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Think – Today: James Comey, The FBI Director, Republican or Democrat?

by Anura Guruge


220px-comey-fbi-portraitJames Comey, the FBI Director, was very much in the new on October 28, 2016, when 11-days ahead of the General Election he announced that the FBI was reopening the Hillary Clinton e-mail server investigation. Is he a Republican or Democrat? Did that cross your mind?

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Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: Humans have known that the Earth year was pretty close to 365-days since around 4,000 B.C. The ancient Egyptians determined this 365-day year after carefully observing and noting where ‘Sirius‘, the Dog Star, rose every morning over a very long period of years. They saw a repetition happening most often after 365 days — sometimes 366 days.  

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by Anura Guruge

Think – Today: The Day Of Thanksgiving.

by Anura Guruge



Why is the U.S. Thanksgiving celebrated on a Thursday rather than what would be the more logical Friday? 

Think first, then research, then THINK again. Think for the pleasure of thinking.

Yesterday’s ‘Think’: Al Smith (1873 – 1944) was Governor of New York four times from 1904 to 1928, and the first Catholic U.S. presidential candidate (as a Democrat, in 1928). The ‘dinner’ began in 1945.

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by Anura Guruge

Indians Populating New Hampshire, Somalis Maine & Canadians To Vermont. Yikes?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail

by Anura Guruge

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From the “marketwatch.com”.
Here is the link to the original article.

Click the images to ENLARGE and study here.




When I moved to New Hampshire in the Fall of 1986, 30 years ago, there weren’t that many non-whites. NH, alongside Vermont, was one of the whitest states in the Union. There weren’t too many Democrats in NH either. I know. My then wife, from Massachusetts, had the New Ipswich Town Hall, in early 1987, in a tizzy when she asked to register as a Democrat. They actually asked her to come back later! There words, after 15 – 20 minutes of scurrying around: “We are sorry, but we haven’t had anybody wanting to register as a Democrat for so long, we can’t locate the ledger for the Democrats”! I kid you not. 1987. Computerization was in its early days in rural towns like New Ipswich. It was by solving a computer problem that they were having, with their property tax system, that I finally got full unreserved acceptance in that town.

10 years later, in 1997, I had lunch in Meredith, with lady who worked for a dot.com company, who told me that I was the FIRST non-white person her 6-year old daughter had met!

So this is BIG. The Indians, from what I can see, are staying at or below Concord. Mainly Nashua, Manchester and points South of that area.

Somalis to Maine. No wonder Craigslist for Maine is full of racist taunts.

And Canadians to Vermont. Jeez! What next. No wonder Bernie Sanders wants to run for President. 

Recycled, Simple Google Doodle For United Kingdom Parliamentary Elections May 7, 2015.

blygd3Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

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++ Scottish referendum results.
++ Scottish referendum. …

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Just shown in the U.K.


Click to access rather good Wikipedia summary of the election.

I have, in marked contrast to my intense agitation leading up to the Scottish referendum last September, have remained quite ambivalent about this election — though I have been following it, in somewhat desultory manner, on SkyNews (on my Roku) and occasionally in the U.K. Daily Mail. The real issue is that I feel chagrined that I can’t vote — only being able to do so, as I am due, if I get over there for the election. I miss voting in elections. I have, in all my life, only voted in Britain — and while there I did so diligently without once missing a election or referendum. Yes, I am proud to say even 40 years later that I was one of the 2% that voted ‘NO’ in the 1975 ‘should we join the European Union’ referendum.

In addition, now that we averted the Scottish Independence nightmare I am not that concerned about U.K. politics — given that it is rarely ever as ugly, bitter and decisive as things tend to get over here. Plus the ‘red v. blue’ line is not as marked. Though I have been quite the Democrat since ‘Shrub’ declared his disastrous war, and want the White House to stay in safe Democrat hands for another 8 years, I have no qualms about David Cameron, though he is a Conservative. He is not rabid. He is quite sensible and sane. Plus there is the fact that I was a ‘right of Margaret Thatcher‘ conservative for well over two decades of my life. For reasons I still cannot put a finger on ‘Ed Miliband‘ does not ring true to me and it cannot be just his beliefs. More on that in another post. Furthermore, he, to me, looks Indian. Have you noticed that.

Hung parliament. Never a pleasant prospect. So lets wait and see what comes to pass.

A New Oxymoron: ‘George W. Bush Library’.


by Anura Guruge

Simply stated an ‘oxymoron‘ is a combination of words that don’t really go together in one sentence. Some classic examples include: ‘army intelligence‘, ‘almost pregnant‘, ‘demilitarized zone‘ etc. You can find a fairly large list here.

