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Garmin Forerunner 645(M) Getting A Major Firmware Update March 19, 2018.

by Anura Guruge

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The Garmin Forerunner 645(M) appears to have a fair number of major issues judging from the ongoing, still mainly negative, feedback on Amazon.

Garmin has told some users that they will be releasing a new Firmware update, March 19, 2018, that fixes at least some of these bugs.

So, this is a heads up.

March 19, is Monday. If you have a Forerunner 645(M) you should connect it to Garmin Express sometime Monday evening and see if you can get the new Firmware downloaded.

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by Anura Guruge

I Sold My Sony RX100 MkII On eBay For A Decent Price.

by Anura Guruge


I listed it as a 5-day auction, finishing around 2:30pm on Thursday, February 4, 2016 — Sri Lanka Independence Day.

I offered it to you folks for $320. I listed it on eBay with a start price of $305 & $14.75 for shipping (and shipping with $300 insurance came to $16.60).

Some 120 odd people (and some were very odd indeed) looked at it (per eBay statistics) and by Thursday morning 11 were watching it. But no bids. Then the first bid came in from a first time eBay buyer — with ‘0’ feedback. That scared me. Didn’t like the idea of shipping a $350 camera to a person unknown to eBay. I was even thinking of refusing to ship if that person won. Well all the action was in the last few minutes! I guess this was always the case with eBay. The new buyer tried valiantly but was beaten out much to my relief.

The lady who bought it, from California, paid at once. That is always encouraging. I did the shipping label through PayPal. PayPal likes it — and I am an eBay & PayPal shareholder. So I have to support these companies. I am happy. I would rather have sold it locally. Something else that was nice and PayPal told me this. Camera in its box fits in, with tons of space to spare, in a USPS 2-day, Flat-Rate Medium Size box — and the weight limit is 70 pounds. The camera and the book was less than 2 pounds. So this was easy. I am even sending her the printed manuals though I did not include them in the eBay listing. Might as well.

Now come the ‘fun’ part. Looking for a NEW camera. My 5th in since September 2015! I told you. This is why I avoided cameras for 30 years. I like them too much. REALLY going to try to standardize on Fuji. Fuji and I are very compatible — emphasis on still photography rather than video and LOTS of control wheels/buttons. Stay tuned. 

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by Anura Guruge

eBay Not Honest — Actually Duplicitous — About Sellers Selling Cars OUTSIDE Of eBay.

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by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE and read. Use this link to access original: http://pages.ebay.com/help/policies/rfe-spam-non-ebay-sale.html

Click to ENLARGE. This was the original eBay listing. NO. I didn’t even pay CLOSE to what was beiing asked. SMILE.

I had questions as to the condition of the car. Said very CLEARLY … Call and ask for ‘Dave’. I did. He answered at once.

Though I saw it (and followed it for sometime) on eBay I did NOT end up buying our Jaguar XJ8 via eBay.

Dave Gitman, who I called up to inquire about shipping options etc., was adamant that we should complete the deal, on the phone, on the spot, outside of eBay.

I, as a 13 year veteran of eBay & an eBay shareholder, KNEW what we were BOTH doing.

I wanted the car and I wasn’t that concerned about getting eBay’s buyer’s protection on this car. I was NOT going to buy the car sight unseen and all that I was risking was a $500 ‘deposit’.

But, buying an item OUTSIDE of eBay bothers me for 3 reasons.

I have no issues with this car, with Dave Gitman nor European-Cars. I am happy with this car. IF there are issues with it, and I do KNOW it is a 13 year old car with 58K miles on it, I will get it fixed. So this has NOTHING to do with sour grapes, buyer’s remorse or any dissatisfaction with the car.

My 3 concerns are:

1. Why does eBay claim to have a STRICT policy about selling outside of eBay and then let folks ignore it with impunity?

2. As a shareholder it bothers me that eBay is losing revenue (though IRONICALLY, despite the $9K value of the transaction, all that eBay would have lost is $50!)

3. Less savvy buyers are losing out on eBay’s ‘protection’, however, small it may be.

I spoke to Dave, when we met, about him selling OUTSIDE of eBay. He claimed that eBay was aware of what he does and that eBay does NOT CARE. He spends $13K to $14K a month on listings and eBay is happy with just that …

He likes to sell outside of eBay to avoid the eBay FEEDBACK ‘hassle’ and I, as a seller, can empathize.

But, it bothers me — mainly as a shareholder.

Last night I called eBay and had a 40 minute, somewhat animated, ‘chat’ with a representative.

He really couldn’t understand what my concern was. Kept on saying “if you are happy with the car WHY are you bothering ‘me’?”. I kept on explaining that my concern was as a shareholder. This morning I called and left a message with eBay investor relations.

Yes, I am an ol’ pedant. I will readily admit to it.

I do NOT like duplicity. To me eBay is being duplicitous.

I do NOT blame Dave Gitman. I kind of like Dave. He is ‘OK’. He reminds me of me. IF he can get away with it, I don’t blame him for trying to sell outside eBay. Yes, I know that eBay makes a lot of money from him.

But I had to bring this up.

Why did I buy it — outside of eBay. Because I wanted THIS car. I was NOT going to run the risk of losing it. No excuses.