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‘Acadia National Park’ 2020 (COVID-19) Update — Mid-July.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE & read. This is BAD. BIGGEST IMPACT!

Click to ENLARGE & get the gist here. From: nps.gov/acad/index.htm

The one road that is supposed to be CLOSED per the ‘National Park Service’. No big deal. Dirt road. I don’t think I have explored this road in YEARS. No loss.

Click image to access my post from YESTERDAY — with a LOT of pictures. SMILE.

Acadia National Park‘ is alive & well, as beautiful, enchanting & welcoming as ever.

It was CROWDED. Lots of folks. Look at the number of ‘dots’ on ‘Sand Beach‘.

There was also more car traffic than we were used to. Yes, it is true that we have never been in July. Our trips have been in: last week of June, first week in September & once in early March. And I know that July is said to be the busiest month. But, I worked out another reason for the increased traffic. NO BUSES. That is a shame. I noticed it within 20-minutes of driving the ‘Loop’. No buses. I can understand. I had not planned to use the buses — not on this quick trip. We do use them — it is what we do on rainy days. Take the 3(+)-hour return bus ride from Bar Harbor to Southwest Harbor.

Did NOT notice that the campsites were closed. Not that I ever take much notice of campsites. We met a number of folks who said they had come in RVs. Never asked them where they parked.

Just drove through Bar Harbor, at 8:30pm at night, on the way home. Did not stop. Fair amount of folks. It was busy. Not sure about social distancing. Lot of people congregating on the pavement waiting to go into restaurants! Not good. The stores looked EMPTY. They can’t be happy.

A few restaurants closed. A few motels closed — some for sale.

Well, that is my update.

Glad we visited. The drive was worth it. Fantastic place.

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Why I Drove 9.5-Hours (500-miles) For 8.5-Hours At ‘Acadia National Park’, Maine.

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

What we did during our 8.5-hours there.
I had it worked out in my head —
and, for a change, all went according to plan.

Teischan (14) & I were both having ‘Acadia‘ withdrawal pangs. For the last 6-years we had always spent 3-5 days in Acadia at the end of June. We would typically also go for another stay, 3-4 days in September. Between 2013 & 2019 we had visited (& stayed) 12 — possibly 13 — times.

Not going in June, because of COVID was a blow.

We are still doing some degree of social distancing. We have not gone to a restaurant or got takeout since March 22. I miss that terribly! I like eating out & getting takeout. Well, if restaurants were out, in kind of followed that hotels would be too. Yes, we could have managed something, but it did not seem worth the hassle.

Then Teischan suggested a DAY TRIP!

I calculated the driving effort. In my old age I had usually limited myself to about 6-hours of driving a day. Deanna couldn’t go. Such a long drive would not be conducive to her back. So, I would have to do all the driving. I thought about. I insisted that I need to be allowed a 30-minute nap before the drive back.

It worked out. We left at 7:19 am on Wednesday, & arrived back home at 1:20 am Thursday. I did NOT arrange for the time to be so convenient. Just worked out. It was a LOT of driving. About my limit. Took the Jaguar XJ8. That made a difference. That is a TRULY European touring car. It does eat the miles without taxing your body too much.

We had a BALL. Did a fair amount of hiking, climbing (mainly her) & walking. We bought food at a supermarket in Ellsworth before we got there.

All worked out.

It was CROWDED. But, we had fun.

We know the ropes.

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