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Willow TV Cricket Sucks, BIG TIME, On Sling TV!

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by Anura Guruge

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Up until a couple of weeks ago it was FINE — it was GOOD — and I watched it at least for an hour each days.

But then it went downhill rapidly.

Currently it is UNUSABLE on Sling TV via a Roku!

I kid you not.

60% of the cricket programs WILL NOT LOAD.

It is said to be a CRICKET channel but 50% of the content now is bloody field hockey! I did NOT pay to get field hockey. I paid for cricket.

The electronic program guide (EPG) — which tells you what each program is SUPPOSED to be — has no bearing to the actual program. It is fictional B.S.

I have asked for my money back from Sling TV.

Typical. They can’t manage to keep a good thing going.

Do NOT signup for Willow. You will get duped.