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It Felt Real Good To Watch Some Proper Test Cricket After Nearly 3-Months & ‘The Century’ Was A Bonus. (Smile)

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE. Picture of my 47″ TV.

I haven’t watched any cricket in nearly 3-months. There wasn’t anything compelling. Yes, there was Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh but those matches tend to be boring grinds. So, I have been watching Netflix & Amazon Prime & quite enjoying it.

But, I sure wanted to watch this England v New Zealand series. I haven’t seen New Zealand, in any format, in nearly (or possibly even more than) a year. So, it was good to see them though I was disappointed to see ‘Kane Williamson’, a cricketer that I am rather fond of, get out rather cheaply.

I make a point of trying NOT to divulge SCORES or big news in my headlines. I do NOT want to spoil it for those that haven’t got around to watching the highlights. They don’t have to read the BODY of the post. But, they might SEE the Header.

That said, getting to watch “Devon Conway’s” debut century was a bonus. Right from the very start I had this feeling that he would score a debut century. And, was I right. Nice, classy effort. Nothing flamboyant. Just very workmanlike.

Well, this is good. Watching cricket, on a daily basis, is very much a part of my life.