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The Brand New Samsung Galaxy S9 Gets A Damning Review From ‘DPReview’ Re. Autofocus.

by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE and read this annotated extract. Use link below for the ‘DPReview.com’ review.

Click here for ‘DPReview.com‘ original

Wow. I was amazed to read this. I know that the Samsung Galaxy S8 takes brilliant pictures and the focus always seems pretty close to perfect. I am often torn as to whether the camera on the Google Pixel 2 (which I own) is really more competent than that of the S8 as all the experts claim. So, I had expected the S9 to be even more impressive — especially with the dual rear cameras — one with variable aperture, the first in a phone.

If this autofocus issue is as bad as DPReview claims, and they usually are spot-on on such matters, I am sure that Samsung will try to fix it with a firmware upgrade ahead of the holidays. Otherwise they are going to have their lunch eaten by Apple, Google and the oters.

I just wanted to make sure you had heard about this — since this is important.

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by Anura Guruge

Getting A Sony a6500 Will Be Like Entering An Arranged Marriage — YIKES.

by Anura Guruge


In my early 20s (and once more in my early 30s) I railed so much against arranged marriages. My adoptive mother was so, so anxious to get me to marry a ‘tea estate‘ or a rich cousin! I wasn’t going to have any of that. She even once floored me by saying that she will arrange and finance me to have a white mistress on the side — as long as I married, someone she chose, from Ceylon! That did really flabbergast me. My very moral, ultra-religious mother telling me that she will pay for me to keep a white mistress on the side. Wow.

And now I am going to get a Sony a6500.

I am in shock. Albeit not too severe.

It does seem crazy doesn’t it. Getting a camera that you don’t like! But I don’t have a choice. I have gone for 15 months WAITING to buy my ‘serious’ big camera. I can’t wait forever. I waited for nearly 9 months for the Fuji X-T2. Then I realized that its autofocus would not meet my expectations.

My extensive research and plain logic tells me that the Sony a6500, in terms of specs., is the camera for me. I just don’t like how it looks, how small it is and user-interface. Plus I have had bad luck with two Sonys, an a77 Mk II and a RX100 Mk II.

This is what DPReviews has to say about the Sony a6300 in its latest
Interchangeable Lens Cameras ($900-1200)” Roundup.

The a6500 is essentially the same beast with a TOUCHSCREEN and some better electronics inside.




Click to ENLARGE and read here.
Use link above to access original.

You can see my dilemma and bind.

The a6500 sucks in terms of looks/handling but is exceptional in terms of what I really want — amazing autofocus and great image quality.

Hence the compromise.

Head over heart.

Cold logic over passion.

What is the worst that can happen? That I return it. {SMILE}

Now that would be different.

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by Anura Guruge