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The Very British ‘Henley Royal Regatta’ Came To Be This Day 178-Years Ago; March 26, 1839.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read. Wikipedia link: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henley_Royal_Regatta

I wore something SIMILAR to the gentleman on the extreme right, a striped blazer, though mine was lighter in color and a straw boater — though mine was much more colorful.

Ah! Henley.

I have (as yet) only had the honor and pleasure of attending JUST once, in 1983. I was Customer Support Manager for Northern Telecom (UK) and we had a hospitality tent to reward our major customers.

It was a blast.

Had to go shopping for the blazer and boater. Had to have a new ribbon installed to match my colorful flamboyance. Loved it.

I used to know Henley the ‘village’ quite well — BUT, alas, just one Regatta.

Is there ANY WAY that that might get rectified.

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by Anura Guruge

MetroCast Down In Alton (NH) For 56-Hours Following Blizzard Of 2017.

by Anura Guruge

I write this as one:

  1. Who regularly SINGS the praises of the MetroCast high speed Internet service; viz., Example 1Example 2 & Example 3.

  2. Who has been a MetroCast customer for 20 years.

  3.  Who was the ‘Customer Support Manager’ for ITT Business Systems (UK) & Northern Telecom Business Systems (UK).

  4.  One who in February 2015 filed a BBB Complaint against MetroCast — and prevailed.

Yes, we understand that the storm was disruptive and wreaked havoc.

My gripe is the LACK of communications and the sheer disregard for customer relations & the POOR lack of redundancy in network design.

That the Call Center was down for that long is not acceptable.

That it took SO LONG before they started posting updates on Facebook was not acceptable.

That the Facebook updates, to begin with, were so sporadic was unacceptable.

That the Facebook updates did NOT reflect reality and was indeed FAKE NEWS was unacceptable. I had firsthand experience of this. I finally managed to speak to a MetroCast rep. at 11:57pm on Thursday night; March 16, 2017. As usual he was VERY NICE. I told him that the latest Facebook update was saying that the Alton node had been activated. He told me, point blank, that that was NOT THE CASE! And the Facebook update had been made at least 30 minutes earlier.

Yes, I had my service back, at full bore (i.e., 150/160Mbps), 14 minutes later! Coincidence.

Not sure how many of YOU remember. BUT we had a similar MetroCast flap in February 2015.

MetroCast was NOT UPFRONT with us on that.

I ranted and railed … and filed a BBB complaint.

I know that heads rolled!

Not sure whether a VP should be held responsible for this. But, IF I was MetroCast NH’s Customer Support Manager I would have handed in my resignation this morning.

I am glad that I have my 150Mbps back.

I was NEVER without Internet — thanks to TDS.

I have BETTER REDUNDANCY at my house than MetroCast has in their network.

I have a separate 15Mbps TDS Internet connection just in case!

I am, as of right now, going ahead and getting a load-balancing router and UPGRADING TDS … {SMILE}

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by Anura Guruge

Another Musical Christmas Present To YOU. ‘Gaudete’, The Sacred Christmas Carol, By Maddy Prior With Steeleye Span.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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Please click to access YouTube video ... you will be so glad you did.

Please click to access YouTube video … you will be so glad you did.

If you are NOT familiar with ‘Gaudete’, I feel bad for you.
But at least we have rectified that.

Click above for a Wikipedia take on this very old Christmas hymn.

I learnt of ‘Gaudete’ by hearing Steeleye Span, with Maddy Prior,
singing it … in the early 1970.

I would have to say that ‘Steeleye Span’ is still my all time favorite group — ever.

I used to be a ‘Steeleye Span’ (& ‘Lindisfarne’) groupie —
in that I would try and attend as many concerts, a year, that I could. 

When I could I would follow them from town to town
— seeing two or three concerts a week. 

That I was a customer support manager, expected to travel around the U.K., as much as I could,
and money was never an issue (in those halcyon days),
made being a ‘groupie’ a breeze.

I think Maddy Prior is divine.

Sit back. Turn up the volume and ENJOY.

Why NO Beaujolais Nouveau Day Parties In New Hampshire? Are We That Provincial?

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This is what they had in Philly last year.

This is what they had in Philly last year.

I just did a Google to see if there were any Beaujolais Nouveau Day Parties in New Hampshire last year. I couldn’t find any and I wasn’t aware of any, though I know that our NH Liquor Stores did a tasting or something.

This needs to be rectified. We are not that provincial, are we?

I used to host Beaujolais Nouveau Day parties in London — but, I was a Customer Support Manager, with a mandate and at least when I worked for ITT, an unlimited budget, to keep the customers happy, whatever it took.