Well, I think even his mother (whose picture (honest) has pride of place in our house (but maybe because whose sitting on her lap) would admit that a library is not something that you would normally associate with the ‘Shrub’ — though, of course, I know that his long suffering wife trained to be a librarian. Conan O’Brien, speaking at the ‘White House Correspondents’ Dinner‘ on Saturday night, had this to say: “the new facility has hundreds of documents from the Bush-era, and if you go you can be the first to read them“. Boom, boom. Letterman was more blunt: “The Bush Presidential Library is beautiful, and they have a huge section devoted to weapons of mass destruction, but nobody can find it”.

The sad thing is and I often cringe about this, is that I used to be a staunch supporter of him. I desperately wanted him to win in 2000 and sat in front of my TV, day in and day out, sacrificing my then very lucrative high-tech consulting practice, rooting for him to beat Gore — by any means, legal or otherwise.

I have to grant that he did wrought a miracle when it came to me. I used to be a rabid, ‘to-the-right-of-Margaret-Thatcher‘, ‘Reagan-worshipping‘, conservative. Bush turned me into the Obamaite democrat that I now am. Just for that I am grateful to the ‘shrub’.

It is interesting that the family also realized that it would be embarrassing to have a library associated with the man best described as ‘lacking any intellectual curiosity’. So, they actually do NOT call it a library. Notice, no mention of the word library or books! I rest my case.

Red and Blue Map Of New Hampshire (NH) For 2012, Town-by-Town, Obama vs. Romney

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

For 2016 Trump vs. Clinton, Town-by-Town click here.


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The BIG picture is well known, and well documented.

President Barack Obama again won New Hampshire, this time by 40,659 votes (5.8%). as a battleground state, and superficially ‘red’, especially if you went by the roadside political signs.

The NH voting was done in terms of 237 ‘towns’; Obama won 142, lost 94 and one, Dixville, was a tie.

Of the 10 NH Counties, Obama won 7, lost 3.

But, here you can see, graphically how each town voted.

Yes, I did this by hand!

Lets start by looking at the map from ‘30,000’ feet to get a feel of the ‘blue’ vs ‘red’ distribution.

Anura Guruge red blue map for NH town by town

New Hampshire 2012 Presidential Election, red and blue, town-by-town map by Anura Guruge — the 30,000′ view for perspective.

Here it is on a BIGGER scale.

Red and blue map of New Hampshire 2012, Presidential Election, Anura Guruge

Red and blue map of New Hampshire 2012, Presidential Election, Anura Guruge. Click to ENLARGE and enlarge you must.

To provide as many perspectives as possible, I also mapped it against the NH county red and blue map: side-by-side and overlaid.

NH 2012 red and blue, town-by-town alongside county map -- Anura Guruge

NH 2012 red and blue, town-by-town alongside county map — Anura Guruge.

NH 2012 red and blue town-by-town overlaid on top of red and blue county map -- Anura Guruge

NH 2012 red and blue town-by-town overlaid on top of red and blue county map — Anura Guruge

These Two Posts Show Quite Dramatically Why Obama Won. Classic. Education Is So Important.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

I just discovered this Website via Craigslist.
I get a feeling that I might be visiting it quite often.
Refer to MY 47% post.

This is so, so RIGHT. Data, if you look, provided by no other than Fox Business News! Click to access the ‘Happy Place’ Website. Hilarious. Where is Maine, though they voted, probably accidentally, Obama.

With this one YOU have to read the comments. So you have to visit.

You have NO CHOICE. You have to CLICK. The responses are what makes this. Classic.

How Obama Won New Hampshire — The In-Depth, Town-by-Town Data Analysis.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

NH red and blue town-by-town map — Nov. 14, 2012.

Well, we all know that President Barack Obama again won New Hampshire, which was a battleground state, and superficially ‘red’, especially if you went by the roadside political signs.

Voting in NH is done in terms of 237 ‘towns’, a few of them having multiple precincts such that there is a total of 301 precincts. This ‘deep dive’ computerized analysis, however, is done in terms of the 237 ‘towns’ as this is the most germane and meaningful.

A Grand Total of 705,874 valid votes were cast in
New Hampshire on November 6, 2012.

Obama got 368,529 (52.2%) of those votes.

Romney got 327,870 (46.4%) votes and the two ‘independents’, Goode and Johnson, got 1,156 (0.2%) and 8,319 (1.2%) respectively.

Obama thus won by 40,659 votes (5.8%).

But the above doesn’t tell you the whole, intriguing story. So given that computerized data analysis is something that I relish doing (and do a lot in terms of my papal history research) I went about setting up an Excel spread sheeting and analyzing the data. I got the raw data from WMUR, from this page. [No, I did not type it in. It is all a matter of ‘copy-paste-replace-replace-tabulate-cut-paste’ and viola!]

Obama won more votes than Romeny in 142 ( 59.9%) towns in NH. So that is more than is 52.2% ‘popular’ vote win.

