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Vivo IPL 2019 — First 4-Matches Have Been Scintillating.

by Anura Guruge

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I have been watching Vivo IPL 2019 on ‘Hotstar‘ on my Roku.

Watching ANY cricket on ‘Hotstar’ is extremely depressing & frustrating because they show the results in the program description! They can’t help it. ‘Hotstar’ is the most unprofessional and dishonest company in the known Universe.

They also have decided that 23-minutes is the optimum length for a highlights package. Oh, they are not too smart either. Just smart when it comes to dishonesty.

The cricket has been outstanding. Hotstar spoils it.

I have just learnt that the 2019 World Cup will be on Hotstar. Jesus wept. They will totally screw it up.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Hotstar US’ Is NOT To Be Trusted. $50 Amazon Gift Card Offer Is FAKE.

by Anura Guruge

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Hotstar US has NO intentions whatsoever of honoring the $50 Amazon Gift Card Offer!

That they have a dedicated option (press 2) on their Voice Response System just for those calling about the Amazon Gift Card offer is a dead giveaway.

So, this is how their scam works.

They will claim that you subscribed using a PROMO CODE that did NOT include the Gift Card! As far as they are concerned matter closed.

So, you are screwed.

Very dishonest, disreputable company.

They are helping propagate the stereotype (à la Simpsons Appu) that Indians are dishonest. That is why I go out of my way to point out to folks that I am NOT Indian (that all 3 million of the Hindu gods (most of whom are also duplicitous in their own cute ways)).

From what I can see Hotstar US has NO US presence. I was going to file a claim with the ‘Better Business Bureau’. But, you can’t. They are NOT in the US. This was probably another reason that they opted for this scam. It is a STRAIGHT online scam.

Simply put they are nothing but thieving bastards. Stay away from them. Don’t let them scam YOU.

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by Anura Guruge