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Has Richard Rawling’s & ‘Fast N’ Loud’ Been Audited For ALL Of Their Cash Transactions?

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by Anura Guruge

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fast-n-loud-52Yes, I know it is a ‘Reality Show’ and as such that all that we see is NOT real. That said the BIG deal that Richard Rawling makes about ALL of his cash dealings, most of them in excess of $10K, makes me wonder … In the U.S. there are strict rules and regulations about individual transactions exceeding $10K. In some cases there are IRS forms, Form 8300, that need to be filled and submitted. It is possible that Richard does all of that or that all of the purported ‘cash’ deals are just for the camera. Yes, it is a ‘Reality Show’ but they do portray an alarming disregard for the LAW. Last night we saw an episode where Aaron just jumps into a car they bought — cash — and starts driving it back. No registration? No plates? Not right.

As a diligent taxpayer, I really would feel so much better if the IRS checked ‘Gas Monkey‘ to make sure that all those cash transactions have been properly reported. At a minimum lets make sure that ALL the cash transactions shown on TV were reported. That seems fair.

As I have bitched before I take umbrage to the way they play ‘fast N’ loose’ with financial matters on this ‘Reality Show’. The so called ‘profits‘ that they show at the end of each show are beyond misleading. They do not take into account salaries, equipment, rents, taxes or overhead! That is wrong.

But it would be worse still IF they didn’t play right by the IRS — not to mention the State of Texas. So I hope that somebody will take notice and check.


Reasons 21 To 25 Of The 1,001 Reasons I Really, Really HATE DirecTV.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.

Anura Guruge

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#21. Last night the downstairs’ remote for the Genie stopped working … now I have to pound it on a table and jiggle the device select slider before it will work! The remote controller is not even 5 days old.

#22. I still haven’t found a way to do a search directly from the Guide, without having to hit INFO and then fiddle around looking for ‘Upcoming’ etc. With DISH you could just hit the search button whenever and it automatically populated the search field with the program that was selected on the guide, the program you were watching or even a program on the list (depending on where you were). Now that is SMART search. 

#23. The information displayed when scrolling through the Guide is not enough. With DISH you got at least two more lines of information which precluded having to make another step to get more information on the program.

#24. Ok, so you can playback YouTube videos but the DVR controls (eg. stop, FF, REV) do not appear to work with YouTube.

#25. When looking through the Guide for a series, say Discovery Channel’sFast N’ Loud‘, the brief ‘info’ at top does not tell you the year or episode number. With DISH you got both, so I could work out whether I had seen that episode. 

The 'Better Business Bureau' accepted my complaint against DirecTV. Click to ENLARGE.

The ‘Better Business Bureau’ accepted my complaint against DirecTV. Click to ENLARGE.