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Andrew Hosmer, Hopefully The Next Mayor Of Laconia, Is A Very Decent, Honorable Human Being That Transcends Petty Party Politics.

by Anura Guruge

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I have known Andrew Hosmer for 8-years. He is a very good friend of a very good friend of mine. I got to know Andrew through her. Yes, we campaigned for Andrew in 2012 & 2016. So, he is someone I have interacted with — in person, both socially and ‘officially’.

I can tell you, with total conviction & conscience, that he is a very genuine, decent and honorable human being. Andrew Hosmer truly is ‘salt of the earth’. You can rely on him to do the right thing. You can trust him.

He is genuinely good man.

You can’t, and you shouldn’t, try to typecast him by party politics. Andrew Hosmer transcends politics.

Judge him as a man and you will be amply pleased and rewarded.

He will make one heck of a Mayor for Laconia. Of that I have no doubt.

Some of you may know that I have known the current Major, Ed Engler, for close to 20-years. Interestingly they are similar men! Ed is a good guy. So, is Andrew. Ed Engler to Andrew Hosmer is the perfect, logical and only sensible transition.

Andrew Hosmer reminds me of a New Hampshire legend — Ray Burton. I also knew Ray Burton. Ray also transcended politics. Ray always did the right thing — as will Andrew.

So, please make sure Andrew Hosmer is the next Mayor of Laconia. He will be a GREAT Major. He will make Laconia Great Again.

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by Anura Guruge

Ed Engler, Mayor Of Laconia, Publisher/Editor Of ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ & My Friend At The 2019 ‘Laconia Multicultural Festival’.

by Anura Guruge

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That Ed had some health issues is no secret. He, himself, let it be known, in the Press, before taking some time-off.

I was delighted to see him today at the Laconia Multicultural Festival. He was seated on the lawn. He looked good. We spoke. I met him, when we were both in Laconia Rotary nearly 20-years ago. He tells me he is still Mayor for another month. He is not seeking office again, though from what I gather he will win, easily, again.

Well, I happened to take this picture, from afar, and it is SO ‘Ed’ that I wanted to share.

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by Anura Guruge

‘Free The Female Nipple’, New Hampshire & Laconia Multicultural Festival.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail


by Anura Guruge

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In “Live Free Or Die” New Hampshire the ONLY city (or place) with a law against female toplessness is Laconia — the dowager city of the Lakes Region. Well, ever since “Free The Female Nipple — NH” came to be we all knew that Laconia would be where the rubber would meet the asphalt. And to be fair the “Free the Nip” ‘organizers’ have talked about tackling Laconia. Now that the poorly ‘visualized’ Hampton Beach event has come and gone (thankfully) it is time to focus on Laconia. To be fair again there was a lady at Hampton, who I think was topless (though it was hard to tell), who claimed that ‘they’ planned to have ‘flash’ demonstrations in Laconia in the coming weeks — the ‘flash’ in this context, as in ‘flash mob’, meaning that it was be unannounced, unpublicized surprises. I can’t wait.

Laconia’s ordinance is onerous and has to be repealed. That has to be #1 goal of the NH movement (and I think they know it).

And then it came to be in a blinding flash. — Laconia Multicultural Day, now a.k.a. ‘festival’.  BINGO.

The perfect, made-in-heaven venue. Multicultural Day, and here I speak of one who has attended 12 of the 13 ‘days’, is all about diversity and inclusiveness (though 90% of Laconia appears to stay away from the park).

This is THE venue to make a stand — if they really have big enough ‘kahunas’. Let’s face it. In Laconia the good ladies face the real risk of being arrested and facing a fine — a risk that wasn’t that high in Hampton, unless they got busted for ‘disturbing the peace’. IF you are going to be arrested WHAT better venue than the Multicultural Festival? IF publicity and attention is what is required this is IT.

IF I had a say, I would go even further. I would contact the Festival organizers and ask for a SPOT on the PARADE! Think about it. That is how the LGBT movement got much of their EARLY publicity. They demanded their right to be in parades. Go see the Mayor. Ed ‘University of Whales‘ Engler probably will be sympathetic. Go ask him whether the NH movement can appear in the parade. Worse case make a COMPROMISE. Agree to appear in the parade clothed, but with appropriate signs and apparel protesting the infringement.

Well, you got the IDEA — and that is all it is. An idea. A suggestion. And then remember, Laconia PUMPKIN festival. I can JUST see it. Painted PUMPKINS!



25th Pumpkin Festival (Ex-Keene) In Laconia, Sat. October 24, 2015 — Déjà vu Stirred & Shaken?

.Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail
by Anura Guruge

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Click to access, mostly disabled, ‘official’ Website — which still mentions Keene.

