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My May 2013 Post On Alton Central School (ACS) Board And Bullying Issue Getting Widespread Attention!

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Click for original, 'must see' post.

Click for original, ‘must see’ post.

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About a month ago I noticed a sudden SPIKE in the interest in this post — which kind of surprised me since, like most things related to ACS other than building renovation, nobody in Alton appears to give a damn about ACS-related matters whether it be Common Core, Strategic Plan involvement, lack of safety glass in the school, Destination Imagination (DI), etc. etc.

The hits have continued daily and I know that MOST are not from within NH. That a kind, gentle lady, a fellow author, commented on it from Nevada shows that this post is getting widespread attention. And I am glad — though it does NOT help us in Alton, N.H. per se.

I, despite my best efforts, have failed miserably in trying to get a modicum of accountability from this outlandishly arrogant, ‘gag the public’, and totally dysfunctional, School Board. Well now at least others can see what I have had to contend with. That is some consolation. If nothing else I will document the charade in my vain, but probably now incorrect, belief that ‘the pen‘ has some might.

Contrary to what some think this blog is read around the world and most of my hits are from OUTSIDE New Hampshire — which delights me no end given that I really am, in the end, a bona fide denizen of the world. Scroll down and check the flag counter at the bottom of the sidebar. Click on it. You might learn something. This site has been visited from 185 countries.

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And here is the kicker.
This is NOT my most popular blog!

That remains popes-and-papacy
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though I haven’t posted on it, on a regular basis, since March!

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