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‘National Drink Wine Day’ Is NOT February 18; It Is Every Day Of The Year, January 1 To December 31.

by Anura Guruge

You can’t have just one day dedicated to drinking wine.

Drinking wine is a full-time, DAILY necessity. So, don’t fall into this trap of thinking that February 18 is ‘National Drink Wine Day‘.

National Drink Wine Day‘ is each & every day. Kapish?

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by Anura Guruge

Pluto, The Dwarf Planet, Was Discovered 87-Years Ago, By 24-Year Old Clyde Tombaugh, On February 18, 1930.

by Anura Guruge


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and read here.

Pages from my 2011 full-color, paperback & e-book “Devanee’s Book of Dwarf Planets” (which folks still buy on occasion). 

I paid a royalty fee to the Lowell Observatory to be able to include the original Clyde Tombaugh plates in the book.



plutodogThis epic discovery, just 2-weeks after Clyde Tombaugh had turned 24, was a BIG deal. The patience and diligence required to spot a small object that had moved, using the ‘Blink Comparator‘, was monumental. These days this is all done in seconds using computers.

Disney’s ‘Pluto’ was named after the new planet — and came to be 7 months later.

How ‘Pluto’ came to be ‘Pluto’ is also quite a cute story and I narrate it all in THE book.

Pluto‘ is NEVER naked eye visible. So, I can’t ask you to go outside and look for Pluto, But, this about Pluto and Clyde Tombaugh today.

Latest composite, color-enriched image of Pluto from NASA’s ‘New Horizon‘.


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by Anura Guruge