He won Dalton’s 492 votes by ONE (1)!; Obama 241, Romney 240 & Johnson 11.

He won Deering by 3.


Obama lost 94 towns to Romney, with Dixville (the 1st in the Nation to announce the vote) the ONLY tie.

Obama lost Haverhill by 1 vote.

The towns in which Obama had the greatest majority in terms of the votes cast (i.e., ‘%). Lyme tops the list, with intellectual Hanover, home of ‘Dartmouth’, coming in next. This list makes interesting reading.

Obama New Hampshire Win by Anura Guruge

The top NH Obama towns in terms of ‘%’ win. Click to ENLARGE.

The towns that were the most Pro-Romney in terms of ‘%’, and it grieves me that New Ispwich (which was my 1st home in NH, 1986 to 1996 and still home to my eldest, though my son voted in MA) and Alton (2007 ->) are right there at the bottom! But, we won.

This chart, which shows the top 10 numerical plurality that Obama enjoyed tells the story as to how and where Obama won NH. He won all the big [i.e., most populous] towns. As Bill Clinton will say, the rest is arithmetic.

Where Obama won BIG. Click to ENLARGE.

So just in these 10 towns he got a 41,722 vote lead.

In the 142 towns he carried, his total lead was 73,213.

In the 94 towns he lost, his deficit was 32,554 — hence the overall 40,569 win.

The town with the numerically largest anti-Obama vote was Bedford, with 3,277. Alton’s ‘margin’ was 940, that of Gilford 315.

Though I am very possessive of my popes-related Excel spread sheets, I am happy to freely share with Excel spread sheet with anyone else who is interested. Just e-mail me.

Andrew Hosmer, The Perfect Gentleman (Though A Lawyer), Wins HUGE In NH Senate District 7. Great News For NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

The first time I met Andrew Hosmer was at this year’s Laconia Multicultural Day when he was doing the rounds. We chatted briefly and I was hugely impressed. I introduced him to a ‘friend’ from Gilford who had lost his job at Hannaford’s. Andrew spent a lot of time talking with him. I decided that I was going to follow Andrew. I was not disappointed. Then I found out that my friend Lisa DiMartino, who also just won a seat in the NH house, was acting as Andrew’s fiscal agent. For me the deal was done. I was not just going to follow Andrew, I was going to root for him though Alton (where we live) is outside of his District 7. I am glad I did. Andrew has done all of us PROUD! Bravo. This continues to be a great, great, wonderful week for me, the family, Alton, NH, THE COUNTRY and the World. I am so happy and proud. Having folks like Lisa and Andrew in Concord is so good for the 47% — which includes us.

Andrew Hosmer introduced Dr. Jill Biden when she visited Laconia, NH on October 26, 2012.

Andrew Hosmer with Jill Biden taken by Anura Guruge

Andrew Hosmer after he had done a great job introducing Dr. Jill Biden who captivated the gathering. Please refer to link above for another picture of Andrew at this event. Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Though I knew of his company, I only knew of Andrew’s opponent from what I had read in the media, as of the September primary race. I was amazed. For there to be so much smoke around him had to mean that something was smoldering. I was worried for Andrew. His opponent, in terms of signage and letters to the Laconia Daily Sun, seemed to be on a tear.

I had a brief, private chat with Andrew after the Jill Biden visit. He assured me that he was ‘looking good. Told me not to worry. But, I still worried. I counted signs on election day as I was in and around Gilford and Laconia doing my stuff for Obama. His opponent definitely won the sign contest. But, as with Obama, this election proved that signs means NADA. If anything it was those that had the least signs that won. I am so delighted. I had 4 Obama signs stolen. But, that is OK. Obama won. Romney lost. Same with Andrew. Andrew won. The signs lost.

I saw his opponents truck, emblazoned with the name of his company, illegally parked at the Gilford voting station. Yes, I have a picture of it — but I didn’t post it because I did not want to give his company any free publicity. To me seeing his truck illegally parked said it all. I wanted Andrew to win.

Andrew won. Life is good.

I can add another ‘I WON’ to my list. How great is that?

Election Day 2012 In New Hampshire (NH): Around Alton & Gilford

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click the image to ENLARGE it to full-size.

Well this person in Alton will have to now wait another 4 years. I guess God would appear to be ‘A-OK’ with ObamaCare.

Alton polling station at Prospect Mountain School around 10:45 am.

In general the Republicans had about 100 signs for each Democrat sign (that had not been stolen), but this little grouping of signs leading to the Alton voting station sure tried to make a stand.

An ultra pro-Obama truck at the Gilford polling station. Made my day. Bravo.

Signs at the Laconia/Gilford border.

Gilford voting station at the Middle School. This was in the afternoon. That is winner, Lisa DiMartino standing to the left of the bright blue sign that bears her name. [Just to the right of center.]