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PBS Confirms That 6th Series Of “Great British Bake Off” Will Start Airing September 2015 — Full Episode On YouTube.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to access PBS’ homepage for the show.


A short preview provided by PBS — click to access.

The full 1-hour Season 6 Episode 1 is already on YouTube.


Click to access Season 6 Episode 1.

This is ALL great news. As ever I got the ‘heads up’ from my U.K. “Daily Mail“, which I read daily, in bed, first thing in the morning, while having my coffee and listening to CNBC.

I am going to watch the YouTube episode tomorrow. Can’t wait till it appears on PBS. Though it says September, it might make an appearance on Boston Channel 44 on August 26, 2015.

I will keep you posted. Enjoy. Cheers.

Update: We watched Season 6 Episode 1 on YouTube, in its entirety, on August 12. It was, at least for us, NOT in HD. That was slightly disappointing because we are so used to HD in nearly everything we watch. And it wasn’t full-screen. It was inside a frame with the name of the show, i.e., “Great British Bake Off”, on it. But it was the full show. We got to see the whole weekend, the 3 bakes, “Star Baker” — and who was kicked out. So it was good. Can’t wait for Episode 2. Kind of NOT sure why PBS is bothering. Most of us will have seen it before PBS gets around to it.