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The Cynic I Am, I Can’t Help Wondering Whether PC Security Companies Had A Hand In The Ransomware Attacks.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access this BBC article. Google for many more.

A recent Ad., with ‘ransomware’ featured, by a security company that advertises aggressively on TV. Click to ENLARGE and read here.

Yes, yes, yes … I know that this is an old chestnut and that there are plenty of posts, including determinations by ‘Snopes‘, that antivirus companies are SO ETHICAL (and atypical) that they would never even dream of doing anything so underhand.

But, I am an out-and-out cynic and I have been involved with computers for 48-years.

Yes, I could be wrong — totally wrong.

This, however, is something that has crossed my mind.

It would be so easy to do — surreptitiously. All ‘you’ would have to do is find a few hackers, on the ‘Dark Web’, on the quiet.

Let’s hope I am WRONG.

But, I have long maintained that security software that we install on our PCs represents the BIGGEST malware we have on our PCs! We give them carte blanche to see everything we do, communicate with impunity with a ‘mothership’ and install updates willy nilly!

Just something to think about. Being a cynic does have advantages.

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by Anura Guruge

Sorry, I Do NOT Buy The Kim Kardashian Paris Robbery Story — I Think It Was A Cheap Publicity Stunt!

by Anura Guruge


From CNN. Click image to access CNN coverage. Google for millions more.

Sorry, as some of you know I am a professional cynic.

I only know of ‘her’ vicariously. Wouldn’t know her if I woke up next to her — though I am sure it would give me quite the start.

All I know is that she is synonymous with ‘cheap publicity’. Is she Paris Hilton reincarnated? I wouldn’t know.

Remember, remember Ryan Lochte? Yes?

Wow. This was a lot of publicity. Now, if I was ‘Drumpf’ I would start talking about how insurance … etc. But, I won’t.

I just believe that this was a put-up job. A publicity stunt.

Just remember where you read this first. {SMILE} Trust me, it is NOT easy being a professional cynic.

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by Anura Guruge