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The End Of The Road For ‘Segway’ (As In ‘Dean Kamen’) — & Revolutionary People Transporter.

by Anura Guruge

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Teischan (middle) on a Segway,
at “Clark’s Trading Post” in 2016.

Wow. I still remember, vividly, all the intrigue & hype that surrounded its announcement. It was supposed to revolutionize HISTORY! Human civilization.

Furthermore, it was all New Hampshire — & our local hero & billionaire ‘Dean Kamen‘.

Oh dear. I have only ridden on them twice — both at “Clark’s“. I liked it. I had toyed with getting one. I guess I still can. I checked eBay. They have them. SMILE.

I am in shock. I knew they were not the success that Dean had hoped they would be. But, to kill production totally. I am sure a Chinese company will buy the rights. SMILE.

RIP … Segway.

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by Anura Guruge


Hats Off To Our Dean Kamen For Helping Out With Coronavirus COVID-19 Relief — This In The Form Of PPEs.

by Anura Guruge

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Dean is a GOOD MAN.

I have known of his philanthropic work for decades. Two of my kids have been very involved with his invention/robotics initiatives.

So, I was glad to see that Dean was helping out in these times of need. In this instance he didn’t dig into his very deep pockets. That is OK. He helped in other ways.

I have no worries re. Dean. He will be generous, with money, when he sees fit.

For now just applaud him for what he has done.

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by Anura Guruge

NH’s Dean Kamen, The Inventor Of The Segway, Creates High-Tech Bulimia Aid For The Obese.


Anura Guruge

This is still early January, so this is NOT an April 1st joke.
This, alas, is real.

There is no question that Dean Kamen is very clever and a good person at heart. Yes, he has done much to encourage children to explore science and pursue invention. Knowing a bit about his career I also know that his early inventions, which were very successful and made him very rich, were all in the medical field — mainly to do with drug delivery into the body. He was working on a better wheel-chair when he stumbled upon the Segway idea. But, I think this device which enables people to overeat and then have the food sucked out is beyond the pale.

I struggle with my weight and have for most of my life. That said, I do have issues with those that are obese because they eat and drink too much and exercise little. This device, which is not meant as a medical device per se, just feeds into the gluttony. Yes, there will be those that love it. I can see them waddling into Chinese buffets with their bulimia machine in a little bag. It will be the end of Chinese buffets! They will go out of business. These folks, with this machine, could eat non-stop!

This is not funny. Dean you can do better than this.

Google it. Search on ‘Dean Kamen’. The best coverage, as ever, with the graphic pictures, will be found in the British tabloids, such as my all time favorite the Daily Mail. Here is the Daily Mail story.