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The Picture Of The Day (Sony a6500) + 6 Also-Rans — August 12, 2017.

by Anura Guruge

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Antique truck Farmington New Hampshire Anura Guruge Sony a6500

The also rans:

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by Anura Guruge

“Kelly’s Country Kitchen”, Farmington, New Hampshire — I Am Impressed.

by Anura Guruge

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Please excuse the cobweb on the stove. My pictures miss nothing! Sorry. SMILE. This is my obsession with razor sharp focus.


Click image to access their Facebook page. I couldn’t find a Website BUT I know Facebook to many of you is as good, if not better, than a Website. [And I am cool with that too … as Facebook shareholder. SMILE.]

Given that the persistent rain (contrary to the WMUR weather forecast) precluded us from going horseback riding (in ‘The Clouds‘ (as was the plan (and reservation)) I opted to take Teischan for ‘brunch’ — especially since this was my day off running which means that I like a hearty breakfast.

I had heard of “Kelly’s” and driven past it hundred of times BUT we had never stopped. Well that will not be the case as of today.

I was impressed. WOW. A New Hampshire diner that has Mimosa (“Buck’s Fizz” to us Brits) on the menu and at $4.50 to boot. That alone is recommendation enough and it wasn’t half-bad. IF I didn’t have to drive I would have had two or three more.

Good food. GREAT PRICES! I like that. To me this is always a good recipe for success and customer loyalty.

Yes, very country with LOTS of interesting artifacts. Some GREAT stained glass. Love the Lion. I would have bought it. I gather it is made by a lady at Alton. She should contact me.

Good service. Just one young lady, ‘Megan’, who was working hard. I was impressed.

This, as of now, is going to be MY breakfast/Brunch place. Good prices and Mimosa. My kind of place.

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by Anura Guruge

6 Fuji X-E2s Images Of The Day — August 10, 2016.

by Anura Guruge

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“Kelly’s Country Kitchen”, Farmington, NH for lunch
and in and around Alton.

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Fuji X-E2s image Anura Guruge
Fuji X-E2s image Anura Guruge

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by Anura Guruge

Beaujolais Nouveau Day 2015, TOMORROW: Not ALL New Hampshire Liquor Stores Will Have Bottles.

Anura Guruge December 2014 thumbnail.
. .
by Anura Guruge

nhliquorstoreHeads UP.

Not ALL New Hampshire Liquor stores will have Beaujolais Nouveau 2015 tomorrow — i.e., Beaujolais Nouveau Day, Thursday, November 19, 2015.

Bottles (and cases) will ONLY be available at the BIG outlets, e.g., Portsmouth, Concord, I-93 etc.

I got burned on this in 2013. I went to Farmington assuming that ALL stores would carry the Nouveau. Not so. Luckily I was on my way to Portsmouth and the BIG outlet, at the Rotary, had plenty.

I just checked with Wolfeboro — my ‘nearest’ and preferred outlet.

Attacks in Paris means we have to TONE DOWN 2015 Beaujolais Nouveau Day.

That is a given.

Yes, we have to observe SOME MOURNING.

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We Went To The ‘Pink Cadillac’ In Rochester, NH For Mother’s Day. It Was ‘OK’.


Anura Guruge

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This year’s Mother’s Day plans had to be curtailed because it was ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘ concert weekend for Devanee (and don’t ask me why they would pick Mother’s Day weekend for their concerts). She had to be there before 1pm on Sunday and the concert wasn’t going to finish till about 4pm. Deanna and Teischan attended the Sunday concert, I having gone to the Saturday night performance. So, the plan was to meet at the new ‘Rusty Moose‘ in Alton, have a meal and then go plant shopping in Rochester for Deanna — that being the family tradition, Deanna getting plants for her garden boxes and flower beds for the Summer.

I got to the ‘Rusty Moose’ at 4:10pm as planned. It was CLOSED!

P1020619So, given that it was a beautiful day, we proceeded to Rochester via the back roads of New Durham finally ending up in Farmington. We made a truly serendipitous discovery: this amazing antique place, called the “Ol’ Shoe Store”. It was closed. It is only open Saturday’s from 10 to 4. We are going. I happen to notice the large moose and pulled in. We peeked in through the windows. They have a beautiful, wooden, carved nude that I would love to have. We are going to go there one of these Saturdays.

We stopped at Walmart to see if they had plants that met the needs. They did. We were there for a long time as we are wont to do. So it was past 6pm when we got out of there.

Deanna and kids were ravenous by then so we didn’t have time to venture far. We drove by the ‘new’ Mexican diner. Somehow seems incongruous to try and eat Mexican in NH in a gleaming, aluminum, classic 50s diner. The next eating place was the ‘Pink Cadillac’. For whatever reasons we had never been there before though we stop at the gas station, often.

We decided to give it a try. It wasn’t busy. Not counting the bar area they appear to have 4 separate rooms, two main ones on either side of the bar. One is bright, cheery, with new tables and packed with Coca-Cola memorabilia. The other is dark and dingy with some beat up tables (sporting signs saying that they are soon to be renovated). I guess we didn’t make the cut to make the better dining room. It was probably me. But we are glad they put us in the dingy room because we got an outstanding waitress. IF not for her this write up would be much different. She was the main redeeming point of that diner.

It was ‘OK’ and that is about as far as we can go. Funnily enough I was talking to somebody who had also eaten there recently and she said the same thing: ‘average, and that is about it’. Not in the same league as the ‘Red Arrow‘ or the ‘Circle Restaurant‘.

I wanted the steak. They had run out. Ended up with steak tips. I ordered appetizer triple, one of the items being the fried mushrooms. The mushrooms were cold! I substituted a small salad for my included potato for a $1 more and got 2 forkfuls of insipid greens. C’est la vie. We were not impressed. Doubt whether we will go there anytime soon. But, I am sure there are lost of folks in the Rochester area that have no issues with it. Good for them.


Natalia Shevchuk, Piano Recital, Bach-Beethoven-Schumann, Farmington, NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Nancy Farris, the scintillating pianist that we have at Clearlakes Chorale, told me about this recital and gave me the above flyer when I saw her yesterday — when I took Devanee for her rehearsal

I thought Nancy said something along the lines that she was going to be involved in someway. I need to get more details. Also not sure whether it is ‘Free’ [i.e., ‘donations]. I called the telephone number. It is the church number. I also checked their Web. I will have to check with Nancy this coming Thursday.

I found this about Natalia online. She graduated in 1994 from Kyiv State Conservatory. She was among the winners of Rachmaninoff’s piano competition in Kyiv in 1993.

Nancy says she is outstanding. Nancy should and would know because Nancy is pretty amazing too. This is the night before we go to Christmas Revels. But, we will try and go.