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‘$1400’ 3rd Stimulus Check DEPOSITED Today, March 23, 2021 — One Day Early.

by Anura Guruge

The IRS ‘Get My Payment’ tool. Click here to go to that page at IRS.gov.

Click image to access this post — re. 2nd check, which was paper.

It came today. Tuesday, March 23, 2021. One day EARLIER than I had been told by the IRS ‘Get My Payment‘ tool over the weekend. Prior to this last weekend I could NOT get any status. Then over the weekend, to my relief & delight, it said it would be DEPOSITED into my bank account, account number ending ‘xxxx‘, on Wednesday, March 24, 2021.


I kind of suspected that I would see it one day earlier. I was right. I got it Tuesday, rather than Wednesday.


Because I also get my monthly Social Security payment one day EARLY. Smile


I could LIE & say it is because I am special.

NO. NOPE. Nothing like that.

It is BECAUSE I bank with a small, ‘speciality’ bank that is NOT TOO greedy.

SSA send all our payments to our banks one day ahead of the Wednesday payday. Most banks, such as Bank of America, hold onto that money for a day & only make it available to you on Wednesday. Not so my bank. They show it on my account on Tuesdays. Always have ever since I started getting SSA in that account 4-years ago or so.

So, that explains that. I have talked about this before. I am amazed so many banks get away with holding the payments for a day — BUT then again SSA says ‘Wednesday’. So they are in their right.

That it was deposited to my account pleases I.

The last TWO stimulus checks (& yes I know that the plural is ‘stimuli’) were NOT deposited — but instead sent to us as paper checks. That irked I. We have been getting Social Security, deposited to our bank, for years. So, the SSA had our banking data.

Yes, it is also true that the IRS never had my banking data — till 2-weeks ago! I have to think that that was a PURE COINCIDENCE. They are unlikely to have been able to correlate that data with this payment that quickly; i.e., in less than 2-weeks.

I am sure that FINALLY the SSA & IRS collaborated & the SSA provided the IRS with banking data for us SSA recipients.

I hope you also got your ‘check’ IF you were due one & expecting one. 

I heard from many, when I did my last post, who were desperately waiting for theirs. My heart goes out to them.

I really hope that things are better this time around.


I honestly can’t help. I would, if I could.

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by Anura Guruge