After I wrote my initial post yesterday I picked up a copy of “The Laconia Daily Sun” and got to read about all the details — and they would know given that their Editor/Publisher, Ed Engler (of ‘University of Whales‘ fame) is, of course, the most honorable mayor of Laconia.

I guess I hadn’t really thought about it BUT I had not realized that the Laconia event would be organized and run by the SAME FOLKS that have been doing the Keene festival. Hhhmm!

I had just assumed, maybe hoped, that the Laconia festival was a fresh start and that it was being run, entirely, by Laconia folks.

I had some mixed feelings yesterday about it being in Laconia and now I am even more disquieted. I don’t know. Yes, of course, they have the experience, the contacts, the contracts and the know-how. But, from what I know they also have some baggage. Weren’t there some serious unpaid bills?

I had not realized that the N.H. Festival is essentially a franchise — owned by a group of people, who can SHOP it to various cities for the best offer. It is also now clear that Laconia is just getting ‘it’, initially, just for 2015 on a ‘suck it and see’ trial basis. I do not know. Doesn’t sit well with me. I was hoping that the whole event, say like the Laconia “Multicultural Festival“, would be organized and managed by a conglomerate of Laconia entities, e.g., Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce and say Laconia Rotary.

And that it is being billed, categorically, as “Downtown, Laconia“, also makes me uneasy. I do not think Downtown Laconia has the ‘expanse’ required to stage this festival like it was in Keene. Keene is blessed with a wide and long Main Street with bustling businesses and eateries. Laconia — not as much. [SMILE!] I do not know. [Have I said that before.] There is also the unsaid message. Laconia, these days, alas, has issues. Bike Week is one thing, Pumpkin Festival is another. Hhhmmmm. I will TRY to keep a close eye on this.

The most ironic thing (so far) — Deanna told me, as soon as we started talked about this “I don’t want you to go and volunteer us to volunteer in Laconia. I don’t want to volunteer in Laconia”! Wow. And I had already said that I was planning to volunteer. That is the problem with Laconia. Some people, like Deanna, are extremely leery of Laconia.

Ed Engler, Mayor-Elect Of Laconia, N.H., Appears To Be Already Distracted.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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>>Sep. 12, 2013.
>> Ed Engler, Editor ‘Laconia Sun’, Running To Be Laconia Mayor
>>  … 
—  Jun. 14, 2013.

Click to go to 'past issues'.

Click to go to ‘past issues’. This is what I got at 1:15 pm Saturday, December 7, 2013. Nothing for December 2013 and no December issues incorrectly filed under November 2013 or December 2012.

Well I was going to cite one example of his distraction from yesterday’s [i.e., Friday, December 6, 2013] ‘Laconia Daily Sun‘ but now I have to cite two.

I went to access the ‘past issues’ so I could get a screenshot of pages 2 and 3 and discovered to my chagrin that they have yet to get around to archiving the December issues.

Mr. Ed, it is December 7. Maybe you should get around to putting the December issues in the archive. I know you must be busy and distracted BUT isn’t that why you have a bevvy of grovelling assistants. Now as Mayor maybe you should also get some young female interns to help you out. With all this added responsibility you might need some help.

Well, go check pages 2 and 3 of the December 6 issue.

Same story, from AP, about the missing Conway teenager, twice — under two different titles.

Yes, that definitely helps fill pages 2 and 3 and Ed, no doubt, is hoping that 96% of his reader’s will not have the mental acuity to realize that they had just read that same story a minute ago. I understand. My concern is whether Ed forgot that he edited that same story 2 minutes earlier.

I will never forget Ed and his ‘University of Whales‘, so I try to stay on my toes when it comes to Mr. Ed.

Devanee As A Part Of The Alton Central School (ACS) Team Takes Part In Her First Cross Country Meet.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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This was Devanee’s very first sporting event at Alton (not counting the skiing).

She had been avoiding sports but this year, now that she is back at ACS, I insisted that she did something. Though I have tried she refuses to run with me. So she is still getting into the swing of things with this running. IF she can build up her endurance she should do quite well because she has the build for long distance running.

Yesterday was brutally hot.

The meet was at the Laconia Middle School which is right by Opechee Park — and some of the run (which was twice around the same 1 mile course) was on the banks of the lake. That was pretty nice. To my amazement none of the kids, despite the heat, hit the water. I would have, on the second lap.

A lot of teams participated: Laconia, Inter-Lakes, Winnisquam, Belmont, Plymouth, Barnstead, Gilford etc. The total field counting both the boys and the girls had to have been close to 200. It was impressive. It was well organized.

They walked the course to begin with — which I gather is the norm for all meets. So in that heat, 80F, they first had to walk 1 mile before running it twice.

Though I was dressed to go out to dinner, with Laconia mayoral hopeful Ed Engler, I walked the course — because I can’t stand around doing nothing. I had run 2.25 miles earlier in the day, so I would end up covering the same distance as the kids (though I ran up Prospect Mountain Road, with the elevation).

