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Fitbit Ionic — Need To Use ‘Fitbit.com’ Rather Than Mobile APP For All The Data!

by Anura Guruge

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On an Android mobile. Does NOT give me an ELEVATION graph.

With ‘fitbit.com’ — logged into MY Fitbit account.

I did my first GPS-enabled run with the Fitbit Ionic that I got on Friday, February 2, 2018.

When I completed the run, it gave me a whole slew of data, right on the watch — more than I used to see with my Garmin Vivocative 3. 464′ of elevation was one of them — and I was GLAD. Tracking elevation is a MUST for I because elevation, and carrying 11 pounds of extra weight, is a feature of my runs.

But, when I checked the Fitbit APP on my Google Pixel 2 and 10″ ASUS Zenpad NO ELEVATION. Neither could I get to it on the watch. I was bummed. Then, much later on in the evening I invoked “fitbit.com” — because I was going to do a search on ‘elevation’. Saw that the dashboard was well populated now that I had been wearing the Ionic for a few days. Clicked on the ‘Exercise‘ tile and BINGO the elevation graph. I was so happy.

But seems DAFT that the APP does not display it. Of course, you can call up fitbit.com on you mobile.

Continues to confirm that Fitbit is no Garmin. The APP is very feature poor.

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by Anura Guruge