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Why Biden’s 306 Electoral Votes Is To 232, WHEN Trump’s 304 Was To 227.

by Anura Guruge

I noticed this when they show the 2020 vs 2016 comparison chart on TV.

If Biden got 306 to Trump’s 232; how did Trump get 304 to Hillary’s 227. Does NOT compute.

There is a TOTAL of 538 Electoral Votes, which is how we get the MAGIC 270. Half of 538 is 269. 270 is one above that.

So, why the discrepancy … & the Biden/Trump tally MIGHT end up different at the very end.


Electors who did NOT cast their votes like they are supposed to!

That is what happened in 2016. There were 7 faithless votes. Now it should be clear.

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by Anura Guruge

The Blue State That Trump Has To Flip Most Likely Will Be New Hampshire!

by Anura Guruge



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Oh, I am NOT happy about this. I am, however, trying to be realistic and ahead of the game.

I predicted that New Hampshire will go ‘Red‘ 6 weeks ago! Here … check my post.

I always suspected that there was a deep-seated, HIDDEN Trump vote that the polls were not picking up.

And if anything things have polarized quite a bit in the last 4 days — since James Comey’semailGATE“!

It wasn’t as if Obama won by a huge margin in 2012. This is, alas, not Massachusetts.

So be careful.

The media pundits are talking about the ONE Blue State that Trump has to flip and the ONE electoral vote he has to get from Maine.

Well my dear New Hampshire could be the Blue State that gives the nuclear codes to Trump.

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by Anura Guruge