I am going to contact Julie at Giuseppe’s (Meredith) and see if she is interested.

I will also contact Daryl Eames of iHeartDining and see if he can pull some strings.

IF you are interested let me know. I am going to try and rectify this.

It Sure Is Cold. I Vetoed My 5°F (-15°C) Threshold And Went Running At Noon When It Was 3°F (-16°C).


Anura Guruge

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Wow. It Is Cold Up Here … — Jan. 3, 2013.

My usual route up Prospect Mountain. This was not from today. Today was bright blue, cloudless skies. Click to ENLARGE.

My usual route up Prospect Mountain. This was not from today. Today was bright blue, cloudless skies. Click to ENLARGE.

Lactogen baby

‘Lactogen Baby’, 1954 to 1962, Ceylon, ad, with this picture, with the heading ‘Baby Guruge’, appeared in 12 newspapers, in 3 languages, every day. ‘Lactogen’ was a Swiss baby formula company. My father, the clever one in the family, declined any monies from them! He said that he was ‘OK’. I was chubby even then, though I was born very sickly, physically twisted (arms and legs intertwined) and unable to pee. This was my maternal grandmother’s work and she mainly used coconut oil! Once I started eating she fattened me up on a strict diet of eggs, chocolate, meat, fish, rice and lentils. My mother made me fancy cakes and puddings. I was doomed from birth.

I had come up with the must be 5°F (-15°C) or warmer threshold somewhere in 2003 or 2004 when we had a long stretch of really cold weather and people said I was crazy to go running in such cold weather. My contacts used to freeze too, which was not that funny. So, I have lived by that 5°F rule, quite happily, for a long time — until today.

Today, I no longer had a choice. I have to exercise. I have to lose weight. I have to cut back on eating. I have to say no to Carbs. Today, I got the dreaded results. I am now officially pre-diabetic. I have been waiting for this day for 43 years!

I was 7 when my uncle, my mother’s older brother, a gifted doctor, who had birthed me, said out of the blue, when all of us were seated around one evening: ‘Well, YOU are going to be diabetic. Stop taking any sugar. You might as well also stop taking salt’. I was 7 and there was nothing much wrong with me at that stage. I was still the ‘Lactogen Baby‘! But, there is a bad diabetes on both side of the family. So, I was not going to escape.

So, for 43 years, I have been waiting for my uncle’s prediction to come true. He was a pretty amazing doctor — physicians to Prime Ministers, Governor Generals and Presidents, and, of course, me.

I have to lose weight — fast. By my own standards I am borderline obese. My BMI is 26.6. I need to get down to 169 lbs. I think I was 165 lbs, 10 years ago, when we got married.

I need to lose 11 pounds. That will get me the 25 BMI. If I cutout all carbs, which I can easily do, and have done, I can drop 5 within a couple of months. The problem is that this then hikes my cholesterol. I can’t win. I have done strict Atkin before, with great success and luck. Cheese, ham, chicken, pork, greens, cauliflower, eggs. Did it for about 3 years. Blood work was never better. Felt great. But, missed my carbs. Love bread. Love sweets and believe that I need chocolate to maintain my body color.

So starting today, I have to work on this. Getting rid of 11 — and I am no longer young. I lost 70 pounds, when I was in my late 20s, in about 6 months. Went from 205 lbs to 135 lbs. I was quite a sight when I weighed 135 lbs, since my shoulders never got any narrower. I lost that 70 pounds within 7 months — but I was possessed. Didn’t use to run those days. I was not fit, though I did play cricket, sporadically (and badly) during the Summer. The first day I went running I managed about 1/4 mile and then crawled back home — and I do mean crawl, on all fours. I couldn’t breath. Went out again the next day. Went a few yards further, but in the end still crawled back. Within 2 weeks I was running a mile. Within a month 2. At the end of 3 months I was running 7 miles every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was also doing it in about 7 – 8 minutes a mile. On Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s I fasted. One apple and one chunk of cheese. Lots of coffee and wine. I super busy, and not eating gave me the time to run. Once I got to running the 7 miles the pounds just fell away, daily. Biggest problem was clothes. I was Customer Support Manager for ITT Business Systems in the UK — and had to dress for the part, with white shirts and snazzy suits. I would only wear Van Heusen shirts. I needed new shirts every week and new suits every month. It was an expensive hobby. I would give the clothes away. No time to get them altered. Plus no kids.

So … now. I will have to go running again tomorrow. Hope it is a tad warmer. Just as I was getting home had some tears freeze. Maya’s muzzle was coated with ice from her breath. She didn’t seem to mind the cold. Didn’t say anything.