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‘Revels North’ Kids Program On ‘Silk Road’ A Welcome Opportunity In The Northeast.

by Anura Guruge


Click to access the ‘Revels North’ Webpage for this program, with dates etc.

I was taken back and delighted when I saw this, in the form of an e-mail, this morning. Kids in the Northeast, particularly in NH, could do with ALL the EXPOSURE they can to the wide world beyond the borders of their state (or in some cases their town). This is why I am such a big advocate of the Laconia ‘Multicultural Day‘.

Learning about the ‘Silk Road‘ could sure inspire kids to explore their wonderlust. The ‘Silk Road’ has it all: adventure, history, culture, art, music, romance. Yes, I have a soft spot in my heart of the ‘Silk Road’ — other than the fact that the ‘Silk Road’ also traversed through Ceylon, by birthplace. In 1983 when UNESCO started its grand ‘Silk Road’ program, my adoptive father, by then a 15 year old and Director-level official with UNESCO, was part of the team. As it happened the Ceylon (by then Sri Lanka) part of the UNESCO kick-off was scheduled for August 1983. I happened to be in Sri Lanka at the time. So given that my adoptive father and mother were also there, from Paris, as was the Director General (who I had met many times in Paris), we attended many of the events. Somewhere in this house there is also a lavishly produced UNESCO book, published in 1983, for the ‘Silk Road’. So ..

This GRAND. I am happy. Bravo.


UNESCO ‘Silk Road’ Home page with the ‘Sri Lanka’ flag highlighted. Click to access.

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by Anura Guruge

Since When Did 1970 Qualify As ‘ANCIENT’ In Sri Lanka … Or For That Matter Anywhere Else?

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by Anura Guruge

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I saw this on Facebook a few minutes ago.

I am NOT sure whether I was MORE amused, bemused or just plain livid.

Yes, Sri Lankans (like our neighbors the Indians) can be very funny — unintentionally. [In my case, as some of you know, it all has to do with my face, features and build. People just laugh when they see me.]



I know quite a few women that will be up in arms about that.

BUT, the irony of ironies.

Ceylon? Sri Lanka?

The country PRIDES itself on having a written historical record going back to 3,000 B.C.

There are extant, well preserved stone ruins dating back to at least 160 B.C.

And some CLOWN has the damn audacity to call 1970 ANCIENT.

Ah, dear, dear, dear.

Here is a genuine, c. 150 BC ruin from Anuradhapura. [Note that it is MY city! Check the first 5 letters.] These are pillars of what used to be a Buddhist monastery. See the finely carved ‘sentinel’ stone at the front. Given that my adoptive father was BIG into culture/history/Buddhism and actually had a part-time job (and he had many in addition to his main job in the Ministry of Education), I, in my youth, spent many an hour wandering through these pillars. It was, as I would refer when older, stone-by-stone tourism with my adoptive father. My kids, who complain that I drag them around boring places (such as cathedrals), have no idea how lucky they are.


Check out the OLD (but not ancient) photos I am preserving
here for posterity.