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The Ozeri Gen II (ZB011) Digital Bath Scale (With BIA) That I Adored Goes On The Blink. I Am Bummed.


Anura Guruge

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>>Jan 24, 2013.

The last two days have not been good when it comes to electronic equipment. Not sure whether it is a coincidence to do with the ‘instant’ heat wave we are having. Thursday night my workhorse PC blew up! Much to Deanna’s amazement I did not go off the rails — mainly because I had taken the precaution, years ago, of having a 95% the same, backup system, pre-configured and ready to go.

The next morning, as is my wont, I weighed myself. Scales worked fine. I then went for my run. When I came back I hopped on the scales again because it amuses me to see how much water I have expended during the run. I do that most days too. So nothing new. Same routine.

The scales went ballistic! Told me I weighted 420 pounds! I wish. I would write a book about that. The damn scales were going crazy. Numbers rotating on the display like non-stop.

I removed the batteries and re-seated them. It was still demented. I tried again. Tried to rest it. Then it started saying that my batteries were low. As it happened we happened to have two spare batteries — and it takes those round, flat batteries as opposed to AA, AAA or 9V.

Still won’t work. Now it won’t register a weight. It will give me all my stored information but when I stand on it it displays NADA.

I am not amused. I loved those scales. I sang their praises.

They have a 1-800 number. That is a joke.

Checked with Amazon. I had bought them in January. So the normal return window has expired. Yes, I can still return it for a partial credit. I only paid ‘$20’ in total for these scales due to some Amazon promotion. So in the end not worth bitching too much.

But, Ozeri — I would never buy one of your products again.

Deanna has found a few possibles … in the $40 range. Given my diet regime I do need to keep track of my weight. So … yet another expense.

A pox on Ozeri.