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Wow, It Is Cold Up Here. Too Cold To Go Running. Below My 5°F (-15°C) Threshold.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

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5 day forecast for Alton, NH for the start of 2013. It is supposed to warm up. Click to ENLARGE.

5 day forecast for Alton, NH for the start of 2013. It is supposed to warm up. Click to ENLARGE.

With the sun beating down and the clouds low and wispy it is warming up. It is now, at 11:40 am, a balmy 16°F (-8°C).

It was very cold last night and this morning. At 9:30 am, which is when I typically think about going running, it was close to 0°F (-17°C), below my self-imposed 5°F (-15°C) threshold to go running. Even running at 5°F is interesting. I wear hard gas permeable contact lenses — and they can freeze on the outside! Now I wear glasses.

Most of my relatives, including my father, are continually amazed that this bitter cold of NH does not drive me nuts. The truth me known, after 26 years of living here, I have become quite well acclimatized, quickly adapting to my surroundings being a trait of mine — and that I lived in 4 countries in four years: Colombo, Ceylon (1967), Buffalo, U.S.A. (1968), Paris, France (1969) and London, U.K. (1970), kind of helped. I am probably better at dealing with the cold than most, though, of course, the generous layer of blubber I carry is a factor. I really am ‘OK’ as long as the temperature is ABOVE ‘0°’, Fahrenheit. That is -17°C.

32°F, 0°C, is a heat-wave during winter. At that temperature I shovel snow in a T-shirt.

Growing up, in Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), the temperature never fell below 70°F. Temperature was something that was never talked about or commented, when I was growing up. It was basically the same everyday. I never saw snow until I was 14 and came to live in Buffalo.

I very rarely do this, but on a lark I went and checked the weather for Colombo. Amazes me that Deanna won’t even consider moving to Colombo, now a thriving capital with the civil war all but a past nightmare.

Click to ENLARGE

Click to ENLARGE

Well, it is supposed to warm up tomorrow. Into the 30s. Wow. Will feel like Spring. Enjoy.