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My 3 Year Old Hannspree HF257 25″ HD Monitor Died Today.


Anura Guruge

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bloodyhannsI got this Hannspree 25″ from Best Buy in November 2012, when I got my new Windows 7 PC.

I have used a dual-monitor system for at least the last 12 years, if not longer. I like lots of screen space. With the Hannspree 25″ I had a total of 47″ of horizontal screen space — across two monitors. It has to be across two monitors. I need each monitor to act separately in terms of the active screens they display. With the dual-monitor system I run two instances of FireFox (these days at 18.0.1 with updates disabled). I typically have 17 tabs open across the two instances of FireFox, not counting one of two Word windows, an Excel windows and probably PowerPoint or Paint.net.

I got the Hannspree 25″ cheap — and it always acted cheap. During Christmas of 2007 I took a part-time weekend gig, at Concord Best Buy, promoting Eposn printers. One of the most fun jobs I have had. Also got to meet a lot of very neat Best Buy folks and get to learn some of the Best Buy ropes. So, when I needed a monitor I rushed down to Concord.

They didn’t have many large screen HDs in stock that day. And I wanted one then and there. Couldn’t wait 24 hours. They had the 25″ Hannspree on a shelf, on display. Since I knew some of the folks, I managed to convince them to sell me the display unit. I lucked out. When they started putting in the stuff into the computer to get it ‘off display’ they found that that screen was marked to be discontinued. I could be wrong. I think I got it for about $189.

It was an OK screen. The HD wasn’t that HD. I know my HD. I have had HD TVs since 1999. But, it did what it was meant to — which was provide me with a big screen.

It had an annoying, very distracting, flaw. Not sure whether it was just in my ex-display unit. I never had the time to investigate. But, basically it did NOT retain the PC input setting when it lost power. It had two modes. I needed the 2nd mode to get the right screen resolution. If it got powered off, it lost that setting. I could always set it back again, but it was always finicky — requiring about 6 or 7 button pushings.

I never used to turn it off. It has energy saver. Plus it is on a BIG UPS. But, we lose power here on a regular basis for days on end. Yes, we have two generators. I don’t run my computers off the generator. The frequencies fluctuate too much. I see what it does to my electric clocks, Hate to see it mess up the electronics inside my PC. So, when we are on the generators I turn off the UPS — to stop its annoying beeping. That means the bloody Hannspree would lose its setting.

For the last two weeks I have noticed a pink tinge at the bottom of the screen. I knew it wasn’t good. This morning, while I was working it suddenly went black. Only way to get it back was to recycle power. Screen came back on, and then died again. I was bummed. I checked and tightened all the cables, It stayed up for a couple of hours. Then started dying again. I swapped screens. Put one of my ‘spare’ 17″ screens. That worked. So, I don’t thin it is the video card. Could be. But that pink tinge the last few days was a warning.

It was snowing hard. Couldn’t convince Deanna to drive to Best Buy and get me another 24″ – 26″ monitor. So ordered one from TigerDirect. They had Hannspree. But, avoided those. Later on I Google “Hannspree black screen dead …” Well, appears I am not alone. Seems like a common problem.

C’est la vie. If I get my new monitor to work, I will write about that — of course.

Issues & Problems With The New FireFox 16.0.1 (On Windows 7)

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

I use a dual-monitor set up with 2 instances of FireFox with at least 10 tabs open across the two instances. Click to ENLARGE.

On Saturday night, actually very early Sunday morning, FireFox automatically updated me to the latest FireFox 16.0.1. I was not aware that there was a new version, though I since found out that it had been released on Thursday.

It at once told me that my Delicious bookmarking add-on was no longer compatible. I was NOT happy.

It is bad enough that FireFox no longer supports the Google Toolbar. I find that diabolical. I use this work around to get the Google Toolbar to work with FF (though you need to have an old version of the toolbar previously installed in order for this patch to work). Also don’t just put in ’16’ as the ‘Max. version’. Think ahead and put in something like ’18‘. OK?

I found a similar ‘max version’ alerting fix for Delicious and FireFox 16.0.1. So, I was happy. Then I noticed that when I was typing in URLs (i.e., website addresses) into the ‘Address trench’ (what FF now likes to call the ‘Awesome bar‘) I was only seeing the icon for that Web site and not the full address! Did some investigating. It was related to Delicious. Disable delicious and URLs are back to normal! This is not funny.

For the last 12 years (or more) I have always used a DUAL-MONITOR setup on my PC. These days I have 36″ of DISPLAYED horizontal viewing area. That is why I cannot ever use a 10″ or 7″ tablet or pad. Just not big enough.

I always have two (2) instances of FireFox; one on each monitor. I typically have at least 5 tabs open on each instance.

With FireFox 16.0.1 I have found that there is a major glitch with moving tabs from one instance to another across the two screens. Very unpredictable behavior. It is something I am wont to do, often. I open a tab on one monitor and then move it across to the FireFox on the other. This is a problem.

So, the problems I am aware of are:
1/ Moving tabs across multiple monitors.

2/ Delicious ad-on not working.

3/ URL display getting disabled IF you try to fudge the Delicious ad-on by changing the Max. version number.

4/ Google Toolbar still not working UNLESS you zap the Max. version number.

I have been using FireFox since about 2002. I have been a HUGE advocate of FireFox. If this continues I am going to ditch it and try Chrome! There I said it. Don’t think I could lower my standards and guards low enough to stomach Internet Explorer (IE).