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I Am Now Backfilling For Garmin Customer Support On The Vivoactive 3.

by Anura Guruge

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This was on my FacebookVivoactive 3‘ page today.

I get quite a few messages like this seeking customer support. First thing I do is point out that I am NOT Garmin. Then, if I can I try to help since I recall all the times I felt so helpless trying to get meaningful support from Garmin.

This was the 2nd Vivoactive 3 ‘HELP’ I had today.

It is a Sunday, so their chance of even contacting anybody at Garmin is ZERO.

This was a fairly easy one (at least for I, in that I had seen it before).

The date and time on the VA 3 was off — in this case by 9-days!

But, I knew that a sync with a phone or a GPS fix should cure that. And it did.

She, as you can see, was happy. That makes me HAPPY. Another good deed for the day.

IF Garmin had any sense they would hire me to provide real good weekend support. {Smile}

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by Anura Guruge

NO Surprise That DISH’s Sling TV Continues To Struggle — Riddled With Technical Problems & Pitiful Customer Support.

by Anura Guruge


Click image to READ “The Street” article from today.


Click image to read article in “Motherboard” from yesterday.

I have now had ‘Sling TV‘ on my Roku 3 for nearly 11 months. I got Sling TV so that I could watch cricket on Willow and UK OneWorld Sports.

I have had NOTHING but trouble with Sling TV — including yet another episode of video loading errors last night.

Sling TV is an unmitigated nightmare.

What makes it worse is that ‘they’ — Sling TV management and customer support — know about the problems and do NOTHING about it.

Why do I stick with Sling TV? It is the only way I can currently have access to UK OneWorld Sports, and in the Summer, THEY have exclusive rights to English Test Matches. That is it.

If it was just Willow I would GLADLY pay the $4/month extra and get Willow directly on the Roku.

So the above articles make eminent sense. IF you have any sense DO NOT subscribe to Sling TV. Sling TV will drive you to distraction.

‘We’, i.e., those that subscribe to the International Sports Package, supposedly already have the new User Interface — as of early December. Trust me, it SUCKS. Sucks big time. It is devoid of program information! I kid you not. You have to click on each program to see what it is.

So, do yourself a HUGE favor and stay away from Sling TV. You will THANK ME for this advice.

Happy New Year.

The Roku, other than for Sling TV, is an absolute JOY — especially with Amazon Prime, Sky News, PBS, Acorn etc.

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by Anura Guruge