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Do Throwaway Dixie Cups Have To Be That Fancy? ‘PerfectTouch’ Is Pretty Cool, But I Feel Guilty.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.perfectdixie

Anura Guruge

The girls got their hair cut in Gilford yesterday at the same place that I have been going for the last 10 years or more. It is very nice. We have been going to the same lady, ‘Angela’, since 2005 — as established yesterday. She used to cut my hair too, but of late there is hardly nothing to cut — so I don’t bother. But the girls, and by that we also mean ‘Deanna’, love their hair cuts with Angela.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more -- and to check on its brand.

My actual cup. I brought it home so I could stroke it more — and to check on its brand.

They provide all sorts of refreshments — including wine, though I have yet to partake because even by my loose-standards there seems something oddly perverse about drinking wine at a hair salon, though I know, for a fact, that I must have drunk wine in stranger places given my propensity for dipsomania (or at least for red wine).

Yesterday, for the first time I encountered these really cool, fancy cups.

Wow. Talk about the tactile touch. It gave me shivers and I am not that sensitive!

Loved the cups. But it made me feel very guilty. These are throwaway cups. Anything that is disposal from the get-go bothers me.

I checked the prices of these delectable cups. They are nowhere near as costly as I had expected. In bulk you can get them at 8 cents a cup. That is not bad. Not great, but it could have been worse.

What I loved about our trip to the Grand Canyon last April was the emphasis on ecology and going-green. I would love to see the Grand Canyon precepts applied all across the world. Yes, throwaway cups are very handy. That said I invariably carry an oversized insulated cup with me.

This is a problem. These cups are very cool, but are they worth the ‘resources’ needed to make them given that we are going to throw them away.

No thinking about it … I will have to prevail upon the Gilford salon to start providing proper mugs. I will gladly wash mine after I use it.

I Successfully Jump Started My Electric-Start Lawn Mower From My Van.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


 .by Anura Guruge

$T2eC16Z,!y0E9s2S8i1SBRjNEw83kg~~60_1Just posting this if there are others who have thought about it.

My lawn-mower has a 12V battery. Wasn’t sure of the amperage BUT I have bypassed the fuse many years ago — having got fed up replacing it. I am NOT recommending my behavior to others, BUT I really have no time or patience with lawn mowers. If they give me trouble starting I eventually end up taking them to the dump and giving it to somebody who is willing to spend time and money messing around, changing fuses, cleaning the air intake etc. I consider them as disposable.

I have had this green electric-start lawn mower for 5 years. I think Deanna changed the spark plug. But, it was getting to be on borrowed time. At five years I feel I have got my money’s worth from a $200 mower, $40/year.

I was having trouble starting it from its battery, despite how long I charged the damn thing. Over the years I have gained tons of experience jump starting cars and boats. I once jump started a boat from a jet-ski. So, jump starting things don’t phase me, and given that I do have a degree in computer technology I do know which way the electrons are flowing. IF you are not an expert at jump starting I would not recommend trying to jump start a lawn mower. You could blow up something. But, if you do know what you are doing and are in a bind, as I was, it works a treat.

I Googled it today, though I did the jump starting two weeks ago. I didn’t need to Google it. I knew that there were only two possibilities. It either started or I would blow up the mower.

I found this from ‘Click & Clack the tappet brothers‘ of NPR ‘Car Talk‘ fame. Basically say the same as I worked out. IF you know what you are doing you will never have to bother with charging your lawn mower battery.

Click to access ...

Click to access …