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25th Pumpkin Festival (Ex-Keene) In Laconia, Sat. October 24, 2015 — Déjà vu Stirred & Shaken?

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access, mostly disabled, ‘official’ Website — which still mentions Keene.

After I wrote my initial post yesterday I picked up a copy of “The Laconia Daily Sun” and got to read about all the details — and they would know given that their Editor/Publisher, Ed Engler (of ‘University of Whales‘ fame) is, of course, the most honorable mayor of Laconia.

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it BUT I had not realized that the Laconia event would be organized and run by the SAME FOLKS that have been doing the Keene festival. Hhhmm!

I had just assumed, maybe hoped, that the Laconia festival was a fresh start and that it was being run, entirely, by Laconia folks.

I had some mixed feelings yesterday about it being in Laconia and now I am even more disquieted. I don’t know. Yes, of course, they have the experience, the contacts, the contracts and the know-how. But, from what I know they also have some baggage. Weren’t there some serious unpaid bills?

I had not realized that the N.H. Festival is essentially a franchise — owned by a group of people, who can SHOP it to various cities for the best offer. It is also now clear that Laconia is just getting ‘it’, initially, just for 2015 on a ‘suck it and see’ trial basis. I do not know. Doesn’t sit well with me. I was hoping that the whole event, say like the Laconia “Multicultural Festival“, would be organized and managed by a conglomerate of Laconia entities, e.g., Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce and say Laconia Rotary.

And that it is being billed, categorically, as “Downtown, Laconia“, also makes me uneasy. I do not think Downtown Laconia has the ‘expanse’ required to stage this festival like it was in Keene. Keene is blessed with a wide and long Main Street with bustling businesses and eateries. Laconia — not as much. [SMILE!] I do not know. [Have I said that before.] There is also the unsaid message. Laconia, these days, alas, has issues. Bike Week is one thing, Pumpkin Festival is another. Hhhmmmm. I will TRY to keep a close eye on this.

The most ironic thing (so far) — Deanna told me, as soon as we started talked about this “I don’t want you to go and volunteer us to volunteer in Laconia. I don’t want to volunteer in Laconia”! Wow. And I had already said that I was planning to volunteer. That is the problem with Laconia. Some people, like Deanna, are extremely leery of Laconia.