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Cricket No-Balls, In ‘Big’ Matches, To Be Automatically Adjudged With Technology.

by Anura Guruge

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I just knew it would be coming. I had been expecting it for years. Tennis has been using technology to automatically detect foot faults — the so called ‘electronic line judge‘ — for decades.

So, this was due. It will complement and embellish cricket’s ‘Decision Review System‘ (DRS) technology.

From a technological standpoint it will be simpler than ‘ball tracking’, but more involved than ‘ultra-edge’ (i.e., ‘snicko’).

I am, however, not sure how it will work — especially HOW real-time it would be, i.e., how QUICKLY the umpire will be able to signal no-ball. That, as you can appreciate if you know cricket, can make a world of difference. At least in Test cricket there should not be a Free Hit after the call. Either the call is made as the ball is delivered or you just get one no-ball added and an extra ball.

Whatever scheme they use it will chance scoring dynamics. That is my concern.

At least for the last 20-years umpires have been awfully lax about calling no-balls. So, thousands of runs, just as EXTRAS, have gone begging — not counting runs that could have been scored off the extra ball or the no-ball itself, IF it was called as such early enough.

So, suddenly, we will see a spike in SCORES — both overall match scores and individual scores. That bothers I. Makes players of the last two decades look somewhat bad. That is my concern.

Well, I will be keeping an eye on this technology. All said, it won’t be as easy as it sounds. Human judgement may be required. Plus, can players request a DRS on no-balls. We did have that in a Pakistani match. All good stuff. Adds to the drama.

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by Anura Guruge

Cricket Umpiring, At The Highest Level, Has To Be Revamped — Too Many Outcome-Changing WRONG Decisions.

by Anura Guruge

From ESPN ‘cricinfo’, of course. Click to ENLARGE.

Of course DRS (Decision Review System) has made a HUGE difference, and for that we should all be thankful. I often, watching DRS in action, SHUDDER to think of ALL the bad decisions that must have taken place in cricket over the centuries — all of us having see our fair share, first hand.

There was a time, even up until quite recently, when the ICC ‘Test Panel’ umpires seemed to be doing extremely well, i.e., they had got most of their decisions RIGHT.

But, something has gone wrong recently and, OF COURSE, to the chagrin of all cricket lovers (who adore FAIR PLAY), the outcome of the ICC 2019 World Cup might have been the result of a bad call! And this is what kills me. There were 4 umpires and a match referee. Yes, 4 umpires & a match referee. So, between the FIVE (5) of them they did NOT know the overthrow rule? That is ludicrous.

Then we had the Eng. v Ireland Test and now the 1st Ashes Test. Wow. The number of bad or wrong decisions. Yes, of course, it is DRS that is highlighting these. Without ‘ultraedge’ and ‘ball-tracking’ we would not know what really happened. But, now thanks to technology we do.

We have to change the system for International games, i.e., Tests, ODIs and T20Is. At a minimum ALL out decisions should be checked, if nothing else for no-balls. It is not fair that the no-ball checking is only done for ‘special’ players — sometimes the batsman, often the bowler. But, let’s start by using DRS to make sure that every out is indeed a valid out. Yes, it will add delay but I think we will tolerate that. We now check some outs for no-ball. Just make that apply to all outs, no exceptions.

But, that leaves open, outs that are deemed not-outs. What do we do there? Yes, ideally we would review those too BUT that could get out of hand. Players will appeal for stupid stuff hoping against hope. It will become a time-waster. That is a problem. I do NOT have an answer for that. I am still thinking.

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by Anura Guruge

India’s Continued, Petulant Refusal To Permit The Use Of Umpire “Decision Review System” DRS Is Just Plain Stupid.

by Anura Guruge


Click to ENLARGE. I created this for those not familiar with cricket’s DRS.

For the world of me, I do NOT understand:

  1. What the Indians are so worried about. DRS, 98% of the time, is pretty damn good. Yes, you get the infuriating “Umpire’s Call” decisions BUT those cut BOTH WAYS. There is no bias.
  2. Why do their opponents, now poor New Zealand in the latest 2016 Test in Kanpur, agree?
  3. Why can’t the ICC mandate that DRS, with all three technologies shown above, is mandatory in all Tests?

Not having DRS in Tests involving India is making a MOCKERY out of modern Test cricket.

All modern Tests played without DRS should now have an asterisk so that people looking at these Tests in years to come will know that umpiring decisions could NOT be reviewed.

I see Indian players all bent out of shape when a decision goes against them. So why not have DRS.

And then the STUPIDEST thing of all. Even though DRS is not there the umpires can ask the 3rd umpire to arbitrate. And the Indians are cool with that — though they had a catch overturned because the ball brushed the chin strap of the fielder’s helmet.

Not right.

Funnily enough I bitched about this EXACTLY, to THE DAY
a year ago. Talk about consistency.


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by Anura Guruge

India’s Blanket Refusal To Use Cricket’s Umpire Decision Review System (DRS) Is A Travesty In Tests Against Sri Lanka.

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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India’s pigheaded, totally irrational opposition to DRS may have cost them a Test Match — one that they dominated for much of the time!

I never understood India’s opposition to DRS. DRS, like most things in cricket, cuts both ways. It is all swings and roundabouts, BUT by and large DRS gets it right, for both sides, and more often than not eliminates really bad decisions.

Plus I do not think that one side should be given the right to oppose DRS. DRS should now be mandatory for all Tests and ODIs. ICC must enforce that. Bad umpiring decisions have always been the bane of cricket. BUT now we have the technology and DRS to help avoid some of them. Not to use DRS is stupid and a travesty. India has again learnt this lesson the hard way. I just finished watching the 2nd Test match. A number of decisions should have been reviewed.

This should go down in history as the last Test series that was played without DRS.