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U.S. FDA Warns ‘Dollar Tree’ Of Selling Possibly Unsafe Drugs & Cosmetics.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access ‘CBS News’ original. Google for more.

Wow. This is NOT good. Yes, we shop at ‘Dollar Tree’ — though NOT as much as we used to. I love the $1 junky toys & trinkets they sell — solar-powered holiday gizmos, colorful but cheap decorations for the yard, JAMAICAN beef jerk meat pies, reading glasses, sunglasses etc. etc. But, we don’t really buy and drugs, other than say hydrogen peroxide, 2% hydrocortisone cream and others of that ilk. Most of the ‘generics’ we buy are from Walmart, BUT this FDA warning appears to indicate that Walmart too might be jipping us.

Well, we all need to be on the lookout. This is not good. I am glad that the FDA is looking into this.

Now you know. Now we have been warned. All the best.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Dollar General’ in Barnstead, New Hampshire Is Now Open.

by Anura Guruge

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Saturday morning, July 16, 2016, we set out for Barnstead [NH] to check out the farms that were supposedly participating in the “Barnstead Farming and Gardening Network” Open Day. That proved to be a bust. Noticed that the much talked about “Dollar General” (on Route 28) was open and looking very fresh and resplendent. So on the way back to Alton we stopped in. I think it is only the third “Dollar General” I have visited — and by far it was the nicest; it being very yellow, very bright and very new.

Good selection of stuff. Not “Walmart” but not bad for a local store. Lots of name brand products. Deanna was impressed with much of the pricing. So we can’t wait for the Alton “Dollar General” to open — possibly within the next month. That would be good.

Some of the stuff is expensive compared to “Walmart” or “Dollar Tree” — and I am a confirmed “Dollar Tree” addict. Given that we all take one a day, I buy lots of 14-tablet packets of generic Zyrtec Allergy Relief at “Dollar Tree” (at a $1/packet) or Walmart (at $0.84/packet). They had the SAME packets as “Dollar Tree” but for $4. Wow! That was a shocker.

Definitely good news for Barnstead residents. Happy for them. Can’t wait to see how the Alton store will work out. It will be closer to us than Hannaford. 

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by Anura Guruge