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So, So Much Cricket With Sling TV (On Roku 3) With One World Sports + Willow.


Sling TV “International Sports” package — Willow and One World Sports.

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by Anura Guruge

July 2015 Update.

Willow, right now, is basically inoperable on Sling TV.


Here is a post about the Willow problems.

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>> Sling TV, DishWorld & Willow Cricket.

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Upcoming Willow cricket schedule. http://www.willow.tv/EventMgmt/fixtures.asp


One World Sports, via SkyNews Sports, is providing OUTSTANDING coverage of the English International matches. http://www.oneworldsports.com/

I got the Roku 3 (50% off) from DishWorld — now Sling TV — so that I could get Willow Cricket to watch cricket. That was in February and the Roku has changed our lives. We love the Roku.

Thanks to the Roku I also got ESPN Cricket 2015 and that enabled me to watch both the 2015 World Cup and the IPL 2015. That was a bonus and treat.

After I finished the World Cup I was watching Willow — most days. More cricket there than I can keep up.

Then a few days ago, serendipitously, I discovered One World Sports. When I go to Sling TV I had it ALWAYS tuned to Willow. So I didn’t see any other programming. Then the other day by accident I selected One World Sports. It was showing cricket. It was showing the England vs New Zealand Test match from Lord’s! I couldn’t believe it. Wow. Very good coverage too. I was in the midst of watching Australia humiliating the West Indies and didn’t have time to watch the other test. Two days ago I started watching the 2nd Test, Eng. vs. NZ and I am totally captivated. Can’t wait to go and have my late brunch so that I can watch another 30 minutes!

So just letting you know that there is MORE cricket on Sling TV than just Willow.

Got that? Isn’t it GREAT. Enjoy.