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I Donated A Vintage Raleigh Bike To ‘Goodwill’ in Concord (NH) Today — And It Felt Good.

by Anura Guruge

I just wished I had room in our Nissan Quest ‘van’ for another. I would have taken a second one too.

We have a large storage space above our ‘triple’ garage (and it must be a triple since it houses three British cars). I went up there around Thanksgiving to start bringing down Christmas stuff and was horrified to discover that we had five or six unused bikes up there. I realized that there must be plenty around, locally, who would love to have one of them, I wasn’t going to keep them any longer on the vague assumption that one of us will, someday, get around to using them. There is another bike in the garage that I very occasionally ride just for the fun.

So, I set about trying to find out how I could donate bikes. Wasn’t easy! Finally it transpired that ‘Goodwill‘, in Concord, was the best bet. They even have a program that they ‘restore’ the bikes and give them to deserving adults who need transport. Bingo. I was all in favor.

I just did not have the chance to take a bike down to Goodwill till today. Once it was loaded into the Quest somebody checked its price on eBay. Heck, no! Nope. I was not going to be swayed. It is Christmas.

It felt good. The lady who picked it up at Goodwill said: “somebody will be very happy with this”. Well, probably not as happy I was to donate.

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by Anura Guruge

Bernie Sanders Cashing In (Already) — ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’, Concord, N.H.!

by Anura Guruge



Click to access the official ‘Capitol Center for the Arts’ Website to BUY tickets.

I appreciate that it is the American thing to do.

But didn’t Bernie rail against this when it came to Hillary. That she cashed in on her fame and made millions in speaking fees.

Confused by the HUGE “Donate” button. So buy tickets, buy the book and DONATE too?

What for?

Who or what am I donating to?

Bernie Sanders’ Private Wealth Fund?

I looked. Couldn’t find mention of ‘giving to charity‘.

If I recall he gave 4% of their income to charity last year.

Just thinking.

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by Anura Guruge

“The Body Donors” Documentary Should Inspire & Encourage — Not Repulse. Please.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
by Anura Guruge


Click to read my original PLEA for body donation. Please.

This sensationalistic headline in the U.K. Daily Mail is unnecessary!

Why would YOU care what happens to your body after you die?

PLEASE donate it to science — let them do whatever. Why do YOU care.
Feel good about it, instead.


Click to ENLARGE and read here. Use link above to access U.K. Daily Mail original. Ignore this headline. Please.

This, from the same article, says it all.

What MORE do YOU want to hear or know.

Please donate. This is one of the dearest causes to my heart.
One of the BEST decisions I ever made.
That the person who ‘inspired’ me to do this RENEGED on it, when he died, only shows how IMPORTANT it is.
My ‘grandfather‘ (though probably not biologically) did this and asked ALL males in the family to do so.
None have so far, because his own son didn’t heed the request. So I will be the first — I HOPE.


Click to ENLARGE and read. From same article. PLEASE absorb what it says. “…. how important body donation is to train future doctors. One student said: ‘Books and models are all very well and good but you don’t see what it’s like, you don’t get to feel what it’s like. Dissecting a cadaver is the only way to actually learn’ …”


There is a video trailer that goes with it. YOU can access it directly from the article. OK?

Please, Please, Please, Be Generous In Death, Donate Your Body To Science. Burial Or Cremation Is All So Passe And Unnecessary.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

This morning, in the regular spam we get (despite GoDaddy e-mail doing a fairly decent job of trying to weed it out) we both got this e-mail for burial insurance.

Independently, we both had  the same reaction. There are a number of things in life where Deanna and I think and feel exactly the same. One of them is the desire to donate our bodies to science when we die.

My adoptive grandfather, who was quite a guy, got the ball rolling as far as I was concerned. When he died, 92, he had his body given to a local university. He did not have a funeral per se. That made quite an impression on me. I, in my 30s at the time, hadn’t really given much thought to this, but as soon as I heard what he had wished, I promised myself that I will be doing the same. It has now been over a decade since I had my trust, will, living-trust, power-of-attorney etc. updated. I am pretty sure that my current will is specific that my body should be given to a hospital or university tout suite when I kick the bucket. I tell Deanna this on a regular basis and each time she gets mad, but I think she has a fairly clear idea as to what I want. I don’t want her to even tell my kids when I die. I just want her to make one call. Get my body to Dartmouth (or wherever) and then proceed with life as if nothing happened. No obituaries, no funerals, no phone calls. Nothing. She says she can’t do this, but we will see. This is my ardent wish.

Deanna too wants her body to be given to science, but she wants her death to be made known. That is where we differ.

Anyway, what is important is the DONATION of your body to science/medicine. Don’t be greedy, don’t be selfish. The Catholic Church now says it is ‘OK’ to be cremated. If so, it has to be even better, to donate your body to science. Come on, are YOU that gullible, that YOU think that your old, decrepit body is really going to rise from ‘the death’. Plus, isn’t it ‘dust-to-dust’. So if it is dust, what is there to rise (even with the help of Viagra)? So don’t cling to beliefs from the dark ages. If Catholics say you can still go to heaven if you get cremated, you sure should be able to do so, even quicker (with less time percolating in purgatory) IF your last act is truly selfless.

I have heard that Judaism is even stricter about the burial thing. So be it. BUT, if you can … PLEASE think about donating your body. Just think of the good. They can use every bit of you to help others.

Yes, I need to do some work. I would like my skeleton to be preserved. Yes, part of that is my irreverent humor. Nearly all real skeletons you find in the West came from India. Then in the early 1900s the Indians put a stop to that. So most skeletons you see now are plastic. So since people think I am ‘Indian’, I want my Indian skeleton to be put to use. The next bit of my logic is a bit more subtle. A skeleton has no race! Anybody looking at my skeleton will not be able to tell that I was not white. That amuses me. So, I want to make that point too. Plus, as I tell the kids, and it amuses (at least) Devanee, I want them to be able to come and shake my hand when I am dead and gone.

Right now, I think my paperwork, has Dartmouth-Hitchcock as the recipients of my body. But, I have spoken to them about my skeleton. They refuse to agree to that. Well, screw them. You can’t have my body. I will find somebody else. That is what I need to do. IF you know of a hospital or university that will preserve my skeleton, saving me the trouble of Googling, let me know and I will get my lawyer to update all the paperwork. 

Click for Wikipedia article which is a good start.

Click for Wikipedia article which is a good start.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.