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UNH Marine Program: Know The Coast Day — We Went. It Was Good. It Was Fun. It Was Educational Too.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Deanna found this through the Homeschooling Alliance that we belong to. It was free and looked quite promising. Yes, I was amused that UNH was holding a ‘Know The Coast Day‘ in landlocked Durham, NH (when I know that UNH does have research facilities on the coast). That said, they did all of us proud. I like UNH Durham. There is always a nice vibe in Durham. We have been to numerous events and camps at UNH Durham, some to do with Destination Imagination (DI).

It was a gray day, though the rain held off and it was pleasantly warm. Parking is always an issue at Durham, but I managed (after I flashed my smile a few times).

It seemed to be well thought out, coordinated and laid out. Lots of volunteer, many retired folks like me. Some representatives from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. Very helpful, in particular Mr. Rick Cecchetti. Gave me a ton of information pertinent to Devanee. Altogether a very nice. Very helpful.

The squid dissecting was a hit. I learnt a lot. Did you know that they now have a separation device attached to U.S. trawler nets to help whales escape IF they get entangled in the nets? I liked that.

I was impressed with this SeaPerch, DIY remotely operated vehicle (ROV). Appears I can get the parts for about $50. I can build kits, so putting it together shouldn’t be too hard. I can see an ROV in our future.

I was struck by the level of detail in this model.


They had two large tanks, this the smaller, by quite a bit, was for wave and tidal studies. Very neat.