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‘Capital City Pawnbrokers’, Laconia — In The Old MacDurgin Building On Union Ave. Lot Of Interesting Stuff. Good Prices.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.
Anura Guruge

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Of course I have been meaning to go in and check them out ever since they opened — a few years ago. But, we never seemed to have the time. Whenever we were in Laconia we were on ‘a mission’.

This morning, for a change, after I had done my presentation at the Taylor Community, just up the road, I was not in any mad hurry. But, Deanna wasn’t with me. Nonetheless, I stoped.

I am glad I did.

An Aladdin’s Cave of interesting, well priced stuff.

I was impressed.

Got to meet the owner David Byer.

[[ What a name, ‘Byer’, for a pawn shop proprietor! I only checked the business card, and saw the name, when I got home. Next time I will have to kid him about it and find out whether it is truly real or a ‘stage name’ for Laconia. But, I notice his daughter uses that too — so it might be real.]]

David Byer: very nice guy. Good, shrewd businessman. Knows what he is doing. But, at the same time he wants to do right by his customers.

I was impressed.

I bought a few things.

A bull in a china store has nothing on me in a pawn or consignment store.

I am the impulse buyer’s impulse buyer. I just buy stuff that catches my eye — the more esoteric the better.

Definite Recommendation.

If you are within 66 miles of Laconia, N.H., make a point of checking out this store.

You will not be disappointed.

I sang the praises of the ‘Laconia Antique Center’ just over a year ago.

Obviously different paradigms, BUT you will LIKE Dave’s prices much better — not that the ‘Antique Center’ prices are that bad.

Kind of funny to go back into that building. What used to be my office area is now curtained off — and I could see a few motorbikes in there!

What used to be the PALATIAL Executive Suites, up the steps,
and I was only allowed to go up there by appointment (typically with 72 hours notice), is now a showroom!
All the glass is gone.
Cracked me up.

They do have a Facebook page.


I didn’t bother with the ‘Smoke Shop’.

Not my thing. I understand why they would have it in there. It probably makes more money than the rest of the store.

To me, that was the only downer … but then again 99.99% of Laconians wouldn’t have a problem with it (which is why I don’t live in Laconia).