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‘Downton Abbey’ T-Shirt From The UK, Not From ‘The Exhibition’.

by Anura Guruge

T-shirt sold at ‘Downton Abbey — The Exhibition’

Saying that Teischan (13) is a ‘Downton‘ aficionado and devotee doesn’t still quite get to her relationship with this show. We quite like it too, but not to the extent she has. She has watched all of it — i.e., all the seasons and all the episodes — at least twice (and I am glad that we have unlimited access to the shows thanks to Amazon Prime).

Yes, of course, we went to ‘The Exhibition‘ in Boston, last month. Yes, I got her a T-shirt and some other stuff. Luckily I did not have to get her any of the books since I had already got them for her over the last two Christmases.

By the MAGIC of Facebook an Ad. for the black T-shirt appeared on my timeline the day after we went to ‘The Exhibition’. It is scary. It quoted quite an attractive “can’t go wrong” price. Well, that was just a bait-and-switch price. In the end with shipping it was twice as much.

It looks classy. She likes it.

Came from the U.K. UPS. Took a few weeks.

So, if you are into ‘Downton‘ and want a T-shirt to coincide with the movie (next week) you will have to get one of these.

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by Anura Guruge


Three Selfies From August 2019.

by Anura Guruge

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The top one is from August 7, 2019 when hiked down to the ‘Nay Aug‘ gorge in Scranton, PA.

The other two were in Boston, from this past Monday, August 26, 2019, when we went to see the ‘Downton Abbey — The Exhibition‘. The bottom two, as must be obvious, taken ‘My Way‘.

Just a record for those that complain that I take all these pictures but rarely post any of myself.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Downton Abbey — The Exhibition’, Boston — In 42 Pictures.

by Anura Guruge

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Attribution WILL be enforced.

It was good, in the end I would even say ‘very good’. Definitely exceeded my expectations. The dining room recreation blew me and Teischan away. That was impressive. The kitchen had been good (though the eggs were outlandishly big), Mr. Carson’s pantry evocative and the costumes quite exquisite. But, to us it was the dining room that stole the show and made it truly memorable.

It was well done. Kudos for those that pulled this off. This required a lot of planning, imagination, creativity, hard work, graft and funds. Not sure how long it took them to get all the ducks lined up.

I knew better than to go on a weekend. I gather last weekend was packed and that they had 3,000 people go through it, with 1,700 on Sunday. The mind boggles.

I had picked the 1:30pm timeslot on Monday, August 26, 2019. It was still busier than I anticipated. But, not bad. At the start, when we were all in the main, static display area it was a bit crowded. But, then we all fanned away into different exhibit areas. It was good. We enjoyed it.

The Castle — a real 19th century castle at that was impressive. It was hard to find! We walked by it without realizing that it was the venue.

If you like ‘Downton‘ you should go. The $35 (or $33 if you are a senior like I) isn’t too bad — but I realize that it is all relative. Kids under 14 are FREE. That said, other than Teischan there wsa only one other kid, a young boy of say 4. He was not impressed or happy. Teischan, a ‘Downton‘ aficionado loved it. That made me happy.

We bought $80 (I think) of souvenirs. Prices were what you would expect. Some, like the pens and pencils, were decent.

So, all-in-all, good experience. We enjoyed it.

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by Anura Guruge