literally get away with murder in that town — where Mitt Romney goes to church. [This is also the same newspaper group that published an announcement from an Alton artist where she claimed that she was a ‘voyeur’ — a felony in NH.]

There is something that bothers me, quite a bit. In addition to being editor, Josh’s main role in life is that of a sports reporter for high school sports teams. In that role he is well known to thousands of local teenagers, many of whom would have just started driving. So, we now have Josh, supposedly the adult here, stating in writing, that not only is it ‘OK’ to do 90 mph, that speeding lets you cut down on travel time!

Yes, Josh, as an editor and a columnist in 5 (or 6) papers is a local VIP. As such he is above the law and reproach.

That is a shame. Josh interacts with a lot of coaches — folks who are supposed to instill values, discipline and standards into our kids. But I doubt whether any of these coaches will dare even mention this to Josh.

That is New Hampshire.

If this does bother you, try contacting the publisher of the Newspaper.