Devanee, given that she has only been running for less than 2 weeks, didn’t do that great. But she finished. That alone was good.

One of the Alton girls, an 8th grader, whose name I do not know, came in 2nd. She was impressive. She even led the field (for the girls) at one point. She has a good action. She will do well. IF she got some personal, scientific coaching she could win some of these events.

The Alton coach, Alan Barrett, who is a marathon runner (and ran in this years famous Boston Marathon), is very good and committed. He is not a teacher at the school. He comes in just to do cross-country. I have talked to him a few times now. Very nice person. I am glad. Very supportive of the kids.

They have track meets every week now. It is unlikely that it will ever be as hot as it was yesterday. I assume it will be more or less these same teams every week. Will be interesting to see how the kids progress.

Stay tuned. Next week is in Gilford. 

Ed Engler, Hopefully The Next Mayor Of Laconia, Romps Home With 66% Of The Vote In The Mayoral Primary.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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—  Jun. 14, 2013.


As I have said before I am sure Ed will be a good Mayor. He is a good person who always tried to be fair.

As it happened we met Ed for dinner, at Cactus Jacks (in Laconia), the day after the Primary (i.e., September 11). Since we had missed him at this year’s Laconia Multicultural Day we hadn’t seen him in a long time. We were going to be in Laconia since Devanee had a cross-country meet at the Middle School. So it kind of worked out. It was good to sit down and have a chat with Ed. We know so many people in common.

Ed, as ever sensible and reasonable, is NOT counting his eggs ahead of the November 5 election. [I have already volunteered Devanee to hold up a sign for him at a polling station, given the fun she had at the 2012 election.]

I am, however, fairly certain that he will be the next Mayor.

That is good. I know Ed will make a difference. He genuinely cares.

We chatted about the Multicultural Day and how Laconia should be proud of what they have succeeded in achieving. I know that Ed will be a huge supporter.

So this is good.

Well done Mr. Engler.


Another ‘Amusing’ Typo By ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’ Distorts The Important Substance Of A Letter.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

Some prior examples:
1/More ‘cuteness’ by ‘The Sun’ … — Mar. 27, 2013.
2/ ‘The Sun’ being cute at a lady’s expense … — Mar. 26, 2013.
3/ ‘The Sun’ speaks in tongues … — Apr. 11, 2012.
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Click to access July 3, 2013, 'The Laconia Daily Sun'. This letter is on page 6.

Click to access July 3, 2013, ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’. This letter is on page 6.

I am not sure who writes them but we know that ‘The Sun‘ insists on doing their own titles for each letter.

Really no need for typos like this unless of course they are doing it on purpose to ‘dish’ a letter.

Yes, it is one thing for Ed Engler to write that I graduated from the ‘University of Whales‘ but it is a whole
different kettle of fish to make fun of contributors and members of the community.

This doctor must have felt dreadful. With one word they just destroy her well written letter.

I have not seen a correction or an apology. That is not their style.

Possibly a coincidence but I can’t help but notice that women tend to suffer more than males when it comes to ‘The Sun‘ typos.
See examples above.

Ed Engler, Editor of ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ Running For Laconia (NH) Mayor.


Ed from our wedding on January 1, 2003.

. ..by Anura Guruge

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Click to access June 14, 2013 'Daily Sun' with this article.

Click to access June 14, 2013 ‘Daily Sun’ with this article.

I have known Ed since the Summer of 2001 when I joined Laconia Rotary and he was the official scribe-in-chief. See my Ed & ‘University of  ‘Whales’ story.

Ed is a good guy. I know that he always tries to do the right thing. So I am glad he is running for Laconia Mayor. I wish him the best of luck.

As he correctly states in the above piece there is a lot of homework he has to do. Not sure whether he will be a Matthew Lahey (1996 – 2003 as Mayor) but I think he will try.

Given the conflicts of interests we have suffered, of late, with ‘The Braysider‘ I will be curious to see how Ed handles the ‘presses’ in the coming months. Knowing Ed I am sure he will publish a few letters that promote his opponents, BUT it will be interesting to see where he draws the line. Not sure whether there is another press outlet for his opponents. But I guess Bloomberg with his publishing empire ran for NYC Mayor, so Ed is following in good footsteps, and like Bloomberg he too can use all of his resources to make sure that he is elected.

Well this should be fun. Best of luck Ed. I guess you will now be too busy to have lunch with us.

New Hampshire Stories: Laconia Rotary Club and the ‘University of Whales’

by Anura Guruge

Getting inducted into Laconia Rotary (in Sept. 2001, I think), by the late Kinney O’Rouke, wearing my ‘Granite State Ambassador’ (GSA) shirt, the first thing that Kinney got me into.

University of Swansea

University of Swansea, across from Mumbles Beach with its amazing long (I think 2 mile) tidal ebb-and-flow. No we didn’t use the beach much. During term time it was usually too cold.

Laconia Rotary Park with the historic Belknap Mill in the background, where Laconia Rotary has their meetings (on the 3rd floor).

“New Hampshire Stories” sets out to chronicle noteworthy, but mostly amusing, events from my 3 decades in New Hampshire.
Check the CATEGORY ‘New Hampshire Stories’ or do a SEARCH using sidebar search box for ‘stories’ for other posts.

How I met the once bestriding Kinney O’Rouke in the parking lot of the Laconia CVS and how me got me involved in ‘Granite State Ambassadors‘ (GSA) and Laconia Rotary were described in this July 14, 2012, post. So I won’t revisit that again. If you want the background, please read that post.

Kinney who was President of Laconia Rotary at the time ‘fast tracked’ my induction. I had to fill in a questionnaire about my life and meet with a 3 person ‘Induction Committee’ who wanted to ensure that I had integrity (and took regular showers). Anyway, since Kinney wanted me (and that was mainly to boost his recruitment score) they agreed to have me, integrity be damned.

I was not the first non-white that had been inducted. Dr. Prabhkar K. Shetty, the renowned Ophthalmologist from Gilford, had been a member for a longtime. But, I was by far, the most exotic person they had inducted and that was what Kinney wanted. As Kinney emphasized from the start, we were going to have fun and that fun started with my induction ceremony.

Birthdays are a BIG deal at Laconia Rotary. Around the time of your birthday you are supposed to bring in an item that is then auctioned, at the weekly lunchtime meeting, to raise money for the Club. The goal is to sell your item for as much as you can. So some get very creative and I remember items selling for $300. So, as part of the induction they announce your birthday. Based on a comment I had made that I knew somebody that was born on that day, Kinney announced that my birthday was ‘April 1’ — thus trying to set the tone that I was a clown, if not a fool.

Right after the induction meeting, Kinney tells me: ‘You are ON for the next 2 weeks. You are doing the presentation. Just tell them about your life‘. Another brilliant Kinney move. Each weekly Rotary meeting is supposed to have a ‘meaningful’ (hopefully educational) 20 – 30 minute presentation. As with the Birthday Auction each member is supposed to find speakers to fill these slots — again some setting out to excel (and keeping their speaker secret until the meeting). Once when it was my turn, I got Philip McLaughlin who had just finished his term as the Attorney General of NH. (Yes, they were impressed. Philip, a Laconia native, wowed them.) So, by getting me to fill in 2 slots, right away, Kinney, as President, didn’t have to worry about whether those two meetings were going to have speakers — that always been a challenge. [If he didn’t have school, e.g., Summer, Matthew, who was 8-9, used to attend the meetings with me, kids being encouraged to attend. At one of the meetings the speaker did not show up. I bribed Matthew, who had just come back from ‘Global Finals’, to talk about Destination Imagination (DI). I can’t remember what the bribe was, but I know it was expensive. He must have been 9 at the time. He got up on the podium. His face just about cleared it. So, he is now facing 100 adults. He, hesitated for a minute, but then launched straight in. He got a standing ovation. For the next 2 weeks I would meet people in Laconia or Gilford who would say: ‘I heard about your son’s speech at Rotary‘.]

So, per Kinney, my brief was that in my 1st slot, I had to talk about my ‘early’ life and that the 2nd slot should be about my experiences in high-tech.

Ed Engler, Laconia Daily Sun

Ed Engler at our wedding, January 1, 2003 — looking very happy, as he should.

So, as instructed, I did my first presentation talking about my life in Ceylon, growing up in the U.K. and going to school there.

As per rote, the proceedings of all the Rotary meetings are documented and posted on the Web. In those days, given his professional credentials, our official chronicler of all matters Rotary was Ed Engler, the Editor/President of the Laconia Daily Sun. Ed is a great guy. Very nice, very obliging. But, as anybody who is familiar with the Laconia Daily Sun will know, Ed and his lovely crew don’t waste too much time about accuracy.

The meetings are on Thursday. The report of the proceedings get posted by Monday. So given that I was still new and curious, I checked what dear Ed had said about my presentation.

He had done a decent job covering my time in Ceylon, Buffalo, Paris and London, but then said: ‘he got his first degree from the University of WHALES’!

I am not exactly thin, but I am NOT that fat.

I called Ed up and asked him what that was all about. He says: ‘That is what you said, right? University of Whales‘.

Yes, I know I have an accent, ironically part of it Welsh undertones. So, Ed had heard my: ‘I went to Swansea, University of WALES’ and interpreted it, without ever thinking to check, that I had gone to the ‘University of WHALES‘.

Following that start, just for the fun of it, bottles of “Whaler’s” rum became my trademark auction item at Laconia Rotary.