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I Am Surprised At Chinese Reaction To ‘Coronavirus Chinese Flag’ Cartoon — Low Humor Quotient.

by Anura Guruge

From the U.K. “Daily Mail”. Click image to ENLARGE and read here. Link to original below.

Link to original in the U.K. “Daily Mail”.

I am NOT going to show the cartoon flag that cause such offense because I have a number of good Chinese friends and I do NOT want to offend them. But, the above cited article does show it. So, if you are curious use the link.

While I will readily confess that I have an irreverent sense of humor I did NOT see anything offensive in the cartoon. I thought it was clever, cute & funny. But, then again I am not that affected by the virus.

But, this got me thinking. Do the Chinese, in general, have a good sense of humor? And you know, I do NOT know the answer to that. The Chinese that I interact with are all very polite, cordial, hospitable and nice. But, I can’t say that I have ever seen them laugh. Yes, I have seen all the clips online of Chinese playing practical jokes — but that is all kids and it all, from what I recall, involves causing someone else some grief.

So, this begs the question. Do the Chinese have a sense of humor?

I do not know, but I will try to investigate.

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by Anura Guruge

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump — Come, Join & DONATE.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

Too much talk. Time for action.

Time for man’s man, i.e., I, to step into the breech and get this done.


I am a Pacifist.

So, it will be different. But, no problems.

I am, definitely, NOT the Master of the Deal.


I am GOOD. Real GOOD. The BEST. Actually better than BEST.

I made a v. comfortable living for 22-years selling MYSELF. Yes, it was professional prostitution. I sold myself for money — yep, basically same rates as a good escort. So, I can sell. I can get the deal done.

Plus …. a secret. Don’t tell anyone. I used to joke about this.

In those 22-years, I never lost a sale (of myself) if the decision maker was female. What can I say. SMILE. Yes, I SMILE. I do NOT SCOWL. So, how can I lose. At least 50% of the folks we met in Greenland — I hope — will be female. SMILE. We are all set. SMILE.

Oh. I am also Mr. Chocolate. I am made of chocolate. I am going to need lots, lots, lots of chocolates. Maybe a few hundred tons.

Plus, roses and nylons.

This means I am going to need MONEY. Lots of money. Not millions. But, billions. But, we can do this. For Trump.

So, start sending money, NOW for the “The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

This is important. No messing around. Send money. Send LOTS of money.

My PayPal account is the same as my e-mail. And my e-mail is easy to find.

Send Money.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

Send Money, please.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

When I have got enough chocolate, roses and nylons I will let you KNOW. Promise. Plus, I will need a few other things, of course. A private jet to get me there, for one. I will also need some new threads. So, send money. Send money.

“The GURUGE Expeditionary Force” To Acquire Greenland For Trump.

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by Anura Guruge

Donald Trump Is NOT Acting Presidential; Why Think Of Buying Greenland When He Can INVADE Denmark?

by Anura Guruge

He still does NOT get it.

He continues to act as real estate tycoon rather than as President of the U.S. of A. — the mightiest military power in the known Universe.

What is this craziness? He wants Greenland. Go get Greenland.

How difficult would it be to conquer Denmark?

How long will it take. 7 minutes, 8 minutes?

Just two phone calls. One to the Pentagon and the other to the (other Queen) — the Queen of Denmark. Surrender or our bombers will be above in 5-minutes.

Come on.

This would be better than ANY military parade.

It will be like Mrs. Thatcher and the Falklands Armada.

He will be THE HERO. 2020 in the BAG and they will be BEGGING him to stay on as Emperor for Life.

This is so simple.

Denmark is a LOVELY country. Beautiful people. I have visited many times. I have even driven across it … in a Triumph TR7 convertible.

The Danes would LOVE to be Americans. Their ancestors tried to cross the Atlantic. Now Donald will makes their dreams come true.

So, come on. Go invade Denmark.

Just think of the possibilities next.



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by Anura Guruge

Best Countries To Be Born In 2013 Per ‘The Economist’. U.S. #16. Britain #27. Sri Lanka #63. India #66. Taiwan #14.


Anura Guruge

Prior ‘The Economist’ related post:
Where I get my irreverent humor … Nov. 30, 2012.

Click to access 'The Economist' original.

Click to access ‘The Economist’ original.

A 1988 index that ranked 50 countries had U.S. as #1. See below.

This is, of course, a very subjective list, based on an ‘happiness’ quotient.

Some of it makes sense to me. That Sri Lanka, where I was born in 1953, came ahead of India (#66), Pakistan (#75) and Bangladesh (#77), the three neighbouring countries makes sense, even given India’s now bestriding economy. Yes, given a choice, even today, between those 4 countries, I will, without hesitation, pick Sri Lanka.

Yes, of the top countries I have been to: Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Austria & Belgium. (Yes, I have been to Canada and Germany multiple times, but it is not something I want to brag about.)

Yes, all of those countries makes sense. Just last week I did mention that I had thought about moving to Belgium in the mid-1980s — and ended up coming here, for what I thought was a 2-year ‘tax’ exile.

Switzerland is indubitably nice. I could live there. Denmark is beyond wonderful. In 1984 I drove across Denmark in a convertible, silver TR-7. Many people in the countryside had never seen a TR-7. Beautiful country. Delightful people. I know Sweden quite well. Not sure I would want to live there. Even by New Hampshire standards their winters are grim. Alcoholism and suicide due to the weather used to be a huge problem. Not sure what it is now.

The Netherlands is great in all respects. Great, great people. I have spent a lot of time in Holland.

Yes, I understand how Canada comes in at #9, but I could never live there. I have even stopped visiting — though I used to go very often. I think of it as the frozen tundra to the north of us. I have been to Israel. Wasn’t the greatest trip. It was in 1992. And officials thought I was and treated me as a Palestinian. That was not one. But most of the people are very nice and you can’t beat the location.

Anyway … here is an extract from the 1988 list:

Click to get the whole table.

Click to get the whole table.