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When Looking At Medicare Supplemental Plans It Helps To Create A Spreadsheet.

by Anura Guruge

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At least in my case I wanted to see the total MAXIMUM yearly costs for the relevant plans.

Just the monthly premium tells you little because you have to factor in the deductibles.

I amortize the deductibles across the year and add them to the premium. That then gives me a much more representative comparison.

Creating a spreadsheet like this is trivial. I will gladly send you this … you will just have to plug in YOUR monthly premiums. The deductibles are the same for ALL OF US — and these are the 2019 deductibles.

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by Anura Guruge

Medicare Supplement High-Deductible Plan F (F+), Is Often The Better Deal.

by Anura Guruge

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Check out the math.

The difference between Medicare Supplemental Plan F and High-Deductible Plan F (i.e., F+) is the $2,240 (in 2018) deductible. With F+ you have to first pay the entire $2,240 deductible before ANY insurance kicks in.

Now do the math. And I did it for you above.

Assume that YOU will EXCEED the $2,240 deductible. So just factor it in as a 12-month ‘premium’. So, that is $2,240 ÷ 12 = $186.67 a month.

Add that $186.67 to the F+ premium, in this example $72. $72 + $186+67 = $258.67.

Cheaper whichever way you try to skin this cat.

OK. So you have to pay the deductible to begin with. But, you are saving $62.33 A MONTH to pay that deductible.

I am all in favor of F+. That makes sense to I.

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by Anura Guruge

New Hampshire Health Plan, My Health Insurance Provider, To Cease Providing Insurance As Of December 31, 2013!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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New Hampshire Health Plan covered self-employed folks like me with pre-existing conditions.

Though they never really paid for anything, partly because I have a $10,000 deductible (and also because they have a pathological aversion to paying), I, in theory, through them had catastrophic coverage — and I needed that because doctors love to tell me that I am a catastrophe just waiting to happen.

Now they are going. Their rationale makes sense. As of January 1, 2014, thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), other insurance companies cannot deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions. BUT, they can still charge you an arm, a leg and a testicle.

This is NOT good news.

My ‘New Hampshire Health Plan’ Premium Went Up 13% For 2013.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

Here we go. What a nice way to start 2013. They direct bill my bank account, and do so on the first of the month, as soon as the bank opens for trading. So bang! A bit of a shock to the system because they never sent me any paperwork saying my rates were going up.

Since I have per-existing conditions and, at best, I am self-employed, I have no other realistic options. This is the only way I can get some coverage — albeit with a $5,000 deductible to make it affordable. Yes, I have gone without coverage, but given that I am plagued with health issues, not having coverage is scary because of the huge debts I could leave behind! This is why I am such a huge advocate for real Health Care reform in this country, and ‘ObamaCare‘ is not the answer, though it is better than nothing.

So this is just a head’s up. Sorry to have to start the year with this. Happy